Popularity, Anxiety and ye ol Facebook

Strange times for Mr Sensitive over here. Expect philosophical waffle, it’s been one of those weeks 🙂 … so you can have a total of 5000 friends on facebook. I ran out of space for new friends so I changed my personal profile into a page. Now I can have infinite likes instead of limitedContinue reading “Popularity, Anxiety and ye ol Facebook”

Kev vs the Kardashians (again) and Game of Thrones?

Here’s the short version – I am not fond of the Kardashians. Game of Thrones is not so clean cut, I used to love Game of Thrones but I got bored of watching my favourite characters die and/or watching children burn to death. But allow me to elaborate… Hmmm… I wouldn’t have to lose allContinue reading “Kev vs the Kardashians (again) and Game of Thrones?”

Euro Tour part 8? Home Sweet Home. Thank you.

(Yes, I decided not to write a detailed description of Amsterdam, suffice to say we saw lots of coffeeshops but didn’t go to any sex shows or museums.) Okay, this is a slightly ego-driven boast post about performing at Ozora and Amsterdam etc but also a massive thank you again to all who helped makeContinue reading “Euro Tour part 8? Home Sweet Home. Thank you.”

Gratitude Universe Part 2 – Viaja

Thankyou universe part 2 – viaja (unfinished) Gracias Universo por tiempo con amigo / hermano Flavio Grazi Universo for Mumi’s hospitality in Milan, yo, Milano.. Italiano. Hvaleznost vesolja, hvala vesolje for Slovenia manifesting the firezide dream of the rainbow soldier hala az univerzumnak for Hungary, Ozora, Dragons Nest and Budapest, everything’s blessed. Merci universe… forContinue reading “Gratitude Universe Part 2 – Viaja”

Part 7.5 Euro Tour 2015

Sooo… If I don’t write the final chapter about Amsterdam everyone will probably assume we had a crazier time than we did. Amsterdam was hilarious but civilised. Civilised decadence and an amazing gig at the Voltshotel thanks to Gia and the people at http://www.knowledgematters.eu Will I give a longer more detailed description in Part 8?Continue reading “Part 7.5 Euro Tour 2015”

Part 7 – Euro Tour Summer 2015

Part 7 – the philosophical one with the poem at the end… SWITZERLAND DAY 2 Performed in the Absinthe museum today in the little Swiss village that invented the stuff. Performing with Daniel Waples on hang and Flavio Lopez on violin. Still getting over the vibes from Ozora and the appreciation in Budapest. Steiner kindergartenContinue reading “Part 7 – Euro Tour Summer 2015”

Part 6 – Euro Tour Summer 2015

Part 6 – Goats and Absinthe So we’ve travelled from Italy through Slovenia and Croatia to play at Ozora festival in Hungary. Then Budapest. Then we play in Switzerland tomorrow. Then we play in Amsterdam in a few days. Dan wishes me and Flavio had driving licences. Today we went to Le Creux-du-Van- an impressive andContinue reading “Part 6 – Euro Tour Summer 2015”

Part 5 – Euro Tour 2015

Part 5 – Hungary Introduction: I’m singing, rapping and dancing with Hang in Balance, the collective of musicians centred around Daniel Waples and his hand pans (melodic metal drums you play with your hands.) This tour sees Daniel,  a friendly and talented hand pan player, and Flavio, ahilarious and extremely talented violin player from Barcelona andContinue reading “Part 5 – Euro Tour 2015”