Race and Class

I left Edmonton where ghetto black boys caught cases / but back then still hung out with pill popping pill shotting ravers / til I watched middle class white boys catch cases,/ yes there are ghetto white boys too, I’m middle class n black, I’m not racist./ Just stated the facts, face it, that’s the case it’s / those boys who kept fear and loathing in Las Vegas / in silver flight cases. Dodging bats, police dogs / and 9 to 5 wages,  cos they don’t like wakin, / if they see 9 AM… it’s most likely they’ve been / out all night ravin. I doubt that I’d blame them. / I probably provided  soundtracks for countless 5 to 9 blazin / And like twelve volt Joe be 60 n still free party ravin.

There’s no independent nature to class or even race yeah.

But if you’re darker they say they’ll more likely incarcerate yer,

that’s not under debate but we’re here with more than blind faith

That we can shine love and wisdom over blind hate…

… we’re here with more than blind faith

That we can shine love and wisdom over blind hate.



Popularity, Anxiety and ye ol Facebook

Strange times for Mr Sensitive over here. Expect philosophical waffle, it’s been one of those weeks 🙂


… so you can have a total of 5000 friends on facebook. I ran out of space for new friends so I changed my personal profile into a page. Now I can have infinite likes instead of limited number of friends. Also I thought I’d use the opportunity to streamline my whole online presence to be more professional and less sentimental. This post is both.

The funny thing is the very aspects of my personality that got me too many fb friends were the things that used  that used to get me bullied and eroded my self esteem. Talking passionately about spirituality and politics and philosophy is now the reason I have 5000 contacts. People at school just told me to stop talking.

I don’t know if I’ll feel more comfortable asking people to like my page than asking them to add me as a friend but I guess it’s better than saying “I can’t add you cos I’ve run out of space for new friends”.  I guess I’ll deal with that anxiety when I come to it.

Self esteem issues would come up again later in my life but the seeds of those issues were planted in my youth. I have mixed feelings about my popularity, I’m embarrassed about enjoying it cos I identify more with being an outsider than being one of the ‘cool kids’. But I do enjoy it.

So I already had a separate music page to my personal page. And I was planning to merge this page with my music page. But currently facebook won’t let me. This annoyed me at first but it may be for the best. You see not all of my fb friends were music fans. I suspect most people, especially the strangers, added me cos I passionately and regularly post positive vibrations, inspirational quotes, happy stories etc. And I’m more than a musician, I’m a workshop coordinator, a scholar of subtle energies, a scholar of Hip-Hop culture, a blog writer, a bard of a Druid order and I’m writing a comic book (an amazing artist has already finished pages).

So this page will be more professional and less sentimental than my personal profile was. But I will still be sharing random inspiration that has nothing to do with me personally if and when it feels right, cos I try to do what feels right. So instead of friend suggesting people you think might like my posts, point them over here and I’ll try not to let you down.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, whether you’re a poetry lover, music lover, acoustic music lover, hip-hopper, dub head, raver, comic book fan or star seed rainbow warrior on the bleeding edge of consciousness evolution (or just want to receive positive vibes from inspiring stories and good news – I have plans to make you very happy.

I will find out from my publisher if I may share sneak previews of my comic book, meanwhile I’ll be performing at Wildheart Festival August 28th -31st  this weekend coming, I’ll be performing at Hazy Daze festival (organised by Happy Daze Bristol) from September 11th and I’ll be compering a breakcore and DnB night (with Raiden!) in Bristol on Halloween.

More on all of the above as we go.

I still feel like I’m on a mission (yet paradoxically with nothing to do and nowhere to go) and I still feel grateful for all of you offering emotional support for Mr Sensitive over here on this mission.

I do actually love you guys.


Kev vs the Kardashians (again) and Game of Thrones?

Here’s the short version – I am not fond of the Kardashians. Game of Thrones is not so clean cut, I used to love Game of Thrones but I got bored of watching my favourite characters die and/or watching children burn to death.

But allow me to elaborate…

Hmmm… I wouldn’t have to lose all my facebook posts and change my personal profile into a “public figure” page (just cos I’ve run out of space for new friends) if I could enforce this rule. Delete me if you watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” or write me an essay entitled “Why I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.

I’m judgmental. I’m working on it. We all have shadows.

I posted that on my facebook page. 3 people deleted me. Nobody sent me an essay yet (boohoo, now I only have 4997 “friends”. Surely none of my real friends watch that. I would hope any of my real friends would rather write me an essay.)

Kim Kardashian had the most popular instagram post, her wedding photo with Kanye, until it was topped by a photo of her sister Kylie Jenner. I found that out by accident. I thought the most popular instagram photo would be a mountain or a sunset or something. I had way too much faith in humanity.

Why do I prefer mountains to Kardashians? Allow me to elaborate (I’ll keep it simple…)

Kim Kardashian got famous for a sex tape then a talentless reality tv show. It seems trivial but the fact is that her fame teaches our daughters that having sex with a celebrity is a viable road to success. Currently that’s true, that’s just a (sad?) fact. The fact that she’s more famous than talented musicians or activists who risk life and limb to save the planet means I have less sympathy for humans in general and the ice caps we’re drowning our children in. Learn to swim.

Kardashians down, Game of Thrones to go.

I lost three “friends” since my judgmental post about The Kardashians. I guess they didn’t want to write an essay justifying their television choices. The Kardashians are just trying to be of benefit, specifically for their families. In their position I would probably do the same for the financial stability of my family. But I probably wouldn’t find myself in the position to have sex with Ray Jay on camera or marry Kanye West. I just think it’s of greatest benefit not to legitamise the idea that filming sex with celebrities is a valid form of “success”. When the Greenpeace activists that got arrested for boarding an oil tanker get the same love and respect I’ll chill out.
Meanwhile if saying “outrageous” (haha) things is gonna free up some friend space I’m gonna continue ranting (cos I’m not writing my essay now and I have nothing better to do than rant on facebook, it amuses me.

So, in true Lout Zoo mode, it’s F the BS season. I loved Game of Thrones. It was well written and full of beautiful people getting naked. But it was brutal. The first episode I watched I saw some kid get molten gold poured on their head. So I didn’t watch again for months until enough people said to me “WHAT? Kev you’d LOVE it!” They were right. I watched 3 seasons in one week, it was brilliantly written and addictive. Until my favourite character got his head squished (spoiler alert-Ish – that was two seasons ago) and I very nearly gave up then. But I soldiered on. The latest series I managed to just not start until (SPOILER ALERT!) I heard on the grapevine that there was finally some fully grown dragon riding agwan. Then I had to start watching again. Lo and behold the first episode I watched when I came back to it I saw a little girl get burned to death. Great. They didn’t just imply that this happened off screen. You saw them light the fire and you heard her scream.

Television is generally $#!t. These archons will fill your head with demonic images and call it entertainment.

I am never watching Game of Thrones again. And now that my other favourite character is dead there is little pulling me back that way apart from the little guy and the mother of dragons, both of whom I expect to die horribly eventually while characters like “I like to skin and torture people” Ramsay run around impervious to karma. Good guys die, bad guys win. It’s so realistic. And that’s the problem. I watch fiction to forget that life sucks and bad guys get rich while good people suffer.

Oh, but there’s that duality consciousness again. It’s MY definition of bad and it’s MY definition of good. But I think skinning people is bad and risking your life to save people is good. It’s just a point of view.

So, no, I will not watch Game of Thrones with you. He says. Thinking about watching Game of Thrones. I miss you Khaleesi. *sniff*

I don’t want you to delete me if you watch Game of Thrones. Some of my best friends watch it and I’m still tempted. I just felt like ranting. Probably should have picked something more important, like fracking, TPP or the fact that there’s a website called “Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth”. That’ll probably lose me LOADS of friends.

(But it’s so well written. And there are bare breasts on occasional. Oh, and the graphic murder of the occasional child. Yeah, don’t watch it.)

I honestly would have loved to have received an essay legitimising watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians but I don’t really see how that’s possible. And I am under no illusions that I deserve an essay from anyone. In fact if I watched it and read that I would either just unfriend me or not even bother and keep watching. Who the f** am I to tell anyone else what to do?

(KP Kev the f*ck!ng Poet. That’s who 😉 x )

Euro Tour part 8? Home Sweet Home. Thank you.

(Yes, I decided not to write a detailed description of Amsterdam, suffice to say we saw lots of coffeeshops but didn’t go to any sex shows or museums.)

Okay, this is a slightly ego-driven boast post about performing at Ozora and Amsterdam etc but also a massive thank you again to all who helped make it happen. I’m allowing myself a boast-post cos I’ve been anxious and depressed most of the past two years so you should all be grateful I’m posting when I’m in a good mood (and should be writing essays, not status updates) but this is good for my psyche AND good for my performance CV. Basically cos I’m finally home and just making sense of it all…

I’ve been rapping and singing (and dance has become a major part of my stage show now, with blowing bubbles coming behind that and playing keys / saxophone / my lyre as back up plans!) with one of the most famous hang drum and hand-pan players in the world and a concert violinist (and lovely guy) from Barcelona on a tour of Europe. We played stages Ozora, Budapest, Switzerland and Amsterdam but drove from Italy through Croation, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Holland busking along the way.

On my dancing – “only one person on Earth could do Michael Flatley meets Beyoncé and it’s this man right here.” Cheers luv, I’ll take it. Thank you.

So, this European Tour almost doubled the number of countries I’d been to previously, playing with Daniel Waples – Hang in Balance and Flavio Lopez. Dan had organised the tour from the performers end and did all of the driving but big up to all the people who organised stages for us and/or organised accomodation for us along the way. Thank you.

I was in a good mood. Music and sunshine will do that for me but good company was the most important factor. Thank you for the good company and for the memories. Anxiety is an everyday thing and depression comes and goes but I think I can confidently say that after all the compliments and after all the appreciation for my lyrics (and my dancing!) on all those stages – my self esteem is back in the black. Thank you.

I just saw a post of the Sunrise flyer in 2006. In 2006 I was just finding my feet in the UK festival scene and Eat Static were the last act on the main stage on the last night of the whole festival. I had to blag my way on open stages back then. Two weeks ago I performed just after Eat Static on the same stage in Ozora in Hungary. Funny that I saw that today, on my first day back in my bed since then.

Thank you

Gratitude Universe Part 2 – Viaja

Thankyou universe part 2 – viaja

Gracias Universo por tiempo
con amigo / hermano Flavio
Grazi Universo for Mumi’s hospitality
in Milan, yo, Milano.. Italiano.

Hvaleznost vesolja, hvala vesolje
for Slovenia manifesting the firezide dream of the rainbow soldier
hala az univerzumnak for Hungary,
Ozora, Dragons Nest and Budapest, everything’s blessed.
Merci universe… for hang drums, violins and verse.
And Switzerland’s landscapes that could make a man ache.
danke universum for Swiss Hospitality
And gratitude to the spirit of Odile and Hedley,
Dankje wel universum for Gia, Knowledge Matters,
Holland and Amsterdam for caring for musicians and rappers…
Gratitude for lessons even as illusion shatters
We can relax cos… the universe has our backs love.

Gratitude universe for travelling and spreading that love to that brother
or sister that may have been feeling lacklustre
or felt they lacked love… til they felt that love..
…. and felt what that does.

(work in progress..)

Part 7.5 Euro Tour 2015

Sooo… If I don’t write the final chapter about Amsterdam everyone will probably assume we had a crazier time than we did. Amsterdam was hilarious but civilised. Civilised decadence and an amazing gig at the Voltshotel thanks to Gia and the people at http://www.knowledgematters.eu

Will I give a longer more detailed description in Part 8? Perhaps.

Perhaps the legend shall stay mystery forever.

Gratitude Universe (Multi-lingual prayer)

Thank you universe
Gracias Universo (Spanish)
Grazzie Universo (Italian)
Hvaleznost vesolja, hvala vesolje (Slovenian <grateful universe, thank you universe>),
Hala az univerzumnak – (Hungarian) ,
Merci univers, danke universum (Swiss French / Swiss Deutsch) 
Dankje wel universum – (Dutch, Holland)

(work in progress… )