#2pac and #Biggie ( #realhiphop )

They’re still trying to be 2pac and Biggie / but oh no, only know All Eyez On Me and Mackaveli. Who me? / I’m still feeling Keep ya Head Up, Brenda’s got a Baby, Dear Momma, and Holla if ya Hear Me, / who me? I’m still trying to be Run DMC meets Chuck D,Continue reading “#2pac and #Biggie ( #realhiphop )”

WISE with WISDOM (the truth is we strive to be wise)

Went from raw food vegan, not even eggs or goats cheese Back to meaty sarnies and Jamaican chicken rotis Went from rolling cheese with baccy from pavement rollies to ganja in the juicer to no buds let alone no stems and no seeds I went from raves with junglist gurners even though I took noContinue reading “WISE with WISDOM (the truth is we strive to be wise)”

Dilla Time (Listening to J Dilla)

(Just chillin) In Winchmore Hill listening to Dilla, playing DOTA, planning like Corleone and Sosa But not to kill or sell no coke, naw, just pay bills, n not be broke, Or to have no bills, but firewood, fireplace, and best tings at my place. Big tings a gwan in my life and the bestContinue reading “Dilla Time (Listening to J Dilla)”

Are We Really Governed by Self-Serving Megalomaniacs and Tyrants? Or is that just a paranoid conspiracy theory?

My spiritual beliefs are each to their own, live and let live. However compassion cannot stay silent in the shadow of the tyranny of others. This is not a particularly anti-Tory article, I hope that I’m writing for the benefit of all. This is a study of the tyranny and megalomania exhibited by all partiesContinue reading “Are We Really Governed by Self-Serving Megalomaniacs and Tyrants? Or is that just a paranoid conspiracy theory?”

I am just a concept with concepts…

I am just a concept with concepts… The end. Full stop. Period. Yeah, right. If only. Monkey minds gotta keep philosophising, right? Or why else did we incarnate? Gotta find something to do between now and death, right? Trust me, the desire to feed or f*** will give you plenty to do between now andContinue reading “I am just a concept with concepts…”

Cry Every Day

From now I don’t quite say that I vow but I try to make a decision to cry every day, “why would he say to cry every day”? cos life is just made for feeling, we hide every day instead of revealing, and when we don’t cry every day we lie every day to ourselves.Continue reading “Cry Every Day”

David Cameron and riots on the streets of London…

5 more years of David Cameron and already riots on the streets. And one defaced war memorial. Ironic. The Tories have more in common with the Nazis than the allies. The Nazis didn’t like Human Rights or immigrants either. I don’t know how I feel to be honest. For the record I don’t approve ofContinue reading “David Cameron and riots on the streets of London…”