The Resurgence of Artistry in the Mainstream

Data. Mainstream music, television and movies got really, really bad, carbon copies by talentless hacks for a docile generation. But things have gotten better, in fact recently I dare say we’ve been spoilt. Subjective observations that only my fellow aging nerds may appreciate. There was a ten year period when mainstream was just sooo bad.Continue reading “The Resurgence of Artistry in the Mainstream”

Unity Consciousness subsumes Duality, Optimism subsumes Pessimism

There are an infinite number of ways to approach life. Two common and seemingly opposite ways are optimism and pessimism. The optimist may say “always look on the bright side”, or “look for the silver lining”, or “try to see the positive side.” The seemingly opposite side of this coin is the pessimistic advice suchContinue reading “Unity Consciousness subsumes Duality, Optimism subsumes Pessimism”

Who Am I? Who are You? What are We?

Ask me good questions… we are all individual incarnations of the universe seeing the all from the perspective of the one. We have been given a linear perception of time so we can make sense of our experience but science says that perception is an illusion. We are mother nature; we are Neo, the agents,Continue reading “Who Am I? Who are You? What are We?”