LOVE AND UNITY – Post Brexit backlash, safety in the #safetypin and thank Heavens above for #‎postreflove‬

The elite use the media to divide and conquer Leaving us with solutions to ponder  Divide and conquer only works if we let it The system is imperial even when it’s metric One planet, one air we breathe no separation Regardless of class and regardless of nation. While immigrants get blamed for our financial situation […]

The EU Referendum. I have just one question… #referendum #eu #eureferendum #politics #brexit

Is there an option on the referendum to abolish all government and borders and give the power to local democratically elected councils unless they agree to redirect all military forces from mass murder to secure or defend unnecessary non renewable resources to instead plant trees and build sustainable energy infrastructure, replace all nuclear with solar […]

#Sexism #Feminism #Objectification and “appreciating the female form”

I hate sexism because I hate injustice. It’s the same reason I hate what happens to Palestinians, what happened to Tibetans and why I hate the fact that Ramsay is still walking around in Game of Thrones. It’s not fair.   I hate sexism. But I have done sexist things in the past. Not because […]

Am I just ‘over’ politics? Kinda. For now (think of a catchier title later. Maybe.)

“write inebriated, edit sober” {paraphrasing?} I’m not sure if I’m cynical about politics, or frustrated, or fed up, or if I’m just more at ease and therefore don’t feel like everybody’s got to agree with me anymore. Maybe a little bit of all of the above. I was recently advised that cynicism can be a […]

Melima Alda, Melima Eldar (rapping in Elven and other poems written in Tasmania in 2007)

Melima Alda, Melima Eldar (rapping in Elven) Sat, November 24, 2007 – 1:26 PM Dedicated to Benshaman’s mother for empowering him to empower others, bless it all. Melima Alda, Melima Eldar Living the dream with the Elves, the Quendelie, I create my own reality regardless of whatever you tell me. I’ve felt the blue bolt, […]


Data. I’d been planning to write something about ‘the pagans’ for a while. UK Hip-Hop culture has started to use ‘pagans’ as derogatory slang, as an insult. I’m not down with that. I would summarise paganism as nature worship, although the term has been used to describe everything from wiccans to Druids. The dictionary definition […]

Initiation of the over-qualified guru; ravens, scholars, knights, lions, sun children and the Grail

Elijah was fed by a raven in the wilderness. The scholar became the warrior, the knight. The knight illuminated their heart and became the lion. The lion represented their tribe, their culture as a symbol and as a leader. The leader became one with the sun. “Brother or sister – what ails thee ” asked […]