LOVE AND UNITY – Post Brexit backlash, safety in the #safetypin and thank Heavens above for #‎postreflove‬

The elite use the media to divide and conquer
Leaving us with solutions to ponder 

Divide and conquer only works if we let it
The system is imperial even when it’s metric

One planet, one air we breathe no separation
Regardless of class and regardless of nation.

While immigrants get blamed for our financial situation
instead of blaming bankers and politicians they blame immigration.

And blame immigrants for terrorism instead of Tony Blair
– an illegal war killed thousands of women and children over there.

If we fight with each other we’re just fake victims of a fake system
manipulated in to fanning the flames of racism.

Paradox said “The puppet show is far from over” 
I said sometimes catharsis comes when you’re far from sober.

I had my strings pulled til I was attacking every Brexit voter
When just the day before I said either way we’re ruled by a provoker.

But Paradox reminded me of The Manufacture of Consent by Noam Chomsky
The predicatable manipulation by the media, Emil Blonksy

Is less of an abomination, Archons ruling each nation
but we rule ourselves so rest, your thoughts and emotions change with patience

Paradox said “People have ALWAYS voted based on media propaganda, 
self interest and fear.” Maybe every voter’s a gambler.

He added that our conditionings’s so all encompassing 
it’s absurd 
to be expecting progressing or justice from people voting while they’re stressing.

Not everyone who voted leave is led by racism…
And not every one who voted to stay isn’t…

One planet, one air we breathe no separation
Regardless of class and regardless of nation.

While immigrants get blamed for our financial situation
instead of blaming bankers and politicians they blame immigration.

I need to stop arguing the blame, find solutions with patience…
We need peace, love, unity and education.


{UNFINISHED but it could all be irrelevant within a day or two at the rate things are changing so here’s version 1…}

(Chris Paradox you get quoted, but it’s slightly out of context, I can rewrite it so you don’t.)



This morning (28th June 2016) due to all the post-referendum racist attacks the hash tag ‪#‎postrefracism‬ was trending. But this afternoon in retaliation the hashtag ‪#‎postreflove‬ was trending sharing images and stories of multicultural tolerance and acts of kindness. SPREAD LOVE PEOPLE.

Beyond that – not everybody who voted out is a racist. Some of them were well informed activists who want to see power decentralised and I can see their point. But they’re point was hijacked by racists and ignorant people.

Anyway, so much more I could say, did say and deleted. Spread love people, divide and conquer only works if we let it.

One planet, one air we breathe, no separation.


Solution-based thinking. ‪#‎postreflove‬

So finding blame and finger pointing is a pretty pointless process, but you need to get to the roots of the problems to solve them. How can we communicate the truth of love and unity over the lies of fear, and divide and conquer. What am I on about?
Well mainly the fact that immigrants have been blamed for the country’s financial issues when politicians and banks have imposed austerity and the tax avoided by corporations could have paid for the NHS many times over.
So my question is how do we communicate this idea to the manipulated masses? How do we communicate the truth to more people than The Sun and The Mail can communicate propaganda? I’m serious, a ‘zine, a blog, a national newspaper? Short and simple memes? Can we get it down to a catchy couple of sentences and/or a simple image we can all share? Do we need a crowdfunder to pay for leaflets and/or billboards?
Democracy is great yeah, but if the population is misinformed, manipulated, and straight lied to how do they know what to vote for? Which begs a bigger question – is there a better political system or do we just have to accept that a significant portion of the population is racist. How far are we from the Nazis if we simply accept that?
Consciousness is evolving. I have to believe we can do better than racism, trusting politicians who have been proven to lie to us and trusting mainstream newspapers who have been proven to lie to us. Any ideas? Information is spreading faster than ever before. But those who seek to control have a headstart in spreading information. How do those who seek the benefit of all catch up? Any ideas?
Personally I write raps. I write poems. I write blogs. I write rants on facebook. I try to change the world one heart at a time. But things feel intense right now and right now that doesn’t feel like it does enough fast enough. Maybe that’s the limited perception of my ego, maybe I’m playing my role and this is the way things have always been and will always be. The rich get richer and use the media to divide and conquer. Maybe I’m arrogant to think I know better, maybe I’m deluded to think WE can do better. But I have to believe we can do better than racism, trusting politicians who have been proven to lie to us and trusting mainstream newspapers who have been proven to lie to us. I have to believe we can communicate facts that promote love over lies that promote fear.


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 04.16.39


The EU Referendum. I have just one question… #referendum #eu #eureferendum #politics #brexit

Is there an option on the referendum to abolish all government and borders and give the power to local democratically elected councils unless they agree to redirect all military forces from mass murder to secure or defend unnecessary non renewable resources to instead plant trees and build sustainable energy infrastructure, replace all nuclear with solar and hydro, force corporations to pay tax to pay for the NHS and raise NHS staff wages, give every citizen a basic income and the option of free therapy and/or medicine ceremonies which could easily be funded by slicing bankers bonuses in half, legalise and regulate everything so addicts see doctors not dealers (without heinous tax) and subsidise the arts? So the immense wealth which could save humanity from extinction and save the western world from debt induced depression and/or insanity could be redistributed in a sane and compassionate manner?
Or nah?
In other news I’m slightly undecided because I don’t know if I want to be led by the turd sandwich or the douchebag… I’m aware the EU is a step towards the New World Order but then again, so are the Tories…
Exalt yourself, the truth is every day we govern ourselves. You decide whether to be of of service and whether to be thankful when you wake up tomorrow. The rest may be out of our control no matter what the labels.
This may help you decide…

Are You In Or Out?

Take the test

Help us factcheck the EU Referendum

#Sexism #Feminism #Objectification and “appreciating the female form”

I hate sexism because I hate injustice. It’s the same reason I hate what happens to Palestinians, what happened to Tibetans and why I hate the fact that Ramsay is still walking around in Game of Thrones. It’s not fair.
I hate sexism. But I have done sexist things in the past. Not because I am sexist, I am aware that women have less power and less pay than men and I think they should have equality. If a feminist wants equality between men and women then I am a feminist. But I have done sexist things because I have expressed my appreciation for the physical form and sometimes that appreciation has crossed over to what some would call objectification. “Treating the female form as an object” only appreciating the physical aspect. Even though anyone that knows me knows I couldn’t appreciate a man or woman if I don’t like their personality. There are grey areas in my opinion but sometimes I have publicly co-signed things whether it was a still of scantily clad women in a music video (for less than a second, but there nonetheless) or an instagram meme that inadvertently promoted the idea of women being there merely for men to look at.
So I have done things that may be perceived to be sexist but despite that fact that I strive to support equality. Things are rarely black and white.
I don’t really know where flirting ends and objectification begins, if I tell you that you look beautiful am I being sweet or being sexist or both? So far it seems like it depends on who I say it to. I don’t flirt with strangers anymore because there is no way to express the fact that you think a stranger is beautiful without objectifying. If all you know about them is that they look great nothing you can say is gonna sound less than creepy. Thing is some girls love that. Some girls don’t.
So when I have been called out for sexism I have been defensive because I consider myself a forward thing man, I would even have defined myself as feminist before the more recent battle of the sexes has to some extent redefined the term.
So there are instagram posts I am ashamed of and music video scenes I am ashamed of. But there are grey lines everywhere. If a strange man starts a conversation with you but doesn’t mention the fact that you’re attractive, but clearly had no other reason to talk to you – is that objectification?
I like looking at beautiful women, people like looking at beautiful women, so is it sexist or sensible to put beautiful women in a music video? Maybe it’s both. Maybe it WILL get the video more views but maybe it’s also sexist. What about 50 Cent showing his six pack off on the front cover of all his albums, is that objectification?
I have other questions. Like if Miley Cyrus is riding a wrecking ball wearing nothing it’s not sexist if she chose to ride it. But it is sexist if her (male) record label execs made her do it? The issue is that one can usually safely assume the record execs are all male. The issue is that if a person who is over-weight (is that PC? I’ll just say a person that is bigger than most) wins X-Factor everybody is amazed as if what they look like matters at all in a singing contest. And even more confusing – is it sexist if she chose to do it but only because she knows in a world run by men and in which the female body is more appealing to both sexes she knows she’ll get more views by objectifying herself? Did she do it because we’re living in a sexist world? Grey areas.
Is Kim Kardashian a feminist icon in charge of her own destiny and sexuality? Or is Kim Kardashian a victim of a patriarchal society that values her on the size of her backside and her willingness to share it with us? I would probably argue both. But, as critical as I have been of her and the culture that has elevated her to GQ Woman of the year, the truth is without knowing her or her motivations none of us actually know.
I’m not excusing any sexist behaviour, I’m just owning it. I’m apologising for it. And perhaps I’m asking some difficult questions. There are honest expressions of attraction with no intention of pushing any patriarchal agendas. But in a world where women don’t get jobs because they don’t look a certain way, where women don’t get signed because they don’t look a certain way, and where they have eating disorders because they don’t look a certain way and where some commit suicide because they don’t look a certin way I am ashamed to have been part of the problem at any tie of my life for whatever reason. Because you may have no intention of pushing a sexist agenda you may push it by accident.
So before I go any further – I am aware that women were burned as witches, I am aware that women only relatively recently got the vote, I am aware that in many industries women are still sidelined, made fun of, not respected and not paid as much and this is unfair, amoral and unjust.
There are some die-hard feminists who may not accept my honesty and accept that I am not sexist although I realise I have done sexist things. They may not accept that someone can appreciate the physical form AND respect the mind body and soul. But I know anyone that knows me knows I respect mind, body and soul first and foremost. And anybody that reeeally knows me knows I like the physical female form. Alot. And sometimes I want to express that, but perhaps I should not. Perhaps I should only express my appreciation of the physical form with women I have already expressed appreciation for the mind, body and soul of?
Perhaps I should not be so honest?
ps here’s some male objectification, for balance 😉

Am I just ‘over’ politics? Kinda. For now (think of a catchier title later. Maybe.)

“write inebriated, edit sober” {paraphrasing?}

I’m not sure if I’m cynical about politics, or frustrated, or fed up, or if I’m just more at ease and therefore don’t feel like everybody’s got to agree with me anymore. Maybe a little bit of all of the above.
I was recently advised that cynicism can be a defence mechanism in which you deny your truth for a safer existence of low expectations. I don’t want to deny my truth.
I was also advised that not being inclined to engage in politics could be well deserved recovery time from over indulgence, like when your body gives you flu to force you to relax for a few days. I certainly had a time when over indulgence in conspiracy theory, and lest we forget well documented and admitted conspiracy facts, resulted in a period of abstinence from politics, mainstream media and/or conspiracy documentaries. 

Perhaps it is what it is and that’s all it’s been and all it ever will be. Perhaps the people best suited to lead don’t want to lead, and the people who want power are exactly the people who wield power selfishly and rich have always helped the rich get richer and the poor have always changed culture from the bottom up and that’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s been and that’s the way it will be and that’s the way it’s meant to be. Perhaps. Perhaps things will change and humanity will evolve, everything’s always changing and everything is always evolving, but perhaps that change always maintains balance. “More things change the more they stay the same.”

It doesn’t matter if positive and negative will always be balanced, I play my role and it feels right to try to be part of a force for positive change. Even if positive and negative are merely points of view and I’m only trying to be positive from my limited perspective. Some say morality is based completely on culture and upbringing. Others say right and wrong are known inherently, that something deeper, perhaps our souls, knows what is right or wrong, what is moral.

I have stopped pretending to know the answer. I don’t want to deny my truth. I embrace my truth. I don’t know.

Why do you question the nature of reality?
Open gates to immortality,

focus on positive affirmations
may be denial, shine light on shadows for transformation.

Self hypnosis. Gnostic gnosis.
Notice the butterflys, dragon flys and locusts.

We’re all brothers and sisters from new age travellers
with horse drawn coaches, to stock brokers with chauffers.



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The Jobcentre meets Dune and Tolkien’s Middle-Earth

My friend told me he was walking to the job centre. Then he forgot he told me and wondered how I knew he was walking back through the rain. The following was my response (via 3 text messages.) Inspired by Tolkien and Dune…

I have eyes everywhere. The crows tell me everything.

Each footstep is like an earthquake to my trained ear. Each blade of grass a felled tree to my keen eyes. Your scent is like a place-marker for where you’ve been and where you’re going. The spirits whisper to me and tell me of men who cross bridges they never see over rivers that dried millennia ago. You walk on the graves of brave ancestors and forget to smell the roses that grow roots in the rotting bodies of men who fought to protect you from your current enslavement. The mud is a conduit to the old world, the rain beats it like goat skin on a drum. Listen. So sayeth the K Pizzle.
I am the worm rider. I am one with the spice. The Celts and the Africans sing songs to my soul through my DNA. The bees tell me where to find pollen, the butterflies tell me where to find love. The worms eat my enemies and deliver me to salvation. And you told me you were walking to the job centre :-p



Melima Alda, Melima Eldar (rapping in Elven and other poems written in Tasmania in 2007)

Melima Alda, Melima Eldar (rapping in Elven)

Sat, November 24, 2007 – 1:26 PM

Dedicated to Benshaman’s mother for empowering him to empower others, bless it all.

Melima Alda, Melima Eldar

Living the dream with the Elves, the Quendelie,
I create my own reality regardless of whatever you tell me.

I’ve felt the blue bolt, blue ray, indigo, serious.
Nielliun, Nielluune, Nierninwa – Sirius.

I’m living in my hoon, my hondo, my indo,
My heart space, my oore, and our eyes are the window.

I’m living in my heartspace, living in Elwen.
When you perceive perfection all lands become Elven.

Mel-ser, meles, maaloo, melme, melima,
Melisse, melindo, nilda, melwa, iirima!

Everything’s blessed, every deeds karma,
Everythings almaarea, herenya. Everyfood’s maana.

Almare, blessed. Almie, blessed.
Tolkien, Ben Tree, D.A.V. – blessed.

Parks and forests where the darkness doesn’t choose for us
Until Morwinyon, the “glint in dark” called Arcturus.

When I come back from the rainforests, there’s a hint.
One Love to Sparxillva, spraycan, silver tinte.

I swing the makil of truth, The falquan of honesty,
Since my youth I stabbed with an eket mostly complimentary.

The russe, the blade, it doesn’t rust.
The foundation’s been laid, and it’s made of trust.

I’m that lyrical elven swordsman, makar and mektar,
Attracting Mead and Egyptian Blue Lotus nectar.

I thank ya, I hanta, for feeling the lyric,
Half written in Elven, the laire and the lirit.

Respect your eldas but elders can lie.
Respect Elderflower, don’t try not to cry.

My hearts been captured by Elentaari in an indian sari
I’ve been releasing attachment to many a Star-Queen.

Before and after being a leader be a dreamer.
Remember swapping poetry with Eleriina.

Each of the Synchromystickz is an Elesser,
When this planet gets you down my “elf-friends” de-stress ya!

Make a move, make some uuve, make some uuvea,
Generous with abundance of alma, you have no idea.

Kingly wealthy, herenya, but cash won’t help me
In the next world. Live unselfishly.

Of course I’d like to be your hero, I’d love to be your kallo.
But I’d much rather be your pal though! Heeeeear meeeee nooooow! BO!

Elves,The Quendelie (ETYM)

Sirius (star) Nielliun, Nielluune, Nierninwa (“blue bee”) (BOLT)

heart indo (ETYM)
heart (blood-pump) hoon (ETYM), hondo (SD p68 & note 12 on p72)
heart (emotions) oore H, -or\-oore- (ETYM)

lovable A melima (ETYM)
love (as friend) V mel, -ser (ETYM)
love N meles(se) (BOLT), maaloo, melme (ETYM)
lovely A melwa (BOLT), iirima (ETYM)

lover,female melisse (ETYM)
lover,male melindo (ETYM)
loving A nilda (ETYM)

blessed A almaarea, herenya, maana (ETYM)

blessedness almare, almie (ETYM)

Arcturus (star) Morwinyon “glint in dark” (BOLT)

spark,silver tint (should be ‘tinte’?)

sword makil (ETYM)
sword,large falquan (BOLT)
sword,short broadbladed eket (ETYM)

sword-blade russe H (archaic/poetic) (ETYM)

thank V hanta (UT)

poem lirit (BOLT), laire H (ETYM)

elanor elanor (sort of flower plant) “star sun” (ITE)
elda elf {eled} (ETYM)
Eldaquet Quenya {KWETE} (BOLT)
Eldarissa Quenya {ISI} (BOLT)

Elemmiire Mercury (planet) PN (STAR); elf PN (ETYM)
elen(a), ellen, star {el} (ETYM)
Elenna Nuumenor PN (allative of ‘elen’) (SIL)
Elentaari Star-queen = Varda PN {el} (ETYM)
Eleriina Star-crowned = Taniquetil PN {el} (ETYM)

Elesser PN (=”Elf-friend”, Aelfwine) {ser} (ETYM)
elle X came V (SV-1931)
elvea starlike A (SV-NEW)
Elwe Elu Thingol PN {weg} {el}/{ghel} (ETYM)
elwen X heart (BOLT)

swordsman mektar (BOLT), makar H (LOTR)

abundance uuve (ETYM)

abundant A uuvea (ETYM)

wealth alma (ETYM)
wealthy A herenya (ETYM)

hero kallo (ETYM)

Alda: Quenya word for ‘Tree’.
Eldar: ‘People-of-the-Stars’ (Quenya), The Elves name for themselves.

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Lake Burberry

Sat, November 24, 2007 – 1:13 AM

‘The Sanskrit word for mindfulness is “Smriti”, in Pali it’s “Sati”, and in Tibetan “Drenpa”,’ she continues. ‘Significantly, they all mean “to remember” . It’s what the Catholics call “being in a state of recollection”. And it’s extremely difficult. If we can be aware for a few minutes that’s already a lot. If mindfulness is synonymous with “remembering” it follows that the enemy of awareness is forgetfulness. We can be aware for a few short moments and then we forget. How do we remember to remember? That’s the issue.”
Tenzin Palmo from ‘Cave In The Snow’ by Vicki Mackenzie

Lake Burberry

New Skool Bodhisatva? Not last week though,
He was still eating meat and killing mosquitoes!

But if I’m killing insects that are smaller than me
Do I forfeit the right to stand against tyranny?

Dead animals don’t give you life but might excite your pallate
But does an animal have any more right to live than a carrot?

Like mushrooms all life takes from another life to live,
Perhaps the best we can do… is remember to give…

On an idyllic island of quartz isolated
In the middle of a giant picturesque lake which

They sat upon, cute as a baby gay bee!
…Sipping Lady Grey Tea.

Surrounded on all sides of the lake by majestic mountains,
Abundant blessings, not worth countin’.

Escaped the eco warzone, atmosphere intense
To serene atmosphere, camping in tents! 😉

It’s more important to be beautiful…
On the inside than out and that’s without doubt.

But inside out they were all doing alright.
So they talked shite by the moonlight all night.

A genius on guitar, ain’t that a fact though?
Pasta, sweet chilli… and Tabasco!

Just another version of paradise! Damn,
It’s all mumbo, it’s just a vibe man…

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The Upper Florentine (Expect a Miracle)

Sat, November 24, 2007 – 12:10 AM

“This planet ain’t ever been ready for Kevin,
If I come back from the rainforest I’ll be rappin’ in Elven…”

The Upper Florentine (Expect a Miracle)

Dub Poet – Synchromystickz
One Love flow, this crow’s got lyrics.

Initiated Druid, Bard and Shield Knight
Of Arthur’s Warband – out in the field right.

It feels right inhaling air that’s clean,
Drinking water from a stream in Upper Florentine.

In Tasmanian rainforests I saw in a dream
Some want to pulp in to paper or saw into beams.

But rainbow warriors lean on the tallest hardwoods
With swords of truth and shields of open hearts, good.

Open Minded Intuitives, Oh Em Eyes,
Talk to narrow minded like a dentist – “open wide.”

Direct Action Volunteers – Dee Ay Vee
Believe in their hearts they belong in these trees, blatantly.

Natural disasters and industrial collapse won’t scrape ya
If ya make tha change ta live in harmony with nature.

Hope for the best or prepare for the worst
… I’ll expect a miracle.
We’ve hurt Mother Earth and we’re sharing the curse
…But One Love will win it all.
Hope for the best or prepare for the worst
… I’ll expect a miracle.
We’ve hurt Mother Earth and we’re sharing the curse
…But One Love will win it all.

If each individual knew inner peace…
Nations would know outer tolerance and acceptance AT LEAST!

Some of societys fooled but we don’t rely on the beast
Capitalism’s cannabalism and it’s servants are the feast.

Even those getting palms greased and kickbacks
Will fall through cracks in the inevitable economic collapse.

Blessed are those with a vegetable patch and close friends (Word!)
But the selfish might just have a little trouble meeting those ends.

When I speak from my heart you can’t ignore me.
We’ll transcend World War Three with World War Tree.

“The force of peace”, inner peace, is infinite
Some choose to use it through fearless action or peerless music.

Dub poetry – those keen OMIs won’t cease.
KP – now it stands for Know Peace.

KP – now it stands for Know Peace.
KP – now it stands for Know Peace.

Hope for the best or prepare for the worst
… I’ll expect a miracle.
We’ve hurt Mother Earth and we’re sharing the curse
…But One Love will win it all.
Hope for the best or prepare for the worst
… I’ll expect a miracle.
We’ve hurt Mother Earth and we’re sharing the curse
…But One Love will win it all.

We’ve got freedom, superfoods and carabenas
To get up these giant trees for superviews you couldn’t dream of…

We’re raising cash but the best things in life are free,
Sunrises over giant trees with blessings from Jah, seen?

The streets ain’t paved with gold but white quartz hippy bling
To give to friends and bredrin while blessin’ everyt’ing!

We’re raising cash and raising spiritual progress,
Some things you can’t pay for and I’m feeling SO blessed.

Hope for the best or prepare for the worst
… I’ll expect a miracle.
We’ve hurt Mother Earth and we’re sharing the curse
…But One Love will win it all.
Hope for the best or prepare for the worst
… I’ll expect a miracle.
We’ve hurt Mother Earth and we’re sharing the curse
…But One Love will win it all.

Sat, November 24, 2007 – 12:10 AM


Data. I’d been planning to write something about ‘the pagans’ for a while.

UK Hip-Hop culture has started to use ‘pagans’ as derogatory slang, as an insult. I’m not down with that.

I would summarise paganism as nature worship, although the term has been used to describe everything from wiccans to Druids. The dictionary definition is even broader – a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.

So using ‘pagan’ as an insult is offensive. It’s prejudice. If people used Muslim, Christian or Jew as an insult there would be uproar. I don’t describe myself as a Pagan, but I am friends with people who do.

I suspect, but I don’t know, that the anti-pagan movement stems from Rasta culture which has it’s roots in Christianity (or at least in The Bible.) That’s not a diss to rastafari either. I respect the rasta movement, the ital living and the words of Emperor Haile Sellasie Ras Tafari. I just think that not all pagans should be under the same label as the ‘babylonians’ because the Celtic pagans suffered at the hands of the Romans too. The anti-pagan movement’s probably also got roots in badly researched conspiracy theory documentaries. In short – There is a vast difference between the pagans who worship nature who are generally nice people and the Satan-worshipping politicians who were friends with Jimmy Saville.

In some ways paganism is quite logical and scientific – the Sun gives us life, the Earth gives us life. But I don’t describe myself as pagan because my spirituality is inspired by buddhism, Christianity, Druids and taoism to name a few.

Some of my pagan friends would have a problem with Christianity because historically the Catholic church murdered pagans allover the world, from South American shamans to Celtic Druids. Some of my Christian friends would have a problem with pagans because they have a problem with anything that’s not Christian to put it bluntly.

Now I’m not someone you can put in a box. I walk a narrow path. The pagans will be angry that I claim Christian influence but go to Stonehenge, the Christians will be angry I claim Jesus as an inspiration despite knowledge of a handful of solar deities that were resurected after 3 days like the sun on the solstice (Zeitgeist summarises it well.) Pissing people off is just an inevitable consequence of being open minded and not being a follower.

But the simple fact is most people calling people pagans don’t know what the word means and the rest don’t literally mean ‘nature worshippers’, they’re just calling you a twat.

But hey, a facebook status isn’t gonna change street slang, but it might make me feel a little better.

(This is still a big tune and a sick video and Dizzee still has one of the best flows in the UK, I don’t care whose hot right now or whose sending for who…)


post-script –

Had a thought the other day – being a pagan is one of the most patriotic things an Englishman can do. Because that’s what their ancestors were before they had Christianity forced on the ancestors that survived the Roman invasion. When they sing “God save the queen” they’re basically saying “may the Middle-eastern God forced upon my Celtic ancestors by Italian Roman invaders save the German queen who owns half the planet and therefore probably never needs to be saved from anything.” But I’m just sat here sipping this tea. (And God save the Queen cos Mi5 answer to her and have probably killed for less).


Speaking of people using words they don’t know the meaning of – on the subject of Illuminati –

And how I became the Bard of a Druid Order (true story) –