Ego, Spirituality and the Rest…

“If the voice in your head is you, who’s the one listening to it?” Sometimes it’s your subconscious. Sometimes it’s your higher self. Sometimes it’s demons (which may or may not be part of your subconscious). Sometimes it’s angels (which may or may not be part of your subconscious.) Essentially it’s all you. I think […]

Run the Jewels – extract from El-Ps poetic verse from ‘Christmas F-kin Miracle’

Extract from verse 1 By El-P.. “… Placed where the steel and cement became nature… Wanna live for the thrill? They’ll arrange it Got a bevy of imps to spit hatred S#! t’ll get in your head and cause panic Have you desperately begging to get famous Get your dignity dirty and left orphaned Sanity […]

Work in Progess (a rap/poem about anxiety and hypocrisy [and dealing with it]) #anxiety

Work in progress (that wants to find it’s feet in public for some reason…) Hook: Someone tell Kendrick it’s okay to be a hypocrite cos we’re infinite / multi dimensional beings, of course some feelings conflict, Whether or not you notice and admit it it’s all for the benefit, there’s no escaping… Might as well […]

Channelled (?) for an Eclipse – Super-moon spring equinox eclipse!

Can I take this opportunity to ask all of my ‘awake at a time of planetary alignment’ folks (I’m sure most of you know it’s a supermoon, and an eclipse this morning with Equinox today or tomorrow depending on which celestial event you measure from) so let’s please take this opportunity to visualise, to seek […]

Dame Dash + the Breakfast Club when good advice sounds like an insult and confidence sounds like arrogance you gotta read between the lines… #damedash #thebreakfastclub

Dame Dash …when good advice sounds like an insult and confidence sounds like arrogance you gotta read between the lines… Dame Dash was the promoter and entrepreneur who helped finance and manage Jay-Z in his early days. Dame was on the Breakfast Show recently to promote his new ventures, mainly the movie he has released […]

The Guardian (and seemingly most of the country) got the Bristol riots all wrong…

hmm… I just read a Guardian article about the gentrification of Stokescroft in Bristol and they referenced the Stokescroft riots a few years ago, but they got it all wrong. Unfortunately they’re still saying “when a protest against Tesco turned into a riot” which is entirely innaccurate. From what I can tell it was when […]

Dead Man’s Trigger (Brown Paper Envelope)

This is my brown paper envelope. (Paronoid? Yes.) If I ever die before my time (especially if it’s in a police cell) please share the wikipedia page for “David Kelly (weapons expert)” throughout the month of June (and please share my soundcloud and bandcamp pages on my birthday.) David Christopher Kelly, CMG (14 May 1944 – 17 […]