I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again.

  I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again. (I didn’t start one before, I just thought about starting one before…) When I thought about it before it was because I wanted something without dogma and rules but a framework for my spiritual preferences, namely a reverence for love and nature. Also because it may haveContinue reading “I’m thinking about starting a religion. Again.”

Metal Monkey on Fire! KP Kev the Poet’s new album!

Metal Monkey on FYA! New collection of songs, raps and poems from KP Kev the Poet. Flows and poetry over Hip-Hop and dub – (and grime, boombap, trap, glitch, Jungle, Dubstep and even acoustic music.) My most personal and emotional body of work thus far. Some of the best music I’ve made, just in timeContinue reading “Metal Monkey on Fire! KP Kev the Poet’s new album!”

The Epic Annals of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner’s Inspiration Incarnation  (Annals of Anthroposophy) So, Rudolf Steiner was right about at least nearly everything, From child-rearing to to bio-dynamic farming. And apparently a Rosicrucian (I think your losing them). And a theosophist before the split. So Rudolf Steiner said that children are in the dream state, Not fully incarnated yet, and notContinue reading “The Epic Annals of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy”