Pride and Prejudice and UK Hip-Hop – Chester P, Daniel Waples and Lyrically Challenged

Not sure where I currently stand on boasting / self promotion.But as I have started to tell you all when I’m depressed or anxious I shouldn’t fail to share when I’m proud and pleased with myself. February 20th I shall be supporting one of my favourite rappers ever – Chester P of Taskforce – atContinue reading “Pride and Prejudice and UK Hip-Hop – Chester P, Daniel Waples and Lyrically Challenged”

Flat Earth – THE TRUTH! (why it doesn’t matter) #flatearth #conspiracy

FLAT EARTH – the TRUTH. First – why I think it’s a psy-op. (but the psy-op is not the truth, that’s just my opinion.) The bottom line, on two angles, is “who does it benefit?” If the Earth really is flat, who did it benefit to lie about it? Nobody as far as I canContinue reading “Flat Earth – THE TRUTH! (why it doesn’t matter) #flatearth #conspiracy”

More 0pen with Less Judgment

This… this has been brewing… There, but for a lack of education in the nature of the mind, go I. We are not taught to love ourselves, in fact we are assaulted every day by advertising that preys on our insecurities. We are not even taught how to breathe properly (unless you have a yogaContinue reading “More 0pen with Less Judgment”

I’m Infinite (multidimensional)

I’m infinite. My atoms were born in a star, countless beings have inhaled, exhaled, eaten it, and excreted it. I’m infinite, the box –  I won’t get into it. I’m a multidimensional being if… The future’s infinite potential – I’m seeing it: I’m quantum physics if… Time is an illusion  I’ve already manifested my wildestContinue reading “I’m Infinite (multidimensional)”