Mead inspired channellings from 2006 (the flower of life, Metatron {the Angel and the cube} and Enoch)


Moon-stone – there was no moon.

Libations. Loosened tongue.

My King calls Mead ‘Druid fluid’. Lost the plot, the plot thickens – pause – Permanently indebted to herbal tea. Wakey, wakey the book of Enoch has been opened before but few, if any, have felt the weight of history on their shoulders and chosen to take the weight, take the bait, define destiny, choice, freedom and fate. I used to believe that if I reached enlightenment I would have reached a state of mental perfection – where I would be permanently content. I now believe that even the Dalai Lama is not permanently content, and neither was Jesus – although the sentence  “Father forgive them, for they know now what they do” indicates that he was trying to remain content regardless of situation (even if that situation involved having iron nails driven through raw, living flesh….)

…He was a man, we are all the sons and daughters of God. I see Jesus Christ asa role model to be emulated. I am no Christ, I have been tempted and I have failed, I would probably not last 40 days and 40 nights in this lifetime. However I will continue to cultivate compassion, I will continue to promote love and I will try to be as honest as any man ever has been.

Metatron is my higher self, a representation of God on Earth, guardian of the 3rd dimension, the head of the Merkaba. The five platonic solids are the building blocks of the 3rd dimension, all contained within Metatrons Cube. Only (?) by planting The Flower of Life in every pasture will we understand this dimension with our head but beyond the logic of this dimension is the intuition of the higher dimensions, only (?) by accepting The Flower of Life in our lives will we understand the higher dimensions with our hearts.

Love has too many meanings – but a synthesis of gratitude, appreciation, and compassion is mutually beneficial for the individual and the universe they inhabit. I would not send Satan to outer space  – I’d forgive him until he stops sinning , I’ve been failing to be Jesus Christ’s synonym.

I see the colour purple, I see the colour purple, I see the colour purple. I feel the violet flame surrounding me – it keeps me warm, safe and sane.

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Channelling From Higher Sources (high on superfoods and the company of babies)


For a variety of reasons I have not even wanted to ‘channel’ communication for several years. Although it could be argued that most of my poetry is channeled from somewhere, indeed it could also be argued that all inspiration comes from sources unknown. However I have not tried to open myself to being a channel for communication from other beings for several years because I consider the practice dangerous for both psychological reasons and spiritual reasons. I have even been somewhat wary of information from other channelled sources because we simply do not know for sure what the original source or intent of that information was let alone the intent of the ego it may have been filtered through. However, when you think about it that may be true of anything any human has ever said, written or expressed. Ever. Do we ever know where it comes from? Stop thinking. 

The following three texts were not deliberately channelled, but were written in a state of mind that was not governed by my intellect, indeed my intellect had progressively less and less to do with each of the three texts. How? Well this was the context – I spent a few days playing with babies and quite possibly over-dosing on various superfoods (for the record mainly raw turmeric root, raw cacao, hemp oil, hemp seed, chaga mushroom, shilajit and coconut oil but also a bunch of things I’d never of) but I think it was mainly dancing with babies and staring into their eyes that put me in a state of mind that surpassed my ego. So no, I was not high on drugs of any description, just raw health-foods and babies! This state of mind resulted in the following three texts (plus some intermittent hieroglyphic scribbles), one from my intellect on the subject of prophecy, one from my subconscious on the subject of my  rebellious nature and one from goodness only knows where on the subject of infinite love,..

xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx

From the channel of my intellect on the matter of ‘prophecy’ :-

We do not know whether or not these prophecies are true. But if a prophecy is positive then it is both positive and practical to strive to fulfil that prophecy and both positive and practical to believe in it {if believing helps us to strive and achieve, even while we accept that we do not know whether or not it is ‘real’, or true we can choose to believe.}
If there is a prophecy that people are going to become more spiritually aware, more empathic and more ecologically aware, and even more politically and emotionally aware then regardless of empirical scientific evidence for the validity of that prophecy it is both practical and positive to help raise awareness and to believe that others are also doing so {they are, I for one know people who do not even doubt the validity of these prophecies.} Indeed due to the existence of the Internet and the efforts of individuals it is becoming harder and harder to deny that is the case (that awareness is being raised) regardless of whether or not you believe in prophecies.

As mainstream media tries harder and harder to get our attention with base-level emotions; reality television, and emotionless, sexual and/or violent music one can relax in the knowledge that these may be the desperate final acts of fading culture {a culture in transition for there is no independent nature to anything but this may be more obvious when applied to cultures.}
May we co-create a culture of love in which we value each other as well as ourselves in the knowledge of our shared infinite abundance rather than the preceding culture which fed on a fear of lack {a culture of mutual benefit for the benefit of all.}
A culture governed by selflessness and love – or not governed at all.

xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
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From the channel of my subconscious on the subject of ‘rebellion’ :-

I am not holding you back, I am helping you rebel against your former preconceptions. Let’s be rich and sober for a while at least, abundance and awareness are both infinite and yours yours, yours to do with as you wish all day every day inspiring others. I’m sorry if I held you back, I was just protecting us from repeating pain but I realise now that we learn from pain and our strength is infinite and we have nothing to fear from judgment.

I Love You ! X


From the channel of sources unknown (but I have my intuitions) on the subject of “infinite love” :-

Not sure, confident, real, imagination, Why is the movement coming from there, buzzing, bees, hexagons, star of David’s line of kings and queens not the one the one is all and every one, Christ and Magdalene are your greatest grandest parents and you are all the sons and daughters of