Gender Issues

“Xenomorph Beth going Indominus Rex” – It’s a Rick and Morty reference, one day that’ll make sense. Just had a highly enlightening and synchronously relevant conversation with some inspiring guys and girls about heterosexual males who are in touch with their feminine side being assumed to be gay, and how insecurity can lead to beingContinue reading “Gender Issues”

Belief #belief #reality #philosophy #thematrix and #hoverboards

Inspired by a conversation with Chris Paradox… It could be argued that none of us know anything. “Am I a man who dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly who is dreaming he is a man?” Scientists disprove each other all the time so we can’t rely on that to have all the answers,Continue reading “Belief #belief #reality #philosophy #thematrix and #hoverboards”

Roots and Permaculture (The Permaculture Poem) #permaculture #sustainability

I have two long term projects. The first project – a Conscious Hip-Hop Cabaret (with an optional dub healing room depending on the space), an event which both promotes and raises funds for sustainablity projects, charities, and permaculture projects. The second project, partially financed by the first – a sustainable community that lives by theseContinue reading “Roots and Permaculture (The Permaculture Poem) #permaculture #sustainability”

Energy Shifts (lyrics)

[Verse 1: KP Kev the Poet]Mighty healthy combination of chi-gung and changaLong-barrows, crop-circles and ganjaReal recognise real, the truth will revealBreathe in love, breathe out gratitude – how do you feel?I heard the words of Parliament and Funkadelic in rhyme…“Everybody’s going to make it this time”We are love, we’re not faking, we shine“Do not be rocked… when emotionsContinue reading “Energy Shifts (lyrics)”

UR INFINITE #spiritual #conscious #hiphop #ukhiphop #kevthepoet

You’re infinite (poetic Hip-Hop with live violin)– #spiritual #conscious #hiphop #ukhiphop #kevthepoet

Becoming a Druid – The Chat (with Susanna Lafond) and the Knighting of a Hip-Hop Bard #druid #druidry #bard

I wrote these articles years ago, 2006 to be precise. The first is about how I met and grew close to a Druid Elder, a woman who would become very influential in my life later on. The second is about how I became initiated into that Druid Order. Someone asked me about this story recently.Continue reading “Becoming a Druid – The Chat (with Susanna Lafond) and the Knighting of a Hip-Hop Bard #druid #druidry #bard”

National Poets Day #nationalpoetsday #poetry #poem #spokenword

National Poets Day It’s national poets day. The rebel in me doesn’t want to write a poem just because somebody somewhere said “today is the day.” The pragmatist in me says “why not, it couldn’t hurt”. So that is how it starts, with some honest prose. And from the science to the arts, verse isContinue reading “National Poets Day #nationalpoetsday #poetry #poem #spokenword”