PsyOps? #PizzaGate #FlatEarth #TheMandelaEffect and #FakeNews

So… 2017 conspiracy facts, conspiracy theories, and (possible) psy-op…
I don’t believe these are 100% true, but I believe they contain SOME truth obscured by lies and “fake news” (disinformation.) But “Fake news” like “conspiracy theory” is a useful word to discredit anything that doesn’t agree with your agenda…

Flat Earth
The Mandela Effect

Flat Earth – synopsis: people believe the world is flat (and science and politics are lying about it). Yes, really.
The standard conformist answer: that’s bullsh!t.

My opinion, it’s probably not flat (because astrophysics), it’s multidimensional because everything is (and possibly, at least on a 3 dimensional level, more hollow than we have been led to believe), but the truth is obscured by fake facebook and youtube accounts promoting ridiculous theories to discredit the Truth Movement.

Pizzagate – synopsis: people believe politicians did terrible abuse to innocent people in a particular pizza place that colludes in the events.
The standard conformist answer: that’s bullsh!t (plus someone shot up a pizza place because they believed that bs which also helped popularise the term “fake news”.) Handy, now any news media talking about Pizzagate gets called ‘fake news’ and any truth poster posting about is “as stupid as that gunman who shot up a pizza place”. Convenient if it’s true.

My opinion, probably more truth to this than we want to know, the evidence is pretty disturbing BUT the guy who shot up the (probably unconnected) pizza place was either sent by or framed by the agencies that want to discredit the Truth Movement. The truth is largely obscured by fake facebook and youtube accounts promoting ridiculous theories to discredit the conspiracy Truth Movement.

The Mandela Effect – thousands of people believe they remember Mandela dying years before he actually died. Now they believe those people were living in an alternate timeline. Other false memories have since been put forward as ‘evidence.’
Standard conformist answer: That’s bs – people just have bad memories.

My opinion. Can’t prove it is, can’t prove it isn’t and can’t find evidence or proof of either. People remember things that never happened all the time, how do we know whether they made a mistake or made it up? Of course it seems far more likely that people have forgotten the truth or made a mistake, BUT that’s not proof, and string theory says alternate dimensions are not only possible but likely. So my opinion is, meh, can’t prove it.
Again, the psy-op aspect is whether or not that is true, other more ridiculous examples of people remembering facts differently are being used to support the Mandela Effect theory. Whether or not the Mandela Effect is true the fake ones are probably deliberate fake news used to discredit the Truth Movement.

The truth is more than likely largely obscured by fake facebook and youtube accounts promoting ridiculous theories to discredit the conspiracy Truth Movement.

Most of the people posting about these things are internet trolls having a laugh and most of the rest are actual agents with fake accounts. Meanwhile the real people, like myself and some friends, trying to get to the bottom of these stories end up in pointless arguments with internet trolls, government shills and to be quite frank gullible sheep who are all or nothing and are not brave enough to accept the facts that we don’t know the whole truth, we don’t know if it’s part true and part false, and we don’t know if the people feeding us information have our best interests (or even real information.)

So I just fill my head with enough info until I ca express the nuances of how easy it is to manipulate the truth movement, especially as half the groups we write in are probably started by agents and the rest, well they’re on facebook so we’re playing in the devil’s backgarden.

You can come to all these conclusions with a little common sense and a little time on youtube. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong, but I hope I find some people who can see it’s not necessarily all or nothing.

The Earth was flat if you went too far you would fall off
Now the Earth is round

If the shape change again everybody woulda start laugh
The average man can’t prove of most of the things
That he chooses to speak of

And still won’t research and find out
The root of the truth that you seek of

Damian Marley, Patience.