Hip-Hop Culture is changing (to reflect the evolution of consciousness…)

Parental Advisory, Explicit (but conscious) Lyrics, NSFW (not safe for work.)   Exhibit A – JAY-Z and JAY ELECTRONICA, ‘We Made It’ Freestyle. Jay-Z and Jay Electronica drop 5% knowledge and black history on the theme “we made it from slavery.” Jay Electronica is known for having deep, poetic lyrics but Jay-Z is known more for […]

Easter, 4/20 and Christ Consciousness (yes, all three.)

Easter – it is what it is. Christ’s return turns to chocolate binge. Data. Religion – source of morals, hope and faith or source of lies, deception and fear? Positive or negative? Just data? 4/20 – it is what it is. The illegality means that most so-called straight people ignore the medicinal benefits or even […]

Drag Link/Photos Here!

I like writing things. Terence Mckenna said “create your own media” and the internet allows us to do this. However when we create our own media through coporations we do not own, such as facebook, or even WordPress, we are playing their game by their rules and they can change those rules at any time. […]

Near Death Experience (of a friend.)

My friend died. She was rescuscitated. She was aware between life and life, and she remembers what she experienced. According to her she learned 3 important lesons.   These are the words of someone that died. 1 – it’s not where you’re from but what you do. It’s your deeds not your creed that matters. […]

stop thinking part 3

Synchronous links… mystic moments, May these synchronous days keep on flowing, relaxation… easing tension… acceptance of the lessons… leading to ascension, Allowing things to happen with synchronous timing… stars aligning, inspiring rhyming, heart to heart relating, contemplating, meditating, destined fates n chakras aligned, spinning round and radiating. Releasing attachment to perceived meaning and beaming, Facing inner demons with a smile n […]

Spring 2014 poems and prose – ‘Already Healed’, ‘Monetary System’, ‘Ego’, and ‘Mother Nature (You Are/We Are)’

Spring 2014 poems – ‘Already Healed’, ‘Monetary System’, ‘Ego’, and ‘Mother Nature (You Are/We Are)’ new lyrics and re-edited lyrical re-ups Already Healed Monetary System Ego and Mother Nature (You Are/We Are) xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx Intro… Stop thinking… And open ya hearts, we roll with the arts and healing… etc (from a previous verse/poem) Stop […]