Lout Zoo is nastier than KP Kev the Poet

Will the next generation be completely polarised?
7 second vine concentration or 3 completely open eyes?

Have they been watching only Zeitgeist or watching cats on youtube?
Or watching both? Between watching the kind of stars who use lube?

GQ taught a generation that it only takes a few sex tapes
and celebrity boyfriends who suck breasts to become a success.

No disrespect to Kim Kardashian but what’s she famous for?
I’m not slut shaming, don’t be ashamed if your a whore (get your money),

Do you wanna be a celebrity or do you wanna be a legend, see?
A celebrity has more cash but their name has a shorter tenancy.

But ask Ozymandias about a name….
Ask Ozymandias about the fame….

See either / or it doesn’t matter…
you’ll feed worms anyway whether you go out in a blood spatter

of brains like Kurt Cobain after lives and music change
cos you made things change or just got the fame for giving brains

head, neck, knowledge, whether your Gandhi or Paris Hilton,
Kanye West, Martin Luther King, Riff Raff, Blake or Milton,

Whether your R Kelly’s fame and his financial killin,
Or R Kellys infamy because he pissed on children.

You’re still worm food. So learn good from your elders
It’ll be your turn soon, at least learn not to burn food.

Cos some girls are queens and some are gold diggers
But they’re all eaters so you better learn to feed her.

And you better learn to find one who knows how to feed herself
No need to be a hater, you might just need the wealth.

I’m not trying to be clever man, or judgmental and
I’m just trying to… I’m crying too… oh, whatever man…

*** ***** ********

*** ****** *********

I try to stay shallow like I’m swimming with a life-saver
But it always ends up deep, like I’m digging with a light-sabre.
It’s so ironic, cos our SUB-conscious is our HIGHer selves
I used to want to be Gandalf at 4:20 getting high with elves.
It used to chill me out, but it don’t work any more.
I don’t look for girls where they do cos I don’t want any whore.
…I don’t write for the average Hip-Hop demographic,
I still wanna be like Gandalf that’s why every verse is magic.

With no mic, I make bangers just with Garageband,
Give me a Neuman mic and Logic? I’ll make this Afghanistan.
I’m an amateur producer, we’ll need a pro to get it mastered
But I’m a pro-fessor, no, lyricist, it’s the craft I master.
“Oh the irony, he rhymed mastered with master”, eat me. Sue me.
I’ll write a rhyming Maastrict Treaty, Claim Diplomatic immunity
Let freaky doms and subs do things too freaky too me
Then come back from the dead to freestyle my own funeral eulogy.

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