The Royal Family had links with the Nazis (and might just be an arrogant, judgmental conspiracy theorist sick of the sheeple holding us back.)

My knowledge of conspiracy facts compared to the people brainwashed by The Sun and Jeremy Kyle makes me feel superior. Which makes me feel arrogant. Which makes me feel inferior.
I get proud about being hum ble which negates my humility. It’s a paradoxical cycle.
For example today The Sun and The Guardian both reported on the Royal families links to the Nazis.

The Sun, loving the puns said…

“Their Royal Heilnesses

Secret 1933 film shows Edward VIII teaching this Nazi salute to the Queen”

and The Guardian went with…

“Queen’s Nazi salute video: a royal home movie like no other

Although two small girls could not have understood what their Nazi salute signified as they played in the garden, Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship was already rounding up political opponents, targeting Jews and burning books”

I’ve been saying stuff like this for 10 years, I wonder if now the Guardian have joined in people might take notice. But I doubt it. Most people are thoroughly brainwashed. The fact that this first came out in The Sun makes me think this is all part of slowly easing the public into the idea that they are already ruled by Nazis and they’ll just accept it. I told people the Royal Family was German loads during the Jubilee. I’ve mentioned Operation: Paperclip loads, so have loads of other people, in the alternative news scene that is ancient news. But some people still believe the official story on 9/11 despite the existence of groups like Engineers and Physicists for 9/11 Truth. I don’t know if I’m supposed to be angry, depressed or calm as the Buddha. But if there is no attention, acknowledgement or outrage I won’t be surprised. I know my spiritual side says I should not be judgmental. I know my spiritual friends will say exalt all of humanity. But, people are are selfish, me included. They care more about their football team winning than whether or not their government steals from them to fund bombing brown children, they care more about not letting immigrant asylum seekers running from war spend their taxes than they do about the fact that if HSBC and Starbucks paid their billions of taxes there’d be plenty to go round. Cos Jeremy Kyle told them what to care about. I’m sure it’s all for the benefit cos that’s the nature of the universe but right now I’m feeling pretty judgmental about most of the rest of the human race. Which paradoxically makes me a bit of a judgmental twat with no right to be judging others.

So I have paradoxical emotions? Guess I’m only human too. Oh well. Only human? What a gift to exalt that we can feel and see such a vast range of emotions, sometimes at the same time? I’m an exalted human being. So I guess we all are.


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