Black Steel In the Age of An@rchy

Inspired by Chuck D, Public Enemy and current Hip-hop media…

I remember when Hip-hop culture was revolutionary /
now all these rap websites have ads for the military /
house negroes like “hey master, hey massa, hey boss” /
while I still bump ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ /
like “I got a letter from the government the other day /
I opened and read it, it said they were suckers /
they wanted me for the army or whatever” /
die for oil motherf**kers? nah brothers, not us. /
respect due to anybody in the military /
brave enough to risk life and limb for their families and their land /
but your government don’t give a damn about you, in conflicts unnecessary /
Beg all Hip-hop media not to sell out to The Man. /
(but whose the man? I’m the man, you’re the man, we’re all the man,
There’s no independent nature and nothing to understand.) /
we probably got the oil lobby on decks and on next /
up on the mic – the military industrial complex! /
To hold us back it took millions of a nation, /
cointel pro, MK Ultra and the Council on Foreign Relations. /
I’ve been waiting for consciousness evolution – running out of patience /
they saying prison population’s the new slavery plantation /
But planet Earth’s a goddess, living Mothership space-station. /
Mother Earth, Mother Nature, living Mothership space-station.

public enemy

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