Facebook Privacy and Plastic in the ocean – why does everyone suddenly seem to care?

Weird. 10 years ago me and my activist friends were saying “Facebook is probably selling all your data.” Still we used Facebook for the positive things and I had to keep some opinions off Facebook because I assumed activists were monitored. Now they’ve admitted it the world is going crazy.
15 years ago me and my activist friends were saying the ocean is full of plastic. Now David Attenborough has shown you the dying whales and starving polar bears the world is going crazy.
It’s should be glad that it’s trendy to care about these things now, but I’m just bitter that there’s a list of things that are still not trendy to care about or even know about, some of them being potential solutions to the problems above.
But go ahead, delete Facebook and stop using plastic bags like your data’s not still out there and stop using plastic bags like the last decade of plastic will just disappear.
Actually unless you’re a political threat in some way chances are all your data is doing is making your pop up ads more relevant. It’s the activists who have the most to worry about in this Big Brother world, their data could be used to profile them.
I have mixed feelings, the dominant one should be content though. Maybe even happiness. Content, even happy, that giving a shit is cool these days, it’s not just Swampy and his “crusty” mates getting laughed at for going to protests…
I should be happy but I guess I’m just irritated that so many individuals seem motivated more by trends than morality and all corporations are motivated more by profit than morality. But at least the trends are changing and the the trends are changing the profit margins…
Here’s the conclusion. We all have individual responsibility. Each of our little efforts makes a little difference but all of us making an effort makes a bigger difference. Now, the activist in me knows that if corporations invested in biodegradable plastics like hemp plastic the growth of hemp would take excess carbon out the air AND the fact that plastic comes from oil would lessen the need for wars for oil (the reason why we find excuses to invade various middle Eastern countries, it’s a conspiracy theory to some, blatantly obvious to others and we’ll get no prizes in a decade when the newspapers agree with the activists [cough, Chilcott Inquiry, cough cough]).
BUT corporations have one God, profit, so we the market have to change our spending habits if we want change on that level. Which brings it back to personal responsibility.
So yeah, I’m partly bitter, and I’m partly content, but I’m not gonna be happy til I actually accept that corporations don’t give a damn about us, or our grandchildren.
I feel literally heavy with the thoughts in my head, if I don’t find a like-minded soul to share them with the internet gets a rant. It’s been a while x
EDIT – ps in retrospect I think alot of people are motivated by morality, it’s just most people would rather not educate themselves, and I can’t blame them for not wanting to get depressed, awareness is not always an enviable position. As many activists who worked harder than me for longer than me would say I’m sure.


A philosophical review of the 2016 US Election – or “Grab ’em by the pussy” said the President of the USA. Wow. (But Hillary’s a corrupt monster so it was Godzilla vs Mothra from the start)

“Grab ’em by the pussy” said the President of the USA. Wow. (But Hillary’s a corrupt monster so it was Godzilla vs Mothra from the start)


Election results. Business as usual. We have always been ruled by racist, sexist thieves and liars. It’s that way in England too, we’ve just been a little more quiet about it until Brexit gave some of them balls which public opinion soon neutered. They’re still out there.

Well it was monster vs monster, Godzilla vs Mothra, outward racist and pussy grabber vs closet racist and possible Satanic corporate whore so there was never a happy ending if you bought into that story at all. I didn’t. However now you know how many Americans would vote for someone who publicly held those fascist views rather than just how many Americans would be tricked into voting for someone who secretly holds those fascist views. So that’s a win for disclosure and honesty at the very least.

But for the most part, business as usual. I’m not even sure Trump wanted to be President, he walked up to that podium like “really?”

I mean anyone who knows a little about this election knows Trump is quite possibly insane, said “I just grab em by the pussy,” and claimed he’d build a wall to keep out the Mexican immigrants. But anyone who knows more about this election knows Hillary was behind her husband on policies that disproportionately locked black people up, voted against gay rights, is up for war with China, Russia and whoever, has several federal cases due to her general corruption and lies, lies, lies.

But she’s a politician. For some weird reason WE EXPECT OUR POLITICIANS TO LIE. Why do we do that? I don’t expect my bus driver to lie. Or a teacher. Or a dentist. Why is it okay that the people who run our nations are known liars? How does that change? A lying politician is… business as usual.

Instead of asking who should win perhaps people should have been asking “why is this our only choice?” I mean, in a country with millions of people, some of them brilliant, the best we can come up with is a reality TV star WITH NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE and a woman with federal cases (who may or may not also be a Satanic pedo, but aren’t they all)? David Icke must be writing “I told you so” on all the facebook walls he can find by now.

People ignoring articles that say Hillary used money from an aid charity to pay for a wedding. Ignoring the fact that she wants war, that’s thousands of lives on the line. Ignoring her history of not supporting gay rights. Ignoring the truth because it’s ugly and at least she hasn’t been as obviously dark-side as Trump. Really? We’re still in this duality game? It’s either him or her so I’m taking her? Really? Not asking “why is it only those two now”? Heard of Jill Stein? Of course most people haven’t, because we only know what the mainstream media wants us to know which is – business as usual.

Even Alex Jones barely mentioned Jill Stein and only mentioned Bernie Sanders when he became a target for supporting Hillary. The so-called alternative media was often as shallow and one-sided as the mainstream media.

So, at least the activists know what the problem is now. So, at least the rest of the world know how easily manipulated America is. But I don’t see England demanding proportional representation so we have more than two choices either, I just see England voting for people who take our rights away. We can’t act superior when we didn’t even vote for Theresa May and we have to sit with whatever decisions she makes cos we DID VOTE FOR DAVID CAMERON. I still remember the discussions I had with pro-Cameron people. They didn’t believe that he was a cold hearted liar who doesn’t care about old people, young people, gay people, poor people or people in general. They thought he would deliver his promises. Enjoy free health care and benefits while you can. Activists have ALWAYS known what the problem was. They call us crazy until they threaten to give the NHS to companies the Tories have shares in or until the e-mails proving Hillary Clinton was colluding with the media come out then we say “I told you so” and they say “yeah, you were right”, then we say “let’s do something about it” and they say “yeah, but it’s cold outside and I want to watch the football.” Business as usual.

…what an amazing time we live in… perhaps we should have rebelled when the Tories threatened to give our NHS to corporations they have shares in. I have no faith in humanity’s ability to point it’s anger in the right direction. Trump blamed Mexicans, Farage and Cameron blamed European immigrants and this moronic planet ate it all up. Meanwhile the bankers and politicians get rich while thousands of fuckwits chant “America” and thousands of English people look down at America as if we’re any better. Theresa May doesn’t care for immigrants or lesbians any more than Trump does (and we didn’t even get to vote for her) and Hillary is probably just as racist and prejudiced so why we’re so outraged that the most honest asshole out of the assholes got elected is the big question here to be honest. Hillary voted against gay rights in the past and the Clinton regime locked up more black people than ever before. Maybe we should have been armed with torches and pitchforks years ago but the election result today just proves how stupid and racist a large part of America always has been. We in England are not much better.

Business as usual. We have always been ruled by racist, sexist thieves and liars. Occasionally we get a woman who can’t wait to prove she’s just as ruthless as the men. I will continue telling people we are ruled by thieves and liars until that changes. Business as usual.

Okay, that’s the business as usual part over (for now.) I’m done whinging, do we have solutions? Well in order to have an answer we need to know the question…

Is America full of racists, or is it just full of easily manipulated people who blamed money problems on Mexican immigrants instead of bankers and politicians?
Is England full of racists, or is it just full of easily manipulated people who blamed money problems on European immigrants instead of bankers and politicians?

You think an election makes that much difference? Obama didn’t close Guantanamo Bay did he? That was in his election campaign.

The people REALLY in charge are still in charge, were in charge before the election and will be after. Most of the easily manipulated here will vote for whoever The Sun tells them to vote for.

The problem is too many people are easily manipulated. All I want are answers to that question – how do we empower people to be less easily manipulated?

If you can’t answer that – relax. I’ll be making music and spreading love but warn me if you start a violent revolution – so I can get the hell out the country and make music and spread love somewhere not having a civil war.

Zen saying. Before enlightenment – chop wood and fetch water. After enlightenment – chop wood and fetch water.

Kev saying. Before election – make music, spread love. After election – make music, spread love (and also make love and spread music)



I will never make enough music talking about the political system or the banking system to change everybody’s mind and get them to change the world banking system or give us actual proportional representation in elections. I will never write enough blog posts. I will never post enough facebook statuses.
People will see the symptoms. They will see war. They will see famine. They will see how hard it is to find a job.
But will they get to the roots of the problem? Will they change the monetary system or the political system so the vast abundance on this planet gets shared?
Or will they listen to more fun music and read more fun articles and blame immigrants, and whoever The Sun and the politicians tell them to blame?
If I had a billion pounds for ad campaigns about banks and politicians, billboards, television, and to promote music and books on the subject – it would still be a boring subject.
I am surrounded by good people who care, and for that I am grateful. But beyond that circle of legends and lovelies I’m surrounded by people who either voted for Trump (or would have) or people who don’t realise Hillary Clinton would have been up for World War 3 next week. People who happily accept the narrative weve been given, “it’s a two party system, these are your choices.” Fuck that, fuck this, fuck them.

I accept nothing. None of this at all. I didn’t ask for these leaders, I didn’t ask for these laws and I didn’t ask for my birth certificate. I didn’t draw a single line on a single border and nobody asked me. Nobody asked ANY of us if we wanted to be led by Theresa May. I don’t know if I’m lucky that I can see the bullshit for the bullshit or if I’m cursed. Well I’m cursed if I let it upset me. This is the way it’s always been, at least I’m surrounded by good people who care, and for that I am grateful.

ps Addendum 2

Okay. I could get depressed. Actually not cos Trump won. But because sssooo many manipulated people think something has changed, think Hillary isn’t also a corrupt monster, and because sssooo many manipulated people blamed EU immigrants here in England the same way they blamed Mexicans in the USA and people can’t see the games being played. It all seems so damn obvious to me. We are always led by thieves and liars and we only get two thieving liars to choose from. Think bigger, the whole system is corrupt and unworkable, this is not the best we can come up with.

Okay, banking and politics are boring. So of course people would rather watch sports and soap operas than find out for sure that banks and politicians are robbing them every day, and sending them to unnecessary wars for unnecessary resources for profit. Unfortunately that means immigrants and refugees get blamed for the lack of jobs and money. Am I supposed to accept that? No, I am supposed to fight a battle I know I will lose.

Alright then. I shall not get depressed. I’m here to spread inspiration and information. I may never inspire and inform enough people to stop war forever. I mean I technically SHOULD. It’s not hard to work out there’s enough for everyone to share without the greed of banks and politicians, it’s obvious when you look at the way things actually work.

BUT banking and politics are boring. So of course people would rather watch sports and soap operas than find out for sure that banks and politicians are robbing them every day. I try to make it more interesting, with the occasional joke or sick flows and fat beats. But Jeremy Kyle is more entertaining than that apparently and he blames benefits scroungers and immigrants. I’d love to see a banker and a politician on the Jeremy Kyle show. “So you, you rotten piece of work, destroyed a whole African country by manipulating the price of diamonds. And YOU KNEW ALL ALONG. Ya nasty piece of work, is this where our taxes are going? To you too scum bags?” Get em Jeremy. But no. It’ll take all the ayahuasca in the world down Jeremy Kyle’s scrawny neck to see that. Yes. I’ve been writing ranty statuses all morning, 3 hours. I’m gonna take my own advice now – make music, spread love. Cos banking and politics are boring.


Thank you Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, KRS-One and Ice Cube for bringing me up in an era when it was actually cool to actually rebel.

(Shout out to J Cole and Kendrick and Killer Mike for occasionally saying stuff now and shout out to Talib Kweli and Immortal Technique for carrying the torch inbetween and continuing since.)

But RATM (and the lyric sheet inside) changed alot of hearts and minds in the 90s.

ps So my advice for the first step to reverse the (illusions of) polarities and change some vibrations is to play Avalon Roots album really loud today (the lyrics are positive but aware and even more poignant today.) Failing that sharpen your pitchfork and wake me when the revolution starts… so I can get the hell out the way and build a better world elsewhere 😉 )


(after that listen to my new album, Metal Monkey on Fire, cos it’s bangin and full of truths like the stuff you just read above.)



Flat Earth – THE TRUTH! (why it doesn’t matter) #flatearth #conspiracy


First – why I think it’s a psy-op. (but the psy-op is not the truth, that’s just my opinion.) The bottom line, on two angles, is “who does it benefit?” If the Earth really is flat, who did it benefit to lie about it? Nobody as far as I can tell, it’s a pointless lie. But if it’s the flat earth theory that’s a lie, who does it benefit? The government, cos now anyone that says, “I don’t trust the government” sounds like some nutcase who believes the Earth is flat. Next time we say “I think 911 was an inside job” some bell-end is gonna reply, “yeah, you probably think the Earth is flat as well.
The other point is, give the theory the benefit of the doubt again – even if the Earth is flat – so what? That would be a massive lie, and have literally astronomical implications (yeah, I’m proud of that!) but it’s still just a harmless lie compared to hiding abusers in government positions and false flag attacks to justify amoral wars to install central banks and steal resources. So forger about it, it’s not worth discussing until we sort the important stuff out such as not being ruled by psychopaths and switching to sustainable energy before we all die.

The truth is – it doesn’t actually matter.

Rojava. A revolution that’s working? #rojava #revolution #democraticconfederalism

Rojava. A revolution that’s working?

“A small key can open a large door.”

Tonight I heard about Rojava for the first time. What I was told was that an area of Syria had become an unofficial free region*, using a political system which they called “Democratic Confedaralism”. This meant that nobody was completely in charge, all leadership positions were taken by two people and regularly rotated, and it is an area where gender equality is welcomed, championed, and respected. Also they give unconditional asylum to all seeking it.

It is an alternative to the two extremes we are usually force fed – democratic capitalism that encourages us to eat each other and compete for cash at the sacrifice of our humanity and ecology. Or the other extreme, the form of communism that forces everyone to be equal but equally poor at the expense of humanity and freedom. They (whoever ‘they’ are, I’d say ‘The Archons’ but essentially there’s no independent nature, ask me about it) they may want you to believe these are our only choices. There are lots of choices, lots of other options. Proportional representation would be a nice start for England I think, just a point of view. There are lots and lots and lots of other options. Democratic Confedaralism appears to be one of them.

Rojava seem to be a story of people who used to kill each other working together under a new political system that’s actually working and creating a new progressive culture. I got excited. It’s a long time since politics got me excited. Even Corbyn didn’t get me excited, just worried that he might be another liar (that old Fabian Society shaped cloud over his and Russel Brands heads) and worried that if he’s not a liar he might get assassinated before he says anything too true. But I digress (alot), I got excited about Rojava and vowed to go home, investigate and share what I find.

Here is some of what I found…

“The battle over Kobani, which began in the summer of 2014, has brought to the world’s attention the Kurdish resistance to the brutal forces that call themselves Islamic State (IS or ISIS). Contrary to the expectations of many, the defense forces have succeeded in fending off the attacks not only of ISIS, but also the al-Nusra Front and the Assad regime over the last two and a half years. Less well known, however, is the fact that residents of the predominantly Kurdish areas of northern and northeastern Syria have established themselves as a new political entity they call Rojava, comprising three autonomous cantons, one of which is Kobani. There they have undertaken, to all appearances, a social and political revolution, characterized by remarkable efforts towards gender liberation and direct democratic self-government.”


“The Rojava Revolution has probably made more concrete progress towards libertarian socialism than any other large-scale struggle at least since the Zapatista insurrection. For this reason alone it is important to engage with this struggle to support the most revolutionary elements of it and to hold it up as an international example of what the self-activity of the popular classes can accomplish.”


“In the past 33 years, the Kurdish freedom struggle, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), and its leader, Abdullah Öcalan, have not only reacted to social changes but shaped them and proposed further steps in the direction of a liberated society. ”


“…the media attention was often selective and partial. The very essence of the political project in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) went unreported and Western journalists generally preferred to present the resistance in Kobani as an inexplicable exception to the supposed barbarism of the Middle East. Unsurprisingly, the victorious flag of the YPG/YPJ brandishing the iconic red star was not a pleasing image to the eyes of the Western powers. The autonomous cantons of Rojava represent a homegrown solution to the conflicts in the Middle East, focusing on gender equality, environmental sustainability and horizontal democratic processes including all different ethnic and social groups, while simultaneously resisting the terror from ISIS and rejecting both liberal democracy and capitalist modernity. ”


*I originally called it an “unofficial Free State” but was advised, “I would maybe leave away the phrasing ‘free state’ because Rojava tries not to be a state”.

Uncertainty (probably maybe)

Humans are amazing, inspiring and infuriating. This infuriating certainty in treating our opinions as fact. I’m sure its all of benefit but this certainty infuriates me. Especially when it ia based on tradition or dogma whether that dogma is scientific, religious, or political and especially when that dogma or tradition is just a social norm. Lynching black people used to be a social norm. Imprisoning people for owning plants is still a social norm.

I cannot escape the hypocrisy that I am human or that I am fairly certain that I shouldn’t be certain about anything.

Some people seem either not intelligent enough or not brave enough to hold the possibility of two or more contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time. It has to be either definitely this way or definitely that way, there’s no room for ‘maybe’. These people cling to either science or religion (the irony being that materialist science is now as rigidly dogmatic as religion despite the fact that science  by definition only finds the most likely hypothesis, never a certainty.)

I find it hard to believe people are not intelligent enough to accept the word ‘maybe’ into their realities because we are all one with the intelligence of nature, science and the universe. So I think it must be stubbornness, arrogance and a fear of the unknown.

Maybe we should make room for “maybe”, we should probably budge up for “probably” too.

For example… The Illuminati probably existed as there is lots of historical information (data) about the Bavarian Illuminati that existed (according to record) in 1776. The Illuminati probably doesn’t exist now or in the way most people think, maybe it’s just a group of international bankers, war profiteers and oil companies with shared interests helping each other stay rich. But maybe I’m wrong.

“Love is the answer, who cares what the question is.”

Are We Really Governed by Self-Serving Megalomaniacs and Tyrants? Or is that just a paranoid conspiracy theory?

My spiritual beliefs are each to their own, live and let live. However compassion cannot stay silent in the shadow of the tyranny of others. This is not a particularly anti-Tory article, I hope that I’m writing for the benefit of all. This is a study of the tyranny and megalomania exhibited by all parties that have been in government in recent years. I have felt inspired to point out clearly and concisely why I believe we are governed by thieves and liars with references in order to dispel the myth that anyone who opposes the government is a ‘paranoid conspiracy theorist’. I will not cite unverifiable theories I will only cite historical facts although as I am human I may deduce certain conclusions based on those facts.

Extremism on either side, left wing Labour or right wing Conservatives, is not beneficial to be honest because – A – it’s almost irelevant cos extreme left and extreme right end up looking exactly the same in effect, whether fascist or socialist you end up with a tyrannical government and – B – Labour has been more or less right-wing since the 90s. But extremes are generally not ideal (depending on time, place and circumstance.) Therefore it’s difficult to consider this a democracy when the only major party that wasn’t up for following Thatcherite ideals were the Greens which was considered by most a wasted vote and a protest vote by others. Are they self-serving? In short – the Conservatives are selling the NHS to their mates, I’m pretty sure it is for personal financial gain (more on that, with references later.) Just to balance things out a bit so this isn’t just Tory bashing – before Tony Blair took his ironic post as Middle East Peace Envoy his first job after being Prime Minister was as a consultant for the international bank JP Morgan. He was getting over a million a year. Is it just me or does it stink to high heaven that a head of state could get a job for an international bank after he gets out of power? You don’t think any of his decisions made in office could be influenced by the words “we’ll make you a millionaire next year?”

The whole left wing / right wing debate is misleading because the extremes on either side whether socialist or fascist are similar in effect – too much power in the hands of the few, regardless of what got you there. And human rights being taken away has the same results whether they’re taken away by the left or the right. And how centre or right or centre-right the Conservatives are we cannot tell until they start actually implementing laws. Case in point – Labour was traditionally left-wing socialist and in the 90s that’s what people voted for but Blair claimed to be centre-left and in actual fact his policies were more or less the same as Thatcher’s (as far as he could get away with) but that wasn’t apparent until he started implementing policies. But I concede, it is more theory than fact because the Conservatives haven’t had a chance to replace the Human Rights Act with with anything else yet. I just highly suspect it will be replaced with something that gives us alot less rights and them alot more power. I concede it’s a theory on account but it’s a strong theory based on the fact that so far the Tories have exhibited zero compassion, it’s not what they’re known for.

I may sound like a conspiracy theorist but these are facts – Dick Cheney had shares in Halliburton, the company tasked with rebuilding Iraq. Tony Blair got over a million a year from a central bank after he left office. The Tories are selling the NHS not just to their friends but companies they have shares in! (See articles below.) So yes, I believe we are governed by people who have financial gain as their main objective, not the benefit of all.

But are our politicians megalomaniacs? Hmmm… Before the war in Iraq “The British Stop the War Coalition (StWC) held a protest in London which it claimed was the largest political demonstration in the city’s history. Police estimated attendance as well in excess of 750,000 people and the BBC estimated that around a million attended. At the finish rally in Hyde Park, the organisers announced 3 million attended. It remains probably the largest protest march in UK history.” So between 750,000 and 3 million people attended to protest against the war in Iraq. Then they ignored us all and bombed the s*** out of it. “Iraq study estimates war-related deaths at 461,000… About half a million people died in Iraq as a result of war-related causes between the US-led invasion in 2003 and mid-2011, an academic study suggests.” In a so called democracy – ignoring the wishes of at least 750,000 of your electorate and then killing 461,000 people (based on most likely fabricated evidence of WMDs, which he never had cos that wasn’t on the list of things the US had sold him) is the act of a megalomaniac. Tony Blair was a megalomaniac, and yes, I suspect David Cameron is too. So yes, right wing extremism is as bad as left wing extremism, yes I think most politicians are motivated by money and yes I think we are and have been governed by megalomaniacs.

I don’t need conspiracy theories when the newspapers and history books are packed with conspiracy facts.

Do I have a solution? I think so – Be the power. A rap group called Public Enemy (my favourite as a kid in the 80s)  once said “Fight the Power”. Since then they have been inspired by a mutual inspiration, Candice O’Denver, to amend that to “Be the power”. (My political views are my own, and none of the above necessarily share my views). What do I mean by “Be the power”? What does it mean to you? Whether that’s write a Zine, write to your MP, organise meetings, organise meditation sessions, write a status, write a blog, share a status, share a blog, join the Green party, start your own party, inform other people as I have just tried to (particularly inform children who are yet to be brainwashed by mainstream media),  or relax and find inner peace. Relax? Find inner peace? Yes. Be the power, but try not to be a megalomaniac or a tyrant. How do you avoid being a megalomaniac or a tyrant? Find relax and find inner peace. Get educated in the nature of the mind. I’m still learning.


Iraq study estimates war-related deaths at 461,000


Companies with links to Tories ‘have won £1.5bn worth of NHS contracts’


Tony Blair to earn £2m as JP Morgan adviser


Dick Cheney’s Halliburton: a corporate case study




Why did I feel the need to do this? The Conservative Party want to remove the Human Rights Act. They claim they will change it for something ‘better’. I doubt it. I expect they will give us less rights and themselves more power. THAT, is a conspiracy theory by definition cos it hasn’t happened yet therefore I can only theorise. At the risk of sounding arrogant I’m going to state a few facts. They said I was deluded when Tony Blair took over Labour and they beat the Tories and everyone was celebrating and I, only 16 years old, said “that man has an evil smile, I don’t trust him.” Since then Labour became right wing, he followed Thatchers policies and started an illegal war. They said I was deluded when Obama won and he promised Yes We Can and said he’d shut Guantanamo bay and black people were celebrating as if police brutality would end overnight and I said “just cos he’s black doesn’t mean he’s not a politician.” Since then he bombed thousands of innocent civilians, several unarmed black men have been killed by the police and Guantanamo bay is still open. At the risk of sounding arrogant I’m very rarely wrong about these things and history has shown us that the deluded one’s tend to be those that think that politicians are telling the truth when they’re campaigning for your vote. That no longer seems logical.

It’s not prophecy, it’s simple deduction. Once you escape the delusion that the government has your best interests at heart (a delusion I lost after they ignored the biggest protest ever and went to war with Iraq) you can reduce their motivation to money and power to whatever extreme they can get away with while still convincing enough trusting, naive and deluded people that they have their best interests at heart. Governments become reliably predictable after that to the unfortunate extent that I mistakenly believe it’s obvious to everyone. I guess it becomes easier to see when you stop reading papers and watching the news because they insult your intelligence. I literally forget that most people not only consume mainstream media but believe it. The world makes more sense when you stop.

I was rightly accused of propaganda earlier this week when I took it for granted that the Conservatives were planning to take away our Human Rights as I failed to mention that they were planning to replace it with a Bill of Rights (which doesn’t exist yet.) However I have taken it for granted that the Conservatives don’t give a damn about our human rights based on past and present data, such as Poll Tax, austerity measures, the recent appointment of an anti-gay politician to be minister for equality. I didn’t see it as necessary to write a disclaimer saying “the Conservatives promise that when they scrap the Human Rights Bill they’ll write a new one that will keep you safe from their plans, but I don’t believe it and no one in their right minds would” etc etc cos I didn’t think anyone was that dangerously gullible. But I forget, everyone thought Tony Blair was a lefty socialist once upon a time, everyone thought Obama was a pacifist who deserves a nobel peace prize once upon a time and for some reason if you wear a suit and say it on television people believe what you say. So for the sake of keeping it short and not stating what I thought was obvious I omitted some things but for the record here’s what I missed out – the Conservatives say “this is nothing to worry about, we’ll replace it with something better”. But they’re politicians in power – so that’s probably lies.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.11.02

 Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.11.13  Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 10.11.22

David Cameron and riots on the streets of London…

5 more years of David Cameron and already riots on the streets.

And one defaced war memorial. Ironic. The Tories have more in common with the Nazis than the allies. The Nazis didn’t like Human Rights or immigrants either.

I don’t know how I feel to be honest.

For the record I don’t approve of riots (and I’m not just saying that cos people have gotten arrested for things said on Facebook) but I do approve of revolution (whatever that means) so if it’s an emotional rather than a practical response I would rather they happen on Camerons doorstep than fires in their own neighbourhoods. Is that the difference between a riot and a revolution? Ive been in a riot before, trying to calm down both sides with bricks and bottles flying over my head. My problem is that the Conservatives were voted in. Perhaps by an ignorant minority that do whatever the Sun tells them to do but they won. Are we supposed to educate the ignorant or forcibly remove the tyrants? While the spiritual thing to do may be educate rather than burn stuff but Tory policy will literally kill people. The Tories already tried to abolish human rights but were stopped by the Lib Dems. What would you have done in Nazi Germany? That question may become increasingly important. And I have more questions than answers. Observe and react to time, place and circumstance- get my mind right short moments many times. And quite likely emigrate. I threatened to leave before, you know what one of the most powerful arguments for staying was? What would you do without the NHS? Good question. Here’s another. What would WE do without human rights?

I’ve been doing exactly what I would have done in Nazi Germany.
Telling the truth as I see it until the nasty turn on me.

Do you see the subtext?
“I told you so” won’t satisfy til politicians are suspects.

What turns a protest in to a riot? What’s really scary
is what turns a rioter into a revolutionary?

Merely perspective, spin and a little history
But does that make it right to fight? When does it become necessary?

Is it when they threaten your human rights? That’s a question
not a suggestion, so please don’t arrest me. Bless them

For they know not what they do, programmed to react with aggression.
Am I a pacifist, an activist or both? Keeping myself guessin

More questions than answers. Guided by open source consciousness fast cos
It acts accordingly to time, place and circumstances.

Nothins changed, always been governed by tyrants bruv
Always been sovereign and always best to have more questions than answers.

Relax. Those police men have families. Relax. Those voters have been programmed by television and the Sun newspaper to vote according to who doesn’t look ridiculous eating a bacon sandwich. They honestly can’t think for themselves and most people need a therapist or a friend they can be honest with but can’t even be honest with themselves. They know more about football, Eastenders and Kim Kardashian than they do about politics and they don’t want to know. And can you blame them? They say Ignorance is bliss. Why? Because information, data, hurts like fuck.

I guess I’d rather feel.

(I decided to add this picture cos despite my comparisons with Nazi Germany I LOVE Germans. I toured Germany last year as a vocalist with a Dub DJ and they were some of the most switched on activists and loveliest friendliest people I’ve met. They unveiled this statue of Snowden, Assange and Manning in Berlin, Germany earlier this month. These men also stood up and spoke for truth against the tyranny of Government.)

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 09.12.17

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 03.30.38

OUR FUTURE (bun the Tories mate). Classic.

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