Fracking part 1 – the Declaration of Defence

The Guardian newspaper just released this headline…

Government makes ‘outrageous’ U-turn over fracking in precious wildlife sites

with this sub-title…

Green MP Caroline Lucas says decision to backtrack on vow to ban fracking in sites of special scientific interest shows ministers cannot be trusted on issue

Now… In case you weren’t aware of the stakes – fracking poisons spring water. For decades, maybe even centuries. (I may repeat that.) Access to clean water is human right, as much as air or life. Because without it you die.

This is is a move motivated by financial profit, not the welfare of the citizens. That is almost a cut and dry fact. What I’m about to say is speculation – If our only access to clean water is through the corporations they own you. Monsanto is already trying to get a monopoly on the food chain, via genetic patents they want the whole food chain. I believe this is a chess move and the end-game is to enslave you.

Regardless of conspiracy theories – we don’t need conspiracy theories when the conspiracy facts are clear, “ministers cannot be trusted on issue“.

No. No, no, no. I steered clear of front-line protesting for a while, I’m too sensitive to be surrounded by angry people (I suffer from anxiety and occasionally depression, who doesn’t?) and as a writer and networker I’m more valuable spreading the news and spreading the stories (I have 5000 facebook friends, embarrassing, I know.) But every now and again there’s something I just can’t step away from. This is one subject that will get me out the house and standing in front of diggers. I just collected spring water last week, they will not poison it, they will not destroy a basic human right. No. Lock-ons, tunnels, tree-sits, angry letters and angrier protestors. What ever it takes. Not having it at all. This is Archon business, water is precious and fracking poisons the water underground. For centuries. No.

Austerity was a declaration of class-war on the poor by the land owning classes. Fracking is a declaration of war on humanity and the planet itself by the Archons. This planet is as alive as any of the organisms on it by any scientific measure and fracking is first of all unnecessary and second of all absolutely abhorrent, doing unrectifiable damage to nature and making the spring water undrinkable. I suspect that part of the motivation is to privatise water (the way Monsanto are trying to get a monopoly on the entire food chain.) Privatising water creates more of a centralisation of power which appears to be the end-game for the various right-wing governments which are all moving to the beat of the same drum from corporations, particularly banks, war profiteers and oil barons. But side-story aside I think it’s safe to say we have every right to protest this and every right to prosecute our government for violating our human right to clean water. I dare to get spiritual about this too – I am certain The Universe will guide every righteous hand that fights against fracking for the sake of our planet and for the sake of each other.

This is not a declaration of war. The conservatives declared war on the people with austerity and declared war on the planet with fracking. This is merely a declaration of defence. The Archons are not one with the creator, we who are guided by love of our planet and love for each other are more powerful than any of these politicians that are guided by greed and fear rather than love.


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