Bad Movie (plus the epilogue ‘last minute script changes – the positive timeline’)

Prologue: Bristol Credit Union

The dude on customer service, Matt, at Bristol Credit Union somehow talked me into singing the Pigeon Street theme (or at least as much as I could remember.) Sometimes me and him talk about sacred geometry, sometimes we talk about the New World Order, but only after he gives me my balance.

I never got that kind of service (or conversation) from Lloyds TSB. Bristol Credit Union all the way (they are also, as far as I know, not part of the Rothschild international banking cartel that runs Israel, America and the United Kingdom. That is no longer a theory.)




I have this idea for a film, a political thriller. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

America (and it’s buddies England and Israel) arm rebels in foreign country. This creates a problem they intend to solve. Rebels get powerful. America stops arming rebels and calls them ‘terrorists’. America starts shooting at rebels it used to arm. America gives foreign country ‘democracy’. America installs puppet dictator to replace former rebellious dictator and installs a Rothschild (Israel) owned central bank.

America looks like it did a country a favour but actually killed thousands of innocent people to install a Rothschild bank to store all the cash from the natural resources, (oil in Iraq, opium in Afghanistan, etc) they’ve stolen.

Have I missed anything out?

And repeat. For decades. And decades. Right in everyone’s face.

Nah, that’s a rubbish script, no one would ever believe that a country in the western world could be run by greedy sociopaths who would kill thousands or millions for a profit of billions, and no one would believe that the populations would let this happen.







EPILOGUE: Last minute script changes – The Positive Timeline

Sometimes I want to smash things. It’s true. I aim for a ‘zen’ state of mind but essentially I avoided arguments by avoiding people and avoiding situations (like family and employment), ain’t nothing zen about that.

Being of benefit. You are a perfect manifestation of mother nature, any so-called hang ups, insecurities or other labels for apparent imperfections are also perfect manifestations of mother nature, they are an aspect of what makes you unique and and you. Yet paradoxically you are one with every one and we all have these apparent imperfections.

Love yourself and love each other. Cos all is one.
Think with your heart and love with your head. Cos all is one.

And when you want to smash things take a short moment to stop thinking to escape the negative spiral of thoughts you have inevitably got stuck in – works for me. It is not the only thing that works but you can’t run forever and smoke costs money (I know it doesn’t necessarily have to but we’re not having that discussion on facebook.) Stop thinking, for short moments many times, so far so good. And it’s free.




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