Summer Bars (for a possible D-Red collabo)

The seasons got me fiendin for cuddles on summer evenings

Reminiscing… of river skinny dipping. Breathe in

the summer air… banging drum without a care

in the world, but a little free time and a lotta love to share

Radiate your light, I’m high off your rays, basking in your shadow

Blatantly alright, feeling mighty brave, not parrow.


{middle section [might delete it]}

Vitamin D can be synthesized in adequate amounts

when exposed to sunlight… …Sungaze for that Gummi Bear bounce.

Sunshine affects the brain via the interaction

of melatonin and serotonin, time for some action.

When sunlight hits eyes, optic nerves send a message

to the gland in the brain that produces melatonin,

is that bio-chemically gifted, or spiritually blessed?

Philosophical but rhetorical – I just like to throw them in.

Melanin serves as a natural defense against

UV rays, you’ll see Kapes in summer ciphers with rookies and veterans


{I may delete the middle section that gets technical}

The most natural way to get vitamin D’s exposing your bare skin

to sunlight, but eventually the science bit wears thin.

Beyond the science is a feelin, and when it’s missing I’m fiendin

when you’re gone, nights are colder without you here for heating,

It’s like I get high off your vibe, wish I didn’t know you were leaving

But you’ll be back again for healing, illuminating and revealing

Nights are longer, everything and one looks more appealing.

I want the sun for basketball, barbecues, free parties – and all the fun between them.


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