Help me Help You – an open letter (or why you should book KP Kev the Poet for gigs and workshops)

Reasons why you should click this link for an epic song

and a comprehensive list of reasons why you should listen to the rest of my soundcloud, book me for gigs and workshops and/or buy albums from my Bandcamp page…

KP Kev the Poet – A rapper, poet, singer and teacher.

A rapper, poet, and singer performing mainly spoken word, Hip-Hop, rap and reggae but also recording soul and MCing to Dub and Jungle. Also an accomplished and amusing compere MC.

He is an ordained bard of a Druid Order that organises events at Stonehenge and his influences include Taoism, Druidry, Theology, political activism, Buddhism and the Bristol free-party scene.

He is known in the UK festival scene and the free-party scene for comedy with social commentary and can be seen reciting cosmic poetry in Stonehenge and at acoustic events as well as ranting over breakcore, breaks, dub, dubstep and jungle at nightclubs and free-parties. One of the most eclectic MCs you are ever likely to hear, philosophical and funny with it.

Also a workshop facilitator, play-write, teaching assistant and copy-writer. An English Literature and Philosophy graduate who possesses experience in stage performance, events promotion.


Has had music played on the radio (Bristol’s Passion FM and Ujima.FM)

Recently hosted the ‘Happy Daze’ stage (The Okay Corral Courthouse) at Boomtown festival 2014 (as Kapes and Jakus with DJ Jakus Lakus playing Hip-Hop and Dub [he also mixes Jungle but we weren’t allowed] we smashed it), also supported Zion Train and Gaudi (December 2013 – yes, big tings) and Congo Natty (January 2014 – big tings indeed.)



Performance / Promotion Experience (abridged version)

Events Promotion and Poetry Performer: Mr Wolf’s, Café Delight, The Cube, the Arc Bar, E-Shed, Trinity Arts Centre, Keele Student’s Union, St James’ Church and others. (2001 – present)

Glastonbury Festival: Compere / Stage host / MC / performer: 2011

BUMP Roller Disco: Host / performer (2010) also BUMP Rollerdisco host at various festivals including Shambala and Boomtown Festival in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Further Youth-Work Experience

Cambridge YMCA: Conducted Hip-Hop, poetry and songwriting workshops with young people, assisted with song recording and production workshops (August 2014)

St Pauls park Bristol: Volunteer Basketball coach Volunteered to teach children basic basketball skills and rules on weekends in Bristol 2013

Glastonbury Festival: Poetry Workshop coordinator, taught an all-ages poetry workshop 2011

Magical Theatre (One World Festival): Workshop assistant. I was helping to conduct creative writing and drama workshops with children  aged 4 – 12 at the One World Festival. (August 2005)

Enfield Grammar School: Teaching Assistant. Assisting the English department at Enfield Grammar School for boys. (May 2005)

The Basement Studio: Volunteer music studio assistant at Basement Studios. The Basement Studio is a Bristol-wide youth work and music charity for 13-19 year olds, targeting those who find it difficult to access music resources, equipment and support. They offer free live music, music technology, vocal and DJ/MCing with experienced music tutors and gear via twice-weekly open access sessions, plus free music technology or radio courses. (October  2006 – 2007)

Work Experience

Steiner School Kindergarten Teaching Assistant: Teaching Assistant at the Kindergarten Bristol Steiner School from October 2012, I have been on the covers list ever since (2012 – Present)

Ethical: Tele-Fundraising for charity (mainly RSPB) (2010)

Workshop Coordinator for Fairfield High-School: Running poetry/lyric writing workshops with students varying in age from 11 to 15. Every student completed a poem or verse, and there was positive feedback from both the students and staff.  (October 2008)

After School Club / Day Club (Child Support Worker): Part-time support worker helping to supervise children at an after-school club at a primary school in Bristol and during the day in holiday times. (September 2007 – 2008)


CRB police check as of October (2012)

The University of Keele, Staffordshire: (1999 – 2002): BA Hons: English Literature and Philosophy


Skills and Experience Gained

I continuously have to put the children first at the steiner school to meet their needs. I have had to multi-task to read books to kids who want books read to them while assisting with supervising children who are playing elsewhere in the room.

I have been an events promoter for years and often have to organise DJs, performers, stage manages and or venue owners to achieve the goal of a fun and profitable event.

When I promote events I often have both acoustic musicians as well as DJs. My poetry performances also reflect my diverse influences. The children we work with at the steiner school come from very diverse backgrounds geographically and culturally.

In December 2013 I organised a one of a kind event with DJs and musicians and healers in a Church.  We had acoustic musicians, a dub DJ and a Jungle DJ playing in a Church with healers providing complementary therapy and massage for discounted price and I only charged £5 entry.

In August 2014 I organised and promoted an acousti event in a Yoga Centre in Bristol near St Nicks Market (Breathe Bristol)

Examples of work online


Kev the Poet’s Youtube page

The SynchroFlowShow – youtube



The SynchroFlow TV Show

An alternative reality TV show, and a musical. Showcasing consciousness evolution via UK Hip-Hop, poetry and beatboxing with vocal harmonies, discussing synchronicity.

Featuring Rodney P and Skitz, Dub FX, Kate Tempest, Buggsy, Chester P of Taskforce, The Boxettes, MC Xander, Terence Mckenna and KP Kev the Poet.

The Band

The Synchromystic Acoustics

Operation: Bless Everyt’ing facebook group

events and information network




Kev the Poet – Reference by Leah Marks, Arts Administrator, Fairfield High School

Kev came to Fairfield for a day to run a packed schedule of poetry/lyric writing workshops with students varying in age from 11 to 15. The workshops were creatively designed to a specific brief, and a combination of his friendly, approachable personality and undoubtable talent made for a very successful day. He differentiated the workshops beautifully, providing individual support for the younger students and his modern performance and presentation style made it easy for the older students to identify with him.

Every student attending completed a piece of work, and there was extremely positive and enthusiastic feedback from both the students and the staff who observed him in action.

Leah Marks

Former Arts Administrator


In short I try to inform, inspire and entertain people with lyrics and when I’m not doing that I like to teach children how to do the same. Your life will be better click this link for an epic song

and listen to the rest of my soundcloud


and support me by buying albums from Bandcamp


and book me for gigs…


Help me help you 😉


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