The Illusions Time and Money (Consensus Reality) plus Various Prose (collated from this months facecrack posts…)


There is no such thing as money. Tell that to your landlord.
There is no such thing as time. Tell that to the person waiting in the car spending their money on petrol.

So-called universal truths are also called ‘handy excuses for hippies’.

We live in a consensus reality. David Wilcock says the biggest secret is that the laws of physics change depending on who is in the room with you (and what their beliefs are.) I can ride with that. But unless our landlords, lifts, judges and policemen agree with those so-called universal truths it may be worth valuing both time and money and avoiding judges and policemen.

I would rather expand the minds of judges and policemen given the choice, and I have avoided having landlords in the past – living in squats, or the Tasmanian Rainforest, or my friends van, or a friends couch. I do not foresee me getting a driving licence any time soon. Not never, just not soon. So I will value time.

I have experienced states where time was clearly an illusion and I have experienced weeks when money didn’t matter. But if I have rent to pay or a place to go I really, really, really do not want to hear there is no such thing as money or there is no such thing as time. I know.

Tell it to my landlord. Tell it to my lift.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” Albert Einstein


I say we live in a consensus reality – but communities exists where reification is not encouraged, not just the reification of time, or the reification of money but the reification of ANYthing, the concept of me and you, individuality, negative states of mind and even positive states of mind, they are not real, they are merely a dynamic interplay of concepts and ideas. It’s true, nothing is real. But making things real that are not (which is everything, it’s all illusion, just concepts to agree on or not.) I have to join communities if and when it feels right, but sometimes you have to do things that feel uncomfortable because pushing your boundaries is good for you. Perhaps I should join communities which do not reify time or money.Yet to my knowledge all of these communities have to pay rent in some fashion.
Even if we recognise that time and money are illusions if it is of greatest benefit to be on time and pay for things that is what a wise and practical person will do, I don’t care how much white you’re wearing, how many aya sessions you’ve done, or how cosmic you think you are. None of the above will wash with me. Just say “sorry I’m late”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a massive hippy, I’m late all the time and I literally only started to value money about 3 years ago, I felt guilty if I had any before that.
But I prefer saying “I’m sorry I’m late” and taking responsibility to patronising someone by telling them “time is an illusion” like it’s their fault for giving caring about time.
I will endeavour to take responsibility. It does not always seem easy but it always feels more beneficial



I really do love you guys n gals

Some days that reality is just a tad more… obvious xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx


“That’s why I’m giving honour to all these baby mommas, it takes a woman’s womb to make a Christ or Dalai Lama”. Killer Mike got bars…



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