More prose n poetry from the archives (2011)


Start Day-Dreaming
by Kevin El Poeta on Monday, 04 April 2011 at 15:27

I saw sustainable cities made of hemp pyramids, circles, and spirals, powered by over-unity generators, surrounded by communities of people who had given up on cities living in tipis, yurts and benders, both the cities and communities inhabited by people who understood that cooperation is more efficient than competition, sharing wisdom and joy through art and music.

Start day-dreaming 🙂

“Imagine all the people living for today.”* I was talking to a friend about how schools indoctrinate us and teachers used to tell me “stop day-dreaming”. Everything ever invented required someone to dream and remember that dream, every idea…. Stop day-dreaming and be a uniformed cog in the wheel? No thanks. Start day-dreaming. However, I’m down with Mark Heley, when you’re done day-dreaming start building! There’s no point having ideas if you don’t build them like there’s no point seeing synchronicities and not acting on them. My friend’s dad said, “I used to love day-dreaming” and when my friend heard his dad say this the most delightful smile came across his lips. **** it, my friend is Mike Stanton and his dad is also my friend Greg 🙂 “You may say that I’m a dreamer… but I’m not the only one.”*

*quotes from ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon, the sustainable dream from our shared infinite imagination.

I’d written a little a while ago, mainly when I was in London, but to be honest they were ego-based Hip-Hop rhymes and were not worth sharing unles I’m on the mic and can inject the words with presence and character. But the more introspective and “birds eye-perspective” poetry had a bit of a block for a while. I’ve learned not to fear writerss block, inspiration comes when it feels like it, and the type of inspiration is unpredictable. I guess we’re all at the mercy of an unknown force when we – we being artists in general – subject ourselves to the whims of inspiration. So I am happy to announce that after what seems like a long hiatus, with a belly full of ayurvedic herbs, I have written some new poems! That said, I don’t know if they’re any good 🙂 lol

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

only now remains…

Candlefire – burn away my stress
it’s all – ready – gone
…only love remains.

Kick-back, embrace the feeling of the grass on the back of your neck
revealing endless patterns between branches in this neck of the woods.

Bartering goods, trade, trade, trade. Harder to remember
nothing really matters when debt collectors may come knocking at no

door here for you don’t exist. Problem solved? What problem?
Merely a challenge, we’re challenged to co-create reality.

Shall we be making temples of commerce and vanity casually
or making love, making art, making poetry?

It seems some people are not interested in making paradise on Earth.
It seems some people have vested interests in making war AND drilling for

…oil… AND importing highly addictive drugs…
….like refined sugar. There’s clean water

and O.P.M in Afghanistan and it’s a documented fact that
throughout the 80s the SEE AIY AY was importing crack

into American ghettos, but why would they stop there?
Why would they stop at that? It’s not as if they seem to care.

But that’s the past, of course it is, politics is a farce, of course it is,
Parliament? Two parties arguing like little girls and boys, they’re/their kids…

all go to the same schools, and they tell same lies to the same fools
with the same investors and lawyers, breaking laws which is

only natural if they’re in politics for the power but the true power is to counter-
act, co-create with the power of now, and lack of thought. It is

the feeling of the grass on the back of your neck
revealing endless patterns between branches in this neck of the woods.

join me… please join me…
join us… please join us where

candlelight burned our stress away, it’s gone and forgotten,
…only now remains.

Candlefire – burn away my stress
it’s all – ready – gone
…only love remains.

Candlelight burned our stress away, it’s gone and forgotten,
…only now remains.
* ** *** ***** ******** *************

ancient methods, new ideas

“The technology of the future shall be the technology of the past.” There is a tribe of synchronously connected mechizedekted, heart open, heart connected, future retrospective, ancient technological perspective, cosmic jokers following their hearts, and they tend to

use ancient methods to spread new ideas…
like using poetry to spread torsion field zero point technology.

And use new methods to spread old ideas…
like using Hip-Hop to spread torsion field zero point technology. x2

“Oh the humanity! Oh the humanity!”
How can it be that these bankers have no humanity?

Can these people working for charities possibly know
pure c@nn@b!s oil cures skin cancer and not inform their own familes?

Tragedies, tragic comedies, welcome to Planet Properties.
They take from mother Earth, like “she wanted it, proper tease”.

NO! Yes… she wanted our LOVE
Not extraction of her oil with no thanks above.

Work to pay rent, not a miserable day to prevent
losing your four walls and your roof but there was never proof

that you’d get another job. Or that you’d keep the job you have.
Or that a tornado won’t won’t come and take your roof to Yugoslav.

Or that an earthquake won’t shake your four walls to the ground.
Or that after 40 years of working there’d be no pensions to be found.

Play, play, pay rent, but nothing can prevent
the age of separation coming to reconcilliation.

From a very silly ancient tribe of court jester troubadours,
the wisest tend to be the silliest, never always truly yours.

Use ancient methods to spread new ideas…
like using poetry to spread torsion field zero point technology.

And use new methods to spread old ideas…
like using Hip-Hop to spread torsion field zero point technology.

Use new methods to spread old ideas…
Be love, why not?

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

You are now flying air-Ayurveda, please fasten your seatbelt and prepare for lucid clarity. You may feel some turbulence as previous years of processed food are evacuated in an ayahuasca-like purge. To your left you can see the ayurvedic root aswaganda, it may amuse you to learn that it’s name directly translates to ‘horse-power’. “More Brami please!”

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

by Kevin El Poeta on Tuesday, 22 March 2011 at 19:49
forever frolicking in fields of fun under fairy trees with fantabulous fairies

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

Gracias Amigo, Merci Ami
by Kevin El Poeta on Monday, 21 February 2011 at 18:57

Previously approachin heartbroken, at night the dark omen
was replaced by optimistic optimum mysticism.

Two UFOs fly by night by Sirius, indefinite.
Definitely unidentified by two witnesses.

Turn fragments of the heart into an island of pleasure
Let friends walk in sunlight or moonlight in leisure.

From Nepal to the island of the Goddess Tanit,
be blessed beyond measure
as I was blessed with a friendship that I’ll treasure forever.

Gracias Amigo, Merci Ami

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

yes yes, everyt’ing get blessed
but when tings got dark I had a special request.
“please just send me some good vibes and don’t ask me why.”
I just wanted to feel the love without bad vibes to express.

Nice synchro – my father said, “It’s
better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness”
A chinese proverb, Amnesty Internationals motto, and once stolen
by me and used as the last line to one of my poems,
when I’m flowin I’ve been know to go in and say “Real MCs don’t rap,
in fact we visually sculpt we’re artists, not mindless thugs, our minds are sharpest,
…it’s better to light a candle… than to curse the darkness”
My pop had no idea I had appropriated that line for Hip-Hop
loads of years before he posted the quote above his worktop.
Tails was right in, I know he’s ready for freedom fightin,
I’m liking Kari’s flex of simple kisses and xs,
Fabia shared the waist coat respect, it remains dope respect,
the tailored effect, belive this, big up each and every seamstress,
midnight poetry type of keeness, I guess I need this, like I needed
nuuff luv & guidance from the most high, bless Lars,
terrafirm born, but souls came from the stars,
here’s a random fact – there are pyramids on Mars.
Dream warrior, forgotten battles in the Astral
Seratonin from the cacao got my aura growin.
crystal healing vibes, turning the tides,
mis-quote AntArma, cos I’m learning “the light
dances with the dark after they finish the battle”
Illuminati nazis will never treat me like cattle.
Enter Keele crew, Sheena, original Staffs team, her
words of “Rainbow sparkly lovin vibes” brought “Big smiles” to the dreamer.
Keele crew Tim tells me exactly what I needed to hear
“It will all come good. Trust in faith n love.” Heaven yeah!
Linda Emslie, always a good reflection for my creation, I get a healthy
big up frequently, so triple x “xxx” is all she has to tell me.
Sandra joined the army “Sending good vibes” my way
So I reflect that vibe, thanks, you brightened my day.
So much love, could I fathom, gratitude Helen Adams
for “love love love love love!” Not just from Heaven above
But all around, open up, so profound “Good vibes winging
from heart and mind “So many beautiful words so kind.
Hope Von Joel brought Hope, “Gooooooooood vibes” and sunshine”
If you’re ever down try requesting good vibes sometime!
Nicola brought more “♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥”
My mouth – her raw chocolate? Fits like a glove!
happy shining scattered golden stars all over me…
spin in them? If you insist! but I’m still sober, see?
Shana brought a rhyme, so I take a backseat this time,
and let the goddess shine her words divine
“Sendin good vibes to kev the bard n his tribes,
don’t need no bribes, just peace n love to imbibe!
Bless Up!” That’s the operation, that’s the mission,
But I’m not a missionary, just a man with a vision,
Bless Up! That’s not a task it’s a path.
Saving the world by havin a laugh.
Gratitude to Tasha for Transmitting “Happiness, contentment
and laughter… long summer days spent
on the earth frolicking with flickering,
faerie fire beings bringing wild dreams
and implanting creative ideas.” Man, I’m loving my team.
Nah, I’m loving OUR team, we’re all the boss of course
May we ALL “drink the sweet nectar from source.”
Is it getting hot in here like Nelly?
Nah chi gung just broguht me fire in the belly
Melanie keeps it profound but simple when she’s telling me
“ommmmm” the universe hums til we resonate transcending the
Duality, is this a sermon? No, wait!
Get back to the gratitude, thank you Jo Stait!
Thank you Daisy, happy days wake up in a happy daze,
life’s a wonder of amazement from star-light to the basement,
cheers for the good vibes when I was needin em,
pleasant words raise the vibe each time I’m reading em 😉
Leah, a true believer in good vibes as standard procedure.
“all I really need is a friend” “WHOOP WHOOP” that’s the sound of the Teacha
Mike Stanton… you better believe
I got X amounta love for you for more than your keys!
As Mr Waples hangs in balance lighting incence
I look forward to the creation of more inspiration – intense.
Allen Pay, Man I’m sayin we ain’t pullin no punches
Bringers of a New Dawn munchin super-food lunches.
“a positive future is loading” into the mainframe
Reality’s had an upgrade, it’s time to change game.
Danny no-shoes, Danny no bullshizzle, On the rizzle,
some of my most magical moments were with you, and we’ll have more in a bizzle 😉
X amount of love to Natalie Santana, yes I thank ya.
I’m not a gangbanger in a bandana with bad grammar
I guess I’m just a poet with a Hip-Hop flow with
Gratitude, appreciation and a compulsion to show it.
Love to spark the vibe with Dub Mark
Without him Dub Rubrevolution wouldn’t make it’s contribution
Yes pain is a passing cloud…
like the venue in London I’m long over due a party at now.
Yes Jo Smith. cooler runnings than jamaicans in a bobsled
or Bob sleighs, One heart like Bob said, one heart like Bob says.
rainbow lion pierce the heavens like Simon with perfect vibes n
perfect beats, perfect rhymes, perfect timing
Gratitude to Nicky, I’m sure I felt the good vibes when they hit me
No shame in quoting Bob again, when it hits you feel no pain.
Yes yes Zoot, yes brother!
Hilarious dude and fellow sacred geo lover.
Carl Youri, for sure he’s a pro good vibe spreader
I surely would love a conversation over a cup of your tea 😉
LeoOOOOOOonie, multi-talented bundle of joy
“love love love” aww she introduced me to so much music I enjoy.
Ya done know we’re turning those tides
More Keele crew, yes George – “Badger vibes”
Shamanic experiences in Keele Woods, chatting with trees feels good
but on the rugby fields we found the real goods 😉
Silvana “All the best for you!” and all the best for all now
May all being in all worlds be happy, quote the bodhisattva vow.

Awww Hannah, I know ya had a fab time, gettin the
project in the air in South America, so much love I’m sendin ya.
Yo habla muy poquito espanol, pero apriendo.
Amor, and more amor and multiply that ten-fold!
“mucho mass infinito abundante”? You must be psychic 😉
Lakshmi, Ganesh and my higherself took care of abundance, I like it.
Zahra yet another frequent reflection of my creative injections
into realitys artery spreading love and laughs with me
Enormous gratitude Frances, I’m taking no chances,
I’m grateful for all of you! that’s why I had to start this!
I don’t know when I started, but it’s nearly half six
and that’s in the morning. and it’s straight from the heart this
time, EACH time, SO much love for Gaea
“Play me your song, you know my favourite one” around a fire 🙂
Vashti passed me “good vibes, blessings and sunshine
be thine”, and be yours, all for the cause
Of synergy with all beings in all dimensions
balance and harmony, release the tensions.
Honestly Subconsious MC, may the dark clouds float below
your plane and if you ever feel pain it may never be the same
but then no two clouds alike, but they can each bring rain
but we transcend guilt and we transcend pain.
and then again the solution may just be the same.
Ask your friends for good vibes, and watch your perspective change.
I’m known for spreading joy but used to be known to moan!
Dena’s gifts of appreciation mirror earlier gifts of moonstone.
My favourite crystals have been known to have at least two tones,
Labradorite, silver-sheen or gold-sheen obsidian, I’m feelin em.
Was up late with my mans dem rappin all night
Now it’s 20 to 7am, and their nappin wrapped up tight.
I hope I read this back and say, “damn that was alright.”
Oh, and big up the tribe that’s rocking Labradorite.

Gratitude for the good vibes requested…
and for honouring my request to not ask me why.

Honestly, who ever really knows the reason why we cry?

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

Plans Change
by Kevin El Poeta on Saturday, 29 January 2011 at 11:30
Seems to be a big vibe of “plans changing” recently.

Someone once told me the following joke,
‘How do you make God laugh? Tell him your plans!’ In fact I don’t think it’s a modern joke, I think it might be a Sufi saying.

Anyway, breathe in, accept the changes and ride the waves. Easier said than done, but I believe it’s true and I’m going through it. Plans are always about the future, a future which is infinite possibilities, and they are always based on the lessons of the past, a past which is different from your present and your future and which we always have incomplete information from. I am not saying that plans are a bad thing, for most of us in modern western society plans seem a necessary part of putting food on the table. But I am saying that attachment to these plans may be perceived as not particularly beneficial compared to being content with the present and content with the ebb and flow. Within the tao.

I’m not one for limiting my possibilities by giving all my power to gurus, astrologers, or the stars, but I do enjoy checking current trends with astrological aspects. Here is an astrological perspective on the coming months…….html

Inner peace on your journey, especially when the road makes unexpected turns.

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

More Hip-hop verses hiding in the ‘drafts’ section of my phone.

Back in London (home is where I lay my hat)

I’m back in London, karma’s improved dude,
now I do yogic breathing – pranayama – on the tube.

Gon see my brother in South Ruislip for at least an hour I’m wit
fam then I’ll quickly find out which nightbus I’ll get

to real MCs with whom I’ll spit after midnight kid.
London’s gully… I don’t need to be reminded.

Hoods up there’s a reason they call the native music grime it’s
…the grimey city but with Angels shining with me.

Can’t let sickly crackhead thugs see my light ’til the right time,
Hoods up, but chin up, show no fear at night time.

Even when my…
(Lines edited and censored too hot for facebook!)
…to stay in the city amazin

Couldn’t embarrass my upwardly mobile mother by busking or squatting
locally, I bounced to Bristol and expressed myself vocally.

In Bristol, city of circus schools, artists, producers,
But loads of my mates and brederin take too much ketamine.

I won’t be judgmental, just mental, love Bristol’s
munters who love raves as well as hippies who love lentils.

I can’t compare cities, dynamic, individual
But too many Londoners are just superficial.

I love both cities but maybe soon they’ll have their day as
I’ll probably watch Babylon fall from the Himalayas…

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

Gemin I n Iwareness

I’m not a mobster, I’m the nice guy… but watch the
Pixie spit the truth and rock da mic like a MONSTER!

I’d tell you bout my flow, you already know, speaks for itself
I’m seeking health, yeah, I’ll hug a tree and speak with elves.

I’ve done it for heart and spirit that’s still the path but I’m seeking da wealth,
but not before the love and chi and feeling well, pause…

cos breathing helps, my skill with transmutation makes your confrontation
masturbation cos you’re only beating yourself.

Like heat seeking stealth missiles I’m blowing up like tissues,
I help Hip-Hop grow up and stop seeking issues.

We’ve all got ‘isms, ‘noias and ‘enias though,
we’re all perfect even though I’m not feelin ya flow.

“I’ve already made it…” like Dub FX
I love this game loves me like the sane love the sex.

I won’t get troubled or vex, yo you can double your bets,
KPs a Gemini, so he’s a couple of vets.

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

Random Hip-hop verses hiding in the ‘drafts’ section of my phone. More to come…

Go In and Go Hard
(the moon-roof in Bordeaux)

Lovin it,
Sober days, I know the haze of silver and purple
but now I’ve got the energy and will to quickly hurdle

over challenges, leave end of level bosses wearing bandages
psychics monitoring shout out “HOW DOES HE HANDLE THIS?!”

Nothing can stop me now, I’m the hot heat, wow!
I’m the Lockheed BLAOW! …pacifist activist!

Staring at the moon through the moon roof on the way to Bordeaux,
A decade ago I was already over your flow.

Like a pure yogi baba I’m just chillin til I’m Loch Ness spittin,
Attractin abundance, pockets fillin’.

They’re feelin this hot ish in Sirius cos I stand in my purpose,
I walk my path cos anything less is worthless.

Best friends on planet Earth best… raps in the universe.
I’m a wizard, not a warlock, I wouldn’t know who to curse.

But I know who to bless, everyone and everyt’ing.
It doesn’t come from me, it’s true, the sun is the King.

Heavenly father but Earth’s the mother, that’s what provides,
I just still my mind so I can feel their vibes!

Galactic Central sends me updates and upgrades,
Ever since I was a kid I could never trust fakes!

True hallucinations, True Romance, na, not Rome,
Not the Vatican, no need to battle ’em, too advanced.

That foods full of chemicals, we’re not usin’ yer drugs
and extra-terrestrials are switching off your nuclear subs!

(if you think I’m crazy Google every word I say G, I make sure I do my research so those fools can never play me)

* ** *** ***** ******** *************

Just Flowing / Yabba Dabba Do

Y’all know about me, I’ll flow about three rhymes
at the same time – I’m flowing quite deep,

two modes sleep – or explode he may not seem lively,
most likely just preparing to explode on mic’s, see?

Satisfied indeed I rap and host my own show
“stay humble, don’t boast”, showing of my own flow.

I rest attachment but don’t rest on my laurels,
I reserve judgement but don’t press on my morals,

He probably won’t stop even after he’s got the
field of hemp for a healthy body and a sexy hotty.

Love’s all I quested to find but let’s manifest a field
of Jah bless the mind, now that’s dope press rewind!

Chorus ?
Don’t you ever, ever try to tell me what to do,
You’ll make a monster out of me, I’ll make a monkey out of you
Don’t you ever, ever try to tell me what to do,
You can yadder yadder chat ’bout while I yabba dabba do!

When it comes to spreading one love you won’t find a phatter crew,
One love to the heart chakra, vein, artery and clavicle.
When it comes to spreading good vibes you won’t find a madder few,
You can yadder yadder chat ’bout while I yabba dabba do!

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