The Hawkwood Hustle (Ode to Group 17)




I learned so much about Steiner, and myself – it’s worth reflecting.
Extremely inspiring, people admiring,
I wasn’t expecting to become addicted to felting
Or to share songs and hear harmonies that had my heart melting
I wasn’t expecting to be good at felting
Encouraged, soul nourished, all eagerly helping.
Penelope Wildgoose, what an inspiration,
We dropped our inhibitions and sang for the congregation
Marianne and Katie, what a double-act duo.
If you’ve ever experienced that combo, well you know.
So inspired I was often awake just after dawn,
With thoughts of lanolin from wool moisturising our hands in the morn.
Hawkwood House, yeah I’m sad to be leaving, but I won’t be grieving,
Now I have memories and lessons of wool fibre teasing.
I praise Marianne for her enthusiasm and encouragement
As I praise the Hawkwood Chef for the flavours and the nourishment.
The only boy, a city-boy no less, so terrified of judgement,
But by the end, one family, I’ve already got love for them.
Not just inspired but informed, I’d explain what I meant
But it’s hard to express emotional growth and self development
Through art. But throughout I was learning,
My soul was changing in a crucible burning.
Graeme – what a legend! So much info right off the top
Of his head, no need for notes, and I know that he wouldn’t stop
Unless we interrupted him with increasingly esoteric
Questions and he answered them all with grace much to his credit.
But not just information, let’s get back to inspiration.
From learning to felt to singing, painting, even blessed oration.
From Speech with the charming Sibylle to the movement of Eurythmy
I look forward to seeing the growth of the lessons I take with me.
My state school put me off visual art for nearly two decades,
So for getting me to paint again, I send much praise to Dave.
I found myself laughing with the sheer joy of being creative.
Disappearing in the woods again, “I think he’s ‘gone native.’”
And do I list the synchronicities? Three students each
Sat at the table each in possession of a rose quartz crystal
I’d met our singing workshop facilitator Wildgoose’s niece
in Falmouth and also met her half-brother in Bristol.
On the third day I discovered one of my friends from the Buddhist Centre
In Bristol, my friend Dom was living at Hawkwood what a surprise that morning!
Dom from the Buddhist Centre had been sleeping in the woods
Making yurts in Stroud and sleeping at Hawkwood under tarpaulin.
Reflections? You’re all reflections and those reflections
are beautiful AND gorgeous, no apologies, but mentions
That I’m here because I value creativity, spirit, love and art.
And it’s another synchronous tale to remind me to keep following my heart.
So I thank you all, teachers, students, organisers, cooks,
The cat, the trees, the sheep for wool, and more trees for the books.
I wish you all the best and look forward to more meetings.
Such an enriching path to embark on, what good company I’m keeping.
But to be honest, the light bulbs in The Hall are a tad dim.
That’s the only critique I have, the rest was all “win win”.
And it’s all for the children. That means everybody’s winning!
One of the most inspiring weeks of my life and this journey’s just beginning.
Just like teasing felt from wool, it’s like working hard yet meditative chilling.
Employing all my faculties; thinking, feeling, willing.
I guess that means you’ve got me…
Right by the spirit, soul and body.

(ps Thanks Lynne for the Egyptian Spiced Tea
Like the rest of the week it went down ever so nicely.)






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