#Corbyn vs the Media and the Snakes #ge17 – A brief history of the Media Lying About Corbyn and the Infilltration of real Labour with ‘New’ Labour aka Tory-lite.

Okay… I wrote the following. I have a good grasp of political history but I don’t own a TV or read newspapers so please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I reserve the right to delete the whole thing if it generates negativity.


As far as I can tell the media has been calling Corbyn a weak leader for years even though he’s a strong leader with alot of support, so that has become the public perception.

AND it’s extra confusing because he has the core values of ‘original’ Labour, socialism which is essentially sharing, but he does have conflict within his party from the people who came in with and since Tony Blair in the 90s. But Tony Blair basically had Tory values, and snuck them into ‘New’ Labour so the conflict is unfair.

And on top of that none of the parties have a consensus on Brexit. The Tories are the only party apart from UKIP that want 100 percent to get out so all the other parties are confused about what they’d do if they won. Because none of the other main parties are 100 percent in or out and if we did decide to stay in Europe we’ve been so rude and obnoxious they’d probably tell us to fuck off. Essentially Theresa May seems to have

called an election because the press has done a good job of making all the other parties look weak and have literally lied about Corbyn‘s lack of support.


He doesn’t have support in his own party because it got infiltrated by snakes and Thatcherites under Blair and New (fake) Labour. BUT he has loads of grassroots support from the actual public who turn up to his speeches and rallies and the thousands that joined Labour just to vote for him. So the lack of support is accurate in a way but he lacks support from people who supported the war criminal Tony Blair. BUT the weak leadership claim is a lie, it’s bullshit cos a weak leader would have run away from the snakes, the lying media, and the attacks on everything from his cheap suit (🤔) to his front garden (🤔) years ago.


On another level though I’m fully confused about this. On at least 3 levels.

1 – if they count the votes does it matter because most people are manipulated by The Sun to vote Murdoch’s way. Is your vote gonna make a difference among the millions of manipulated sheep?
2 – how much are the strings pulled behind the scenes early? Labour didn’t win for years until it was New Labour and Tony Blair was leader – and he pushed Thatcher’s Tory agenda.
3 – the illusion, on the most extreme side of the conspiracy theories – do they even count the votes at all or is it all a scam?
4 – on the personal integrity level – does voting make me complicit in a system I fundamentally disagree with to be governed by laws that are amoral and unfair? Or is not voting asking for it. Either way it feels like I’m saying “go ahead walk all over me”. Basically I think the whole system has to change on such a fundamental level that the only practical way to do what I think needs to be done is start a new political party, AND a new religion, and stand for office based on principles of love and unity and say the sort of things that will either get me killed or sectioned. Just voting might not be enough for me.

BUT Tory austerity is killing people.
If all of us vote and nothing changes, then we know for sure. Then we can consider a revolutionary change of tactics.


Basically beyond voting I think the best thing you can do for the planet is move somewhere your taxes do not support austerity and war and live a life more sustainably as an example of a positive alternative, I dunno, maybe grow some olive trees and agave trees and collect spring water.


Okay, I haven’t ranted like this for months. Partly because I have a job now but i’m on half term. Partly because an election was declared and that always takes me out of enjoying the now and into indulging in the story.
I will continue to educate from my perspective but you vote for who you want, I don’t want to know what you’re doing. And it’s far too sunny to argue on Facebook.
At the end of the day it’s still be the change. If I stay in this country I’ll either have to start a new political party or a new religion so I can stop paying taxes into a system that robs from the poor to give to the rich (austerity and NHS destruction) and spends those taxes on bombing brown children for oil and gas (we shouldn’t still be using) while refusing to allow refugees from the countries we’ve destabilised for oil and gas.
But I’m not currently earning enough to leave realistically. So I’ll stop telling people what to do while I work out how to be the change I want to see.
Rather than bitching and spreading my frustration it may be more beneficial to simply express the truth as I see it and remind you – it’s sunny outside xxx





An Orange on an Apple Tree

Ever feel like an orange on an apple tree? But then you meet a pear on the apple tree and they’re not the same but they know how it feels to be different? Then you meet a satsuma and they’re a bit more like you but still not the same. Then even the apples start congratulating you for articulating the fact that you feel like a weirdo. But none of them knows how it feels to be you, to feel isolated.
But then you look again and it’s not even an apple tree, none of these fruits are apples. They’re all unique fruits. But then, even though you were brave enough to say “I’m not an apple” you were never quite brave enough to say “and this isn’t a fuckin apple tree”.

On an emotional level I’m not best suited to function in modern western society, for a start I care about other people. But nobody is, capitalism fosters stress and depression across the board, the people who function best in it are emotionally neutered. Whether or not I would function better in a time when poets were respected as bards, or in a country that supports it’s arts and artists is another question. I’m coping better now than ever. But that’s partly because I realise that I don’t have to hate myself for not fitting into boxes. Cos I’m not a robot that fits the boxes the system designed for me, I’m an individual and the system is not the perfect economic or political system it pretends to be. I’m not an apple and this is not even an apple tree.

It’s been a while since I was ranting on facebook at half one in the morning, I sleep better with a job and a girlfriend but I’m ill so I’m being emotional / creative at half one in the morning again. Don’t act like you don’t love it ya plums, satsumas and pears, I know you do.

A philosophical review of the 2016 US Election – or “Grab ’em by the pussy” said the President of the USA. Wow. (But Hillary’s a corrupt monster so it was Godzilla vs Mothra from the start)

“Grab ’em by the pussy” said the President of the USA. Wow. (But Hillary’s a corrupt monster so it was Godzilla vs Mothra from the start)


Election results. Business as usual. We have always been ruled by racist, sexist thieves and liars. It’s that way in England too, we’ve just been a little more quiet about it until Brexit gave some of them balls which public opinion soon neutered. They’re still out there.

Well it was monster vs monster, Godzilla vs Mothra, outward racist and pussy grabber vs closet racist and possible Satanic corporate whore so there was never a happy ending if you bought into that story at all. I didn’t. However now you know how many Americans would vote for someone who publicly held those fascist views rather than just how many Americans would be tricked into voting for someone who secretly holds those fascist views. So that’s a win for disclosure and honesty at the very least.

But for the most part, business as usual. I’m not even sure Trump wanted to be President, he walked up to that podium like “really?”

I mean anyone who knows a little about this election knows Trump is quite possibly insane, said “I just grab em by the pussy,” and claimed he’d build a wall to keep out the Mexican immigrants. But anyone who knows more about this election knows Hillary was behind her husband on policies that disproportionately locked black people up, voted against gay rights, is up for war with China, Russia and whoever, has several federal cases due to her general corruption and lies, lies, lies.

But she’s a politician. For some weird reason WE EXPECT OUR POLITICIANS TO LIE. Why do we do that? I don’t expect my bus driver to lie. Or a teacher. Or a dentist. Why is it okay that the people who run our nations are known liars? How does that change? A lying politician is… business as usual.

Instead of asking who should win perhaps people should have been asking “why is this our only choice?” I mean, in a country with millions of people, some of them brilliant, the best we can come up with is a reality TV star WITH NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE and a woman with federal cases (who may or may not also be a Satanic pedo, but aren’t they all)? David Icke must be writing “I told you so” on all the facebook walls he can find by now.

People ignoring articles that say Hillary used money from an aid charity to pay for a wedding. Ignoring the fact that she wants war, that’s thousands of lives on the line. Ignoring her history of not supporting gay rights. Ignoring the truth because it’s ugly and at least she hasn’t been as obviously dark-side as Trump. Really? We’re still in this duality game? It’s either him or her so I’m taking her? Really? Not asking “why is it only those two now”? Heard of Jill Stein? Of course most people haven’t, because we only know what the mainstream media wants us to know which is – business as usual.

Even Alex Jones barely mentioned Jill Stein and only mentioned Bernie Sanders when he became a target for supporting Hillary. The so-called alternative media was often as shallow and one-sided as the mainstream media.

So, at least the activists know what the problem is now. So, at least the rest of the world know how easily manipulated America is. But I don’t see England demanding proportional representation so we have more than two choices either, I just see England voting for people who take our rights away. We can’t act superior when we didn’t even vote for Theresa May and we have to sit with whatever decisions she makes cos we DID VOTE FOR DAVID CAMERON. I still remember the discussions I had with pro-Cameron people. They didn’t believe that he was a cold hearted liar who doesn’t care about old people, young people, gay people, poor people or people in general. They thought he would deliver his promises. Enjoy free health care and benefits while you can. Activists have ALWAYS known what the problem was. They call us crazy until they threaten to give the NHS to companies the Tories have shares in or until the e-mails proving Hillary Clinton was colluding with the media come out then we say “I told you so” and they say “yeah, you were right”, then we say “let’s do something about it” and they say “yeah, but it’s cold outside and I want to watch the football.” Business as usual.

…what an amazing time we live in… perhaps we should have rebelled when the Tories threatened to give our NHS to corporations they have shares in. I have no faith in humanity’s ability to point it’s anger in the right direction. Trump blamed Mexicans, Farage and Cameron blamed European immigrants and this moronic planet ate it all up. Meanwhile the bankers and politicians get rich while thousands of fuckwits chant “America” and thousands of English people look down at America as if we’re any better. Theresa May doesn’t care for immigrants or lesbians any more than Trump does (and we didn’t even get to vote for her) and Hillary is probably just as racist and prejudiced so why we’re so outraged that the most honest asshole out of the assholes got elected is the big question here to be honest. Hillary voted against gay rights in the past and the Clinton regime locked up more black people than ever before. Maybe we should have been armed with torches and pitchforks years ago but the election result today just proves how stupid and racist a large part of America always has been. We in England are not much better.

Business as usual. We have always been ruled by racist, sexist thieves and liars. Occasionally we get a woman who can’t wait to prove she’s just as ruthless as the men. I will continue telling people we are ruled by thieves and liars until that changes. Business as usual.

Okay, that’s the business as usual part over (for now.) I’m done whinging, do we have solutions? Well in order to have an answer we need to know the question…

Is America full of racists, or is it just full of easily manipulated people who blamed money problems on Mexican immigrants instead of bankers and politicians?
Is England full of racists, or is it just full of easily manipulated people who blamed money problems on European immigrants instead of bankers and politicians?

You think an election makes that much difference? Obama didn’t close Guantanamo Bay did he? That was in his election campaign.

The people REALLY in charge are still in charge, were in charge before the election and will be after. Most of the easily manipulated here will vote for whoever The Sun tells them to vote for.

The problem is too many people are easily manipulated. All I want are answers to that question – how do we empower people to be less easily manipulated?

If you can’t answer that – relax. I’ll be making music and spreading love but warn me if you start a violent revolution – so I can get the hell out the country and make music and spread love somewhere not having a civil war.

Zen saying. Before enlightenment – chop wood and fetch water. After enlightenment – chop wood and fetch water.

Kev saying. Before election – make music, spread love. After election – make music, spread love (and also make love and spread music)



I will never make enough music talking about the political system or the banking system to change everybody’s mind and get them to change the world banking system or give us actual proportional representation in elections. I will never write enough blog posts. I will never post enough facebook statuses.
People will see the symptoms. They will see war. They will see famine. They will see how hard it is to find a job.
But will they get to the roots of the problem? Will they change the monetary system or the political system so the vast abundance on this planet gets shared?
Or will they listen to more fun music and read more fun articles and blame immigrants, and whoever The Sun and the politicians tell them to blame?
If I had a billion pounds for ad campaigns about banks and politicians, billboards, television, and to promote music and books on the subject – it would still be a boring subject.
I am surrounded by good people who care, and for that I am grateful. But beyond that circle of legends and lovelies I’m surrounded by people who either voted for Trump (or would have) or people who don’t realise Hillary Clinton would have been up for World War 3 next week. People who happily accept the narrative weve been given, “it’s a two party system, these are your choices.” Fuck that, fuck this, fuck them.

I accept nothing. None of this at all. I didn’t ask for these leaders, I didn’t ask for these laws and I didn’t ask for my birth certificate. I didn’t draw a single line on a single border and nobody asked me. Nobody asked ANY of us if we wanted to be led by Theresa May. I don’t know if I’m lucky that I can see the bullshit for the bullshit or if I’m cursed. Well I’m cursed if I let it upset me. This is the way it’s always been, at least I’m surrounded by good people who care, and for that I am grateful.

ps Addendum 2

Okay. I could get depressed. Actually not cos Trump won. But because sssooo many manipulated people think something has changed, think Hillary isn’t also a corrupt monster, and because sssooo many manipulated people blamed EU immigrants here in England the same way they blamed Mexicans in the USA and people can’t see the games being played. It all seems so damn obvious to me. We are always led by thieves and liars and we only get two thieving liars to choose from. Think bigger, the whole system is corrupt and unworkable, this is not the best we can come up with.

Okay, banking and politics are boring. So of course people would rather watch sports and soap operas than find out for sure that banks and politicians are robbing them every day, and sending them to unnecessary wars for unnecessary resources for profit. Unfortunately that means immigrants and refugees get blamed for the lack of jobs and money. Am I supposed to accept that? No, I am supposed to fight a battle I know I will lose.

Alright then. I shall not get depressed. I’m here to spread inspiration and information. I may never inspire and inform enough people to stop war forever. I mean I technically SHOULD. It’s not hard to work out there’s enough for everyone to share without the greed of banks and politicians, it’s obvious when you look at the way things actually work.

BUT banking and politics are boring. So of course people would rather watch sports and soap operas than find out for sure that banks and politicians are robbing them every day. I try to make it more interesting, with the occasional joke or sick flows and fat beats. But Jeremy Kyle is more entertaining than that apparently and he blames benefits scroungers and immigrants. I’d love to see a banker and a politician on the Jeremy Kyle show. “So you, you rotten piece of work, destroyed a whole African country by manipulating the price of diamonds. And YOU KNEW ALL ALONG. Ya nasty piece of work, is this where our taxes are going? To you too scum bags?” Get em Jeremy. But no. It’ll take all the ayahuasca in the world down Jeremy Kyle’s scrawny neck to see that. Yes. I’ve been writing ranty statuses all morning, 3 hours. I’m gonna take my own advice now – make music, spread love. Cos banking and politics are boring.


Thank you Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, KRS-One and Ice Cube for bringing me up in an era when it was actually cool to actually rebel.

(Shout out to J Cole and Kendrick and Killer Mike for occasionally saying stuff now and shout out to Talib Kweli and Immortal Technique for carrying the torch inbetween and continuing since.)

But RATM (and the lyric sheet inside) changed alot of hearts and minds in the 90s.

ps So my advice for the first step to reverse the (illusions of) polarities and change some vibrations is to play Avalon Roots album really loud today (the lyrics are positive but aware and even more poignant today.) Failing that sharpen your pitchfork and wake me when the revolution starts… so I can get the hell out the way and build a better world elsewhere 😉 )


(after that listen to my new album, Metal Monkey on Fire, cos it’s bangin and full of truths like the stuff you just read above.)



LOVE AND UNITY – Post Brexit backlash, safety in the #safetypin and thank Heavens above for #‎postreflove‬

The elite use the media to divide and conquer
Leaving us with solutions to ponder 

Divide and conquer only works if we let it
The system is imperial even when it’s metric

One planet, one air we breathe no separation
Regardless of class and regardless of nation.

While immigrants get blamed for our financial situation
instead of blaming bankers and politicians they blame immigration.

And blame immigrants for terrorism instead of Tony Blair
– an illegal war killed thousands of women and children over there.

If we fight with each other we’re just fake victims of a fake system
manipulated in to fanning the flames of racism.

Paradox said “The puppet show is far from over” 
I said sometimes catharsis comes when you’re far from sober.

I had my strings pulled til I was attacking every Brexit voter
When just the day before I said either way we’re ruled by a provoker.

But Paradox reminded me of The Manufacture of Consent by Noam Chomsky
The predicatable manipulation by the media, Emil Blonksy

Is less of an abomination, Archons ruling each nation
but we rule ourselves so rest, your thoughts and emotions change with patience

Paradox said “People have ALWAYS voted based on media propaganda, 
self interest and fear.” Maybe every voter’s a gambler.

He added that our conditionings’s so all encompassing 
it’s absurd 
to be expecting progressing or justice from people voting while they’re stressing.

Not everyone who voted leave is led by racism…
And not every one who voted to stay isn’t…

One planet, one air we breathe no separation
Regardless of class and regardless of nation.

While immigrants get blamed for our financial situation
instead of blaming bankers and politicians they blame immigration.

I need to stop arguing the blame, find solutions with patience…
We need peace, love, unity and education.


{UNFINISHED but it could all be irrelevant within a day or two at the rate things are changing so here’s version 1…}

(Chris Paradox you get quoted, but it’s slightly out of context, I can rewrite it so you don’t.)



This morning (28th June 2016) due to all the post-referendum racist attacks the hash tag ‪#‎postrefracism‬ was trending. But this afternoon in retaliation the hashtag ‪#‎postreflove‬ was trending sharing images and stories of multicultural tolerance and acts of kindness. SPREAD LOVE PEOPLE.

Beyond that – not everybody who voted out is a racist. Some of them were well informed activists who want to see power decentralised and I can see their point. But they’re point was hijacked by racists and ignorant people.

Anyway, so much more I could say, did say and deleted. Spread love people, divide and conquer only works if we let it.

One planet, one air we breathe, no separation.


Solution-based thinking. ‪#‎postreflove‬

So finding blame and finger pointing is a pretty pointless process, but you need to get to the roots of the problems to solve them. How can we communicate the truth of love and unity over the lies of fear, and divide and conquer. What am I on about?
Well mainly the fact that immigrants have been blamed for the country’s financial issues when politicians and banks have imposed austerity and the tax avoided by corporations could have paid for the NHS many times over.
So my question is how do we communicate this idea to the manipulated masses? How do we communicate the truth to more people than The Sun and The Mail can communicate propaganda? I’m serious, a ‘zine, a blog, a national newspaper? Short and simple memes? Can we get it down to a catchy couple of sentences and/or a simple image we can all share? Do we need a crowdfunder to pay for leaflets and/or billboards?
Democracy is great yeah, but if the population is misinformed, manipulated, and straight lied to how do they know what to vote for? Which begs a bigger question – is there a better political system or do we just have to accept that a significant portion of the population is racist. How far are we from the Nazis if we simply accept that?
Consciousness is evolving. I have to believe we can do better than racism, trusting politicians who have been proven to lie to us and trusting mainstream newspapers who have been proven to lie to us. Any ideas? Information is spreading faster than ever before. But those who seek to control have a headstart in spreading information. How do those who seek the benefit of all catch up? Any ideas?
Personally I write raps. I write poems. I write blogs. I write rants on facebook. I try to change the world one heart at a time. But things feel intense right now and right now that doesn’t feel like it does enough fast enough. Maybe that’s the limited perception of my ego, maybe I’m playing my role and this is the way things have always been and will always be. The rich get richer and use the media to divide and conquer. Maybe I’m arrogant to think I know better, maybe I’m deluded to think WE can do better. But I have to believe we can do better than racism, trusting politicians who have been proven to lie to us and trusting mainstream newspapers who have been proven to lie to us. I have to believe we can communicate facts that promote love over lies that promote fear.


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 04.16.39

The EU Referendum. I have just one question… #referendum #eu #eureferendum #politics #brexit

Is there an option on the referendum to abolish all government and borders and give the power to local democratically elected councils unless they agree to redirect all military forces from mass murder to secure or defend unnecessary non renewable resources to instead plant trees and build sustainable energy infrastructure, replace all nuclear with solar and hydro, force corporations to pay tax to pay for the NHS and raise NHS staff wages, give every citizen a basic income and the option of free therapy and/or medicine ceremonies which could easily be funded by slicing bankers bonuses in half, legalise and regulate everything so addicts see doctors not dealers (without heinous tax) and subsidise the arts? So the immense wealth which could save humanity from extinction and save the western world from debt induced depression and/or insanity could be redistributed in a sane and compassionate manner?
Or nah?
In other news I’m slightly undecided because I don’t know if I want to be led by the turd sandwich or the douchebag… I’m aware the EU is a step towards the New World Order but then again, so are the Tories…
Exalt yourself, the truth is every day we govern ourselves. You decide whether to be of of service and whether to be thankful when you wake up tomorrow. The rest may be out of our control no matter what the labels.
This may help you decide…

Are You In Or Out?

Take the test

Help us factcheck the EU Referendum

Am I just ‘over’ politics? Kinda. For now (think of a catchier title later. Maybe.)

“write inebriated, edit sober” {paraphrasing?}

I’m not sure if I’m cynical about politics, or frustrated, or fed up, or if I’m just more at ease and therefore don’t feel like everybody’s got to agree with me anymore. Maybe a little bit of all of the above.
I was recently advised that cynicism can be a defence mechanism in which you deny your truth for a safer existence of low expectations. I don’t want to deny my truth.
I was also advised that not being inclined to engage in politics could be well deserved recovery time from over indulgence, like when your body gives you flu to force you to relax for a few days. I certainly had a time when over indulgence in conspiracy theory, and lest we forget well documented and admitted conspiracy facts, resulted in a period of abstinence from politics, mainstream media and/or conspiracy documentaries. 

Perhaps it is what it is and that’s all it’s been and all it ever will be. Perhaps the people best suited to lead don’t want to lead, and the people who want power are exactly the people who wield power selfishly and rich have always helped the rich get richer and the poor have always changed culture from the bottom up and that’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s been and that’s the way it will be and that’s the way it’s meant to be. Perhaps. Perhaps things will change and humanity will evolve, everything’s always changing and everything is always evolving, but perhaps that change always maintains balance. “More things change the more they stay the same.”

It doesn’t matter if positive and negative will always be balanced, I play my role and it feels right to try to be part of a force for positive change. Even if positive and negative are merely points of view and I’m only trying to be positive from my limited perspective. Some say morality is based completely on culture and upbringing. Others say right and wrong are known inherently, that something deeper, perhaps our souls, knows what is right or wrong, what is moral.

I have stopped pretending to know the answer. I don’t want to deny my truth. I embrace my truth. I don’t know.

Why do you question the nature of reality?
Open gates to immortality,

focus on positive affirmations
may be denial, shine light on shadows for transformation.

Self hypnosis. Gnostic gnosis.
Notice the butterflys, dragon flys and locusts.

We’re all brothers and sisters from new age travellers
with horse drawn coaches, to stock brokers with chauffers.



Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.00.01

Do I Blame David Cameron?

Do I BLAME David Cameron? I see a system that raises man-children, that argue in the House of Commons in such an immature way that, honestly, no teacher would allow their students to behave. Shouting over each other, trading insults instead of policies. If you study politics you study the history of nations robbing each other and the ruling classes exploiting the poor. They probably think that’s ‘normal’, traditional even. Do I know what it’s like to be raised as part of the ruling class? Programmed since birth to believe you were born to rule? No, I don’t know what it’s like. But I’m human so I look for reasons and sometimes we look for blame, even though – who am I to lay blame?

Let me share something that may alter your perception.

My brother went to a public school (ironic that private schools are called public schools). I did not (he was clever and older so he got some kinda scholarship that I was probably not going to get and when asked I didn’t mind at all, I didn’t want to grow up with posh kids. They weren’t all posh and some of them are my friends now.)
Me and my school friends went to school with rucksacks. Cos they were practical bags. My brother and his school friends HAD to take briefcases to school in the sixth form. Because they were being groomed to take briefcases to work. Not rucksacks. Not tool-boxes (but plumbers earn bare cash these days.) Briefcases.

That’s just one level of programming, who knows what else happens in Bullingdon Boys clubs and maybe understanding and empathy will turn to full on sympathy if the reason Jimmy Saville was friends with all those Tories is because there is another level of abuse going on. Do I blame Cameron. Actually yes. But more fool me really, there’s probably nothing to blame but an insidious system of archonic control that is less powerful than any one of us and alot less powerful than all of us together. I know that I don’t know what experiences Cameron or his Tories have had that has taught them to live like this, I know from inquiry into the nature of my own mind that blame is a pointless endeavour compared to finding solutions. But I know that science says time is an illusion too yet I perceive time. Sometimes what I know and what I feel just don’t come together in a logical way.

Kicking David Cameron out won’t make much difference if he’s replaced by another Tory. Getting Corbyn in would make a huge difference but the difference would be bigger with proportional representation of the vote.

I like to visualise a world where Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders are the rulers of the (hahaha) Free World (and don’t get assassinated by the military industrial complex, world bank and/or fossil fuel interests).

So yeah, if I had a David Cameron pinata I might kick it’s inanimate papier mache head in. But what’s that got to do with the price of oil? Trick question.

I still see the issue is education. Educating people about politics so they can’t get tricked into voting for posh English Nazis again, but perhaps more importantly educating people in the nature of the mind / reality? So I do what I can, write songs, write facebook posts, write blogs. I still get angry that people have their heads in the sand. But the more you know the madder you get, ignorance is bliss – maybe I’m just jealous. Save the children.

So yeah, I kinda do blame David Cameron, his policies are based on a lie and so dangerously close to Nazi Germany it would make patriotic Englishmen shiver if they knew or understood (apart from the neo-Nazis). But it’s probably not his fault, and the blame comes from both the projection of a psychological need for a simple answer and the simple convention of having a figure head for a political party. But he’s just one head of the Hydra, that’s groomed, abused, then controlled by richer men who make money from war, banking, and oil. Is there a way to stop all that?

Stop fighting other countries for resources we don’t need? Seriously. Yeah, war makes money in and of itself, bullets cost money and we pay for them (enjoy your tax returns.) But wars for oil? While the sea levels are rising. It’s dumb. It’s so dumb. If I was an alien, I’d be like – “you guys are dumb.”

So Saint Nikolai Tesla (discovered wireless free electricity {documented fact but it was suppressed}), Saint Elon Musk (promoted electric cars and named the company Tesla after Nikolai) and Saint Paul Stamets, (the guy with the 6 ways Mushrooms Can Save The World Ted Talk here) can all get a round of applause for aiming for a better world and actually presenting solutions to the current problem of blowing each other up for things we don’t need. And I’ma throw myself in there too, I can get a round of applause for bigging them up, but I won’t call myself Saint cos I ain’t that arrogant.

So yeah, I kinda do blame David Cameron, but it’s probably not his fault. I’m gonna assume he was groomed and abused (no amount of vodka would make me screw a pig.) Let’s talk solutions. But if we’re not building guillotines can we at least kick him out?

ps (alot of people do blame David Cameron…) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTD4wZTDZrQ

pps okay, I’m done with politics for now. I’m gonna bounce and watch Archer, wipe my 3rd eye clean of this pig-fukry. BUT I’m not done waffling cosmic for the weekend, trust me, watch this outter/inner space.


oh yeah, the saints are marching in… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5x5qyaXX3Zc

…the saints are marching in… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3FjUbQgCaA

…Paul muhfuggin Stamets is marchin in! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XI5frPV58tY


I’m really done with politics for now. But if you’re not, if you’re in to conspiracy facts and want to win some arguments with some documented evidence, or if you just want to know what kinda effed up world you were born into – here it is. You’re welcome.