Carbon Tax, Climate Change, and REAL Solutions

In my humble opinion… We need to stop focussing on “climate change” and/or “carbon tax” and focus on pollution in general. I’m not an expert, I’ve just read and listened to people who claim to be experts and I have a cynical view that history and news seems to confirm time after time – 99% of politicians are motivated by their own financial gain. Sooo…

We need to stop tackling “climate change” and tackle “pollution” in general. 1 carbon is not the only pollutant killing us, and 2 carbon tax doesn’t even begin to solve the problem.
Phase out non renewable energy completely.
It’s the only solution.
Other reasons include it would shut up the climate change deniers. I actually believe in climate change, although the causes of climate change may be debatable, but that’s irrelevant – we need to tackle pollution in general and carbon tax will not solve anything. At all.
It is a shameful indictment of humanity and our obsession with capitalism and money that our solution is “tax carbon” rather than “stop doing the thing that is killing us all now and will probably flood coastal regions in the foreseeable future.” And it’s taken seriously? Smdh 🤦 


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