XR Extinction Rebellion – carbon tax, 5G, solar causes of climate change, and divide and conquer tactics…

I currently have mixed feelings. So if you’re either 100 percent behind XR or 100 percent against XR prepare to have your beliefs challenged. If you are emotionally developed enough to discuss other possible causes of climate change, infiltration of protest movements, cointel pro, spy cops AND why I think we should support XR at least for now even if it may be compromised – please continue.

Regardless of the intentions of the founders or the organisers most of the people protesting against climate change are good people doing good things in my opinion and they will always have my support.

Okay, I’m gonna say this and most of you aren’t gonna understand cos you’re stuck in “either or” duality consciousness and group think and don’t have an individual thought unless it was given to you. Yeah, I’m talking my shit today.
I have supported XR and with the information I have so far I will continue to support them. I don’t agree with everything they do and I’m not sure what the original intention of the founders was but I believe the majority of the people involved are positive people doing positive things.

Now, just to confuse you further – I’m not convinced carbon is the main cause of global warming, it could be the sun. However I want to reduce carbon emissions because I breathe oxygen. 🤷🏾‍♂️

And XR have been the most successful activist movement I’ve ever seen, I don’t know if climate change is more important than 5G, or war, or Palestine, or abuse but they have momentum and I’m getting behind it.

IF this turns into acceptance of carbon tax as a win, or turns into an excuse to spend our pensions on solutions then I will be part of the counter-revolution.

But I’m sure most of the people at protests want none of those things, even if the people who started it or organise it do.

I hate groups in general but this seems like a positive one overall. I’m not a sheep. I’m not naieve. I’m not one dimensional. So my feelings about this are not one dimensional.

I don’t agree with everything but I agree the priorities of politics needs to change and this is currently the most powerful movement to change it. If it turns out to be controlled opposition then I will change my Stance, but nobody I know there is controlled, wants carbon tax or is a shill for an NGO.

Comment if you like but I’m done talking to people who ain’t doing shit criticising people who are doing something.

If you don’t like it do something else.

Ps Know Thyself. Some of us just don’t like groups and some of us non conformists have a particular aversion to popular groups. It’s natural for us to question, criticise and hate. Analyse your own prejudices and reasons for them before projecting, I had to and I found I was no being fair or balanced.

[There was another theory that one of the founders of XR wants a 5G carbon meter in every home which would give ”them” coverage to monitor our whole lives. That’s literally a conspiracy theory to me right now as I have not fact checked it but an article claimed this founder owns a 5G company. That would change my current stance.]

The truth as I see it – there’s alot of debate over the main cause of clmate change which I’m not going to get into, it’s a circular argument as most of us aren’t scientists and can only prove our points by citing one group of scientists we trust above another group of scientists we don’t trust.

But we don’t know shit 🙂

And whichever side of the fence we sit on it’s affected by our prejudices and biases. Owning it – I will always be suspicious of the mainstream, tell me some scientists disagree with the mainstream and I’m likely to side with them. Still feels like the wisest option to me but as I said about my suspicion of and discomfort in groups in general last week – that doesn’t make me right.

Most of us don’t know shit, and we probably won’t convince someone of what we think we know via peer reviewed science or kooky youtube videos if they’ve already made up their minds. Do what you can to educate and share, I’m not saying censor yourself, just please do it with humility and self awareness. Most of us don’t know shit AND we can’t force someone to agree with what we do know. Accept that. And get some fresh air (I’m talking to myself there.) PEACE x

Alot of people don’t understand what I’m talking about. I’m not doubting climate change, I’m talking about the CAUSES of climate change. I’m talking about the debates about the causes. I’m not on some Trump flex doubting climate change is happening, but some scientists claim it is happening due to predictable solar cycles. Some people claim it has nothing to do with carbon. I’m not saying that’s what’s happening, but that’s the debate. I am not questioning whether or not the climate is changing. I’m also not arguing either or so don’t bother, I’m only writing this cos I don’t want people to mistakenly believe I’m a climate change denier, I’m not. I know ice caps are melting. More to the point carbon is not the only pollutant, but iut’s the only one people are talkiung about. There are carcinogens in the air, female hormones in the water and packaging, etc etc. Environmental issues are more than just carbon.

I’m also not saying do nothing. I’m saying do some and stop arguing in Facebook comments. This isn’t an argument, I’ve been misunderstood so I’m explaining myself. I’m not debating ice caps melting or climate change. I am not a climate change denier. I am saying some scientists claim the climate is changing and the ice caps aremelting due to predictable solar cycles. And I STILL want to save the environment because even if that’s the case I want clean air and oceans.

If you think it’s caused by solar cycles just don’t go to the anti-carbon protest. Don’t spend all day arguing with people who want to change the world for the better on the internet. AND if you think it’s caused by solar cycles you should STILL want clean air and clean oceans. But again, most people are stuck in duality consciousness and can’t hold two seemingly opposing views in their minds at once to see a synthesis where nobody has to fight. Divide and conquer is most tragic when we’re dividing ourselves.

Regardless of the intentions of the founders or the organisers most of the people protesting against climate change are good people doing good things in my opinion and they will always have my support.




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