How Do We Wake Up

        “How do we wake up?” My friend asked me this very open ended question. And I gave them a comprehensive answer eventually. (This is a first draft and subsequent versions will have relevant links to books and videos on each subject.) First, a bit of advice. I never listen to anyone […]

About Tantra, sex, Kundalini and Western commercialisation #tantra #kundalini #yoga

Just an introduction from a man with no formal training but a degree of experience and a unique perspective. I am not an expert. I have no guru, I am no guru but I have direct experience. Recently these experiences have come up a few times and I feel inspired to share. I learned all […]

Nobody has a clue. Atoms, Tantra, Existence and the Nature of Reality

We are all completely crazy, neurotic, barmy, weird and indeed perfect. Look around you. Nobody has a freakin clue. Perfect.  I haven’t got a scooby doo mate. But I definitely find it easier to relax when I realise we’re all as neurotic and perfect as each other, just maybe in different ways. When your a […]