The Epic Annals of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner’s Inspiration Incarnation 

(Annals of Anthroposophy)

So, Rudolf Steiner was right about at least nearly everything,

From child-rearing to to bio-dynamic farming.

And apparently a Rosicrucian (I think your losing them).

And a theosophist before the split.

So Rudolf Steiner said that children are in the dream state,

Not fully incarnated yet, and not fully awake.

And since science has determined that the brain waves

of under 2’s are delta waves like the dream states – that amazes.

And between age 2 and 6 was it Theta?

A meditative state if not better.

And to be honest it’s an inconvenient annoyance

that he claims to have got most of his knowledge from clairvoyance.

But while some say that weakens his argument and validity,

Maybe the fact he’s right just strengthens the argument for his ability!

Beyond that, kids are meant to play, and learn practical skills.

Not how to pass exams or make the most video game kills.

I spent most of my life on a quote unquote spiritual quest;

Taoism, Buddhism, Tantra, Sufis, wondering which was best.

I used to pick and choose and knew that I was meant to teach,

and thought my poetry and music would best extend my reach.

I never thought that I would find myself teaching in class.

And if I did I would have guessed I’d teach the teens if you did ask.

But found myself with primary ages, kindergarten,

Volunteering back in 2012, for me a new world starting.

Immense gratitude for the suggestion Ali.

My fairy godmother of Rowantree, we were platonically pally.

She had a yurt in her back garden and her humour was up my ally

her intuition told her I should help there soon, no dilly dally.

I could tell the whole story, but it was only a quest for me,

But if you know me you can guess the synchronicity and destiny.

The path to become a teacher led to immense growth and evolution,

self development, me and my mother’s resolution.

And when I gave up on spirituality through depression and confusion,

I was brought back partly by the mystic ‘maybe-Rosicrucian’.




So I give thanks to the tutors, and all the Steiner staff.

I give thanks for all the Goddess classmates in my class.

I give thanks for intimate chats, studies and the laughs.

I give thanks for Steiner House, Hawkwood House and last

I give thanks for Rudolf Steiner, wow. That incarnation was a task.


“We usually make a distinction between being ridiculed and being taken by surprise in a shower when we have no umbrella. This distinction must not be made. We must evolve thoughts so strong that the distinction is not made — that we take ridicule like a good shower of rain.”
― Rudolf Steiner


Unfinished poem about spirit….

The physical and etheric are thinking.

The etheric and astral are feeling.

The astral and the I are willing

and able, we have the will to work or be chilling.

My physical and etheric are thinking about

The meaning of life, and how to progress without doubt.

My astral and my ego, self, I is willing

to be of benefit and fill the gaps that need filling.

The spirit is eternal, the soul’s emotional,

Like James Brown and Rakim – we know they got so much soul.

The physical body contains the soul and the spirit,

Expressed in the physical body, this time through a lyric.

The physical’s akin to the mineral dimension.

The plant dimension’s akin to the etheric. Did I mention

The astral is akin to the dimension of the animals?

The ego, I self and self awareness of intangibles.

The etheric is the element of life itself.

The astral sentient awareness of a life outside itself.

But the self conscious ego’s a very human trait.

Humanity’s evolution – the consciousness of Christ himself.


“You will not be good teachers if you focus only on what you do and not upon who you are.”
― Rudolf Steiner



The healing power of conversation…

Therapeutic empathy.

Revealing our strong vibration…

Empathic therapy.

Dialogue between man, woman and nation…

No judgement. Don’t crush them.

Acknowledge emotional growth with celebration.

Just the essence… of presence.

The healing power of conversation…

Therapeutic empathy.

A Grand New Hope 


Do you know how many apples rot on the ground each year?

Rhetorical, but please ponder the question I share.

How many apples will no human taste, only birds and maggots?

Maybe those ugly maggots will become beautiful butterflies when they change their guise.

(Maybe you are one of the few who can see their beauty when they are maggots.

I cannot I confess. But I digress.)

Do you know how many apples rot on the ground each year? Maybe millions of apples,

Fertilising the soil. On the Isle of Avalon, the island of apples.

The Earth is abundant. How much food goes to waste?

Perhaps none? Perhaps waste becomes compost

And compost becomes soil.

So why should we strive and toil?

Supermarkets,. Self check-out, digital tills.

Past it’s sell-by date? Then it fills landfills.

And maybe food doesn’t go to waste, but what of the packaging?

What of the plastic and the environment damaging?

Capitalism panicking, eating itself, cannibalism in the illusion of scarcity

Instead of an indulgence in a reality of abundance.

That was an introduction inspired by Tho Ha Vinh, Julie Richardson and Stephen Watts aka Max Salad. The following is inspired by a man named John.

Hope… once upon a time women were not allowed to vote. Things change.

Hope… once upon a time blacks, or moors, were not allowed to vote. Things change. Hope.

The patriarchy still rules, sexism still exists, racism still exists, people get shot instead of hang from rope.

But once upon if you were a woman or if you had dark skin you couldn’t vote.

Once upon a time there was apartheid.

Let’s not ignore the shadows, or hide the darkside.

But things change, sometimes dramatically.

Sometimes quickly. Remember that. Hope.

So when we worry or wonder where the pleasure went.

Perhaps we’ll change our experience when we change our measurement

From Gross National Product to Gross National Happiness

Because we can have productivity while sad, badly stressed.

So I put this poem in the ballot, this is indeed my vote

For Gross National Happiness, GNH, a Grand New Hope.


 This link below – two and a half hours of Steiner lectures on the spiritual aspects of humanity and how that applies to teaching put to two vintage dub albums and some vintage dubstep… 

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