Nobody has a clue. Atoms, Tantra, Existence and the Nature of Reality

We are all completely crazy, neurotic, barmy, weird and indeed perfect. Look around you. Nobody has a freakin clue. Perfect.  I haven’t got a scooby doo mate. But I definitely find it easier to relax when I realise we’re all as neurotic and perfect as each other, just maybe in different ways. When your a […]

TRUE AGE Part 2 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’ #trueage

TRUE AGE Part 2 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’  INTRODUCTION to part 2 There’s no need to micro-manage the natural unfolding of knowledge, data or information. Words are just labels and put things into boxes but there are more emotions than there are words to describe them and nothing has an independent nature. […]

TRUE AGE Part 1 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’ #trueage

a meme is growing in the universal consciousness that cannot be co-opted. I am temporarily calling it the TRUE AGE and I came up with an acronym for it but it is a temporary autonomous thought-form and to shackle it with the definitions would limit it’s power for the sake of my ego. There is […]