Self Love and Acceptance – LYRICS  SoundCloud link! The past is the past we ALL have SOME darkness on THAT shelf… I FULLY LOVE AND ACCEPT MYSELF. LIKE ON THE DANCEFLOOR YOU LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF… WE FULLY LOVE AND ACCEPT OURSELVES Even though I may have done things I judged negatively in the past, I fully love and acceptContinue reading “Self Love and Acceptance – LYRICS”


Casually confidently attacking the microphonics tactically with strategy like a Shogun in a battle, the katana in his hand leading the cavalry… mixed with Adventure Time and Giles from Buffy. Trust me the one-man Samurai battalion. Just ask yourself “how can it be?” Transmute that military vibration with One Love emphatically backtracking, we want WorldContinue reading “Casually”