Revenge of the Nerds (Geeks run the world) #nerd #geek #comicbook

It’s revenge of the nerds from the hood to suburbs, now we’re cool if we’re ro-lling like superheroes, computer geeks run the world cos it’s all digital, used to be cause for bullying, but now it’s cool. _ When I was a kid comic books weren’t cool, the mighty Thor didn’t make the fan-girls drool, […]

Casting another white Spider-Man is not racist #TomHollandforSpiderman @marvel #makeminemarvel

So they cast a white dude, Tom Holland, as Spider-man in the cinematic reboot. So? Well cos there has been a black Spider-man in an alternate universe in the comics people thought we might get a black Spider-man in the films. Now there are all sorts of ridiculous Twitter posts and youtube videos with titles […]