Accidental Temporary Polyamoury

Verse 1, the younger woman. She looked so fine to me we had alot in common, including anxiety. I didn’t even flirt at first, we quickly became friends. Would I get with her, well I guess it depends on if she would get with me, I thought she’d think I was too old But she’sContinue reading “Accidental Temporary Polyamoury”

About Tantra, sex, Kundalini and Western commercialisation #tantra #kundalini #yoga

Just an introduction from a man with no formal training but a degree of experience and a unique perspective. I am not an expert. I have no guru, I am no guru but I have direct experience. Recently these experiences have come up a few times and I feel inspired to share. I learned allContinue reading “About Tantra, sex, Kundalini and Western commercialisation #tantra #kundalini #yoga”

My F*cking Thankless Life (explicit, obviously)

I spend my entire life making sacrifices for people who will never know, or never care, saving trees in other countries, turning down sex if it doesn’t feel right, turning down jobs if it doesn’t feel right, even turning down benefits if it doesn’t feel right. But nobody ever remembers the times you said no,Continue reading “My F*cking Thankless Life (explicit, obviously)”