On The Nature Of Anger #anger #anxiety #depression

About anger – I would like to crowdsource ideas on the nature of anger, the merits of anger and the dangers of anger (both the dangers of the expression of anger and the repression of anger) etc. There is a cultural context and a personal context (and I want to write while I’m feeling braveContinue reading “On The Nature Of Anger #anger #anxiety #depression”

NEW MUSIC from KP Kev the Poet – forthcoming release dates

New Free Mixtape coming this Wednesday! New EP of Acoustic Hip-Hop out this Sunday (Winter Solstice!) So it looks like this winter we’re gonna have two very different KP releases, my EP of mainly self produced acoustic tracks but also a mixtape of me rhyming over banging hip-hop instrumentals I’ll give away for free. IContinue reading “NEW MUSIC from KP Kev the Poet – forthcoming release dates”