LYRICS! #Duckworth by Kendrick and #Tabernacle by Royce (props to #rapgenius) – The force works in mysterious ways…

“Mumble-rap” may be a term invented by aging rap journalists. But auto-tuned mumbling about opiates and “turning up” doesn’t do this to heads or hearts…
Duckworth by Kendrick…
It was always me versus the world
Until I found it’s me versus me
Why, why, why, why?
Why, why, why, why?
Just remember what happens on earth stays on earth!
We gon’ put it in reverse
Darling I told you many times
And I am telling you once again
Just to remind you sweetheart that my—
Oh Lamar, Hail Mary and marijuana, times is hard
Pray with the hooligans, shadows all in the dark
Fellowship with demons and relatives, I’m a star
Life is one funny mothafucka
A true comedian, you gotta love him, you gotta trust him
I might be buggin’, infomercials and no sleep
Introverted by my thoughts
Children listen, it gets deep
See once upon a time inside the Nickerson Garden projects
The object was to process and digest poverty’s dialect
Adaptation inevitable, gun violence, crack spot
Federal policies raid buildings and drug professionals
Anthony was the oldest of seven
Well respected, calm and collected
Laughin’ and joking made life easier
Hard times, momma on crack
A four-year-old telling his nanny he needed her
His family history pimpin’ and bangin’
He was meant to be dangerous
Clocked him a grip and start slangin’
Fifteen scrapin’ up his jeans with quarter pieces
Even got some head from a smoker last weekend
Dodged a policeman workin’ for his big homie
Small time hustler, graduated to a brick on him
Ten thousand dollars out of a project housing
That’s on the daily, seen his first mil twenty years old
Had a couple of babies, had a couple of shooters
Caught a murder case, fingerprints on the gun
They assumin’, but witnesses couldn’t prove it
That was back when he turned his back
And they killed his cousin
He beat the case and went back to hustlin’
Bird shufflin’, Anthony rang
The first in the projects with the two-tone Mustang
That 5.0 thing, they say 5-0 came
Circlin’ parkin’ lots and parking spots
And hoppin’ out while harrasing the corner blocks
Crooked cops told Anthony he should kick it
He brushed them off and walked back
To the Kentucky Fried Chicken
See at this chicken spot
There was a light-skinned nigga that talked a lot
With a curly top and a gap in his teeth
He worked the window, his name was Ducky
He came from the streets the Robert Taylor Homes
Southside Projects, Chiraq, the Terror Dome
Drove to California with a woman on him and 500 dollars
They had a son hoping that he’d see college
Hustlin’ on the side with a nine to five to freak it
Cadillac Seville, he’d ride his son around on weekends
Three-piece special with his name on the shirt pocket
‘Cross the street from the projects
Anthony planned to rob it
Stuck up the place before back in ’84
That’s when affiliation was really eight gears of war
So many relatives telling us, selling us devilish works
Killing us crime, intelligent, felonious
Prevalent proposition with nines
Ducky was well aware, they robbed the manager
And shot a customer last year
He figured he’d get on these niggas good sides
Free chicken every time Anthony posted in line
Two extra biscuits, Anthony liked him and then let him slide
They didn’t kill him, in fact it look like
They’re the last to survive
Pay attention, that one decision changed both of they lives
One curse at a time, reverse the manifest
And good karma and I’ll tell you why
You take two strangers
And put ’em in random predicaments
Give ’em a soul so they can
Make their own choices and live with it
Twenty years later them same strangers
You make ’em meet again
Inside recording studios where they reaping their benefits
Then you start reminding ’bout that chicken incident
Whoever thought the greatest rapper
Would be from coincidence
Because if Anthony killed Ducky
Top Dawg could be servin’ life
While I grew up without a father and die in a gunfight


Listen to Duckworth by Kendrick, then listen to Tabernacle by Royce Da 5’9 about how he met Eminem the day his relative died and his son was born and tell me that spirit doesn’t work through “coincidence”. Synchronicity, serendipity, whether you want to call it God or not the universe just seems to want some things to happen.


I wanna share some shit with y’all
All truth, all truth

[Verse 1]
Like I’m standing inside a Tabernacle
I promised not to lie in not one of these verses

I started out as a battle rapper
All I knew was Maxells, ADATs, DATs and gats
My name is Ryan Daniel Montgomery
Recovering alcoholic, I grew up on 9 Mile

I’m not a gangster, drug dealer or thug nigga
Just an MC who made a name with his rhyme style

Sometime around ’95 I found my calling
And that all coincides with the time that I found my darling

Now later on in the story I tell you her significance
But now let’s talk about me, specifically
Three brothers and one sister see
My daddy taught me consistency with his fucking patterns
Hallelujah I’m the son of a addict

My addiction was music
All I would do is go to the studio and The Shelter
And listen to Redman and Heltah Skeltah

[Interlude 1]
Aye y’all remember that one joint from the Heltah Skeltah album called… Sean Price be like, “I’m not sure any…” yeah that was my shit. I used to bump that shit all day. By this time I knew I wanted to be an artist, I didn’t want to be anything else. You know, but my mom had plans for me, she wanted me to go to school, so you know

[Verse 2]
To make mom’s happy
I took some general courses in college
Took the bus until I got hella bored with that
Because the bus stop I had to walk to

Was right across from the first studio I ever recorded at
Now I would have to assume that
It was either meant for me to be rapping
Or meant for me to be laughing at God’s
Geographical humor

As soon as I stepped foot in the open-mic it was like a reunion
I was a shoe-in
I met Kino there too
And he asked me to manage me

And that was back in like, let me see
’97, my girl was pregnant
Hurdles was prevalent
And it was therapeutic just for me to breathe into my mic

Started learning why the lord put certain people in my life
And the way he started blessing me, uh
I guess before my inner-demons got the best of me
Like sneezing was my vice

Needless to say that December 29th was the day I became a believer in fate

[Interlude 2]
Okay now it’s December 28th, my day has gone great. Kino booked me a show under contract to do that night. I got a call from my girl’s people saying she’s in labor in the hospital right now, 9th floor. I get on the elevator. Elevator stops on the 5th floor, elevator opens up, my uncle’s standing there crying. Now I’m caught off guard, I’m like, what the fuck?

[Verse 3]
My uncle standing there like “Ryan, they that way”
I walk out, I see my momma and that entire side of my family
Looking like there’s some kind of drama happenin’
I said “what happened”
They like “Granny’s been in a bad accident, and it ain’t looking good”
I’m like “man, what?”
I’m having a baby four floors up

Before I froze up
I’m trying to figure out why the Lord chose us
Or maybe chose me
To ride in this emotionally roller coaster
My momma said “the baby here yet?”
I said “maybe”
She said “maybe? Baby, go see”
I walk away feeling like a good father, the same time as a terrible son
Get to my girl she 5 centimetres dilated so I waited
She got to get to ’bout nine ’til it’s that time

And meanwhile I’m more popular in this hospital than the doctors
Nurses watching, whispering like “that’s the one right there
Who got a lady in labor 9 and another lady dying on 5”

[Interlude 3]
By this time I don’t even fuckin’ remember that I got a show. Somebody had to remind me. The doors was already open at the venue. I got emotions runnin’ every which way. All the nurses and stuff is like, “We’ll keep you posted about the baby, we’ll keep you posted about your granny.” I didn’t like seeing my mama like that, so I had to get out of there

[Verse 4]
Yeah, I hit the stage at 11:50, killed it
I got off at about midnight

With about six types of different emotions floatin’ around inside me
Hopeless, tryna find me
Hopin’ in time God’ll guide me
In the future, just as I was about to leave out
I saw Kino talkin’ to Marshall and then he introduced us
We talked about collaboratin’ and how chasin’ this rap thing is aggravatin’
But I’ll get back, I got the family waitin’
I get to skatin’

As soon as I get to the hospital they tell me that my granny didn’t make it
She just died, I’m feelin’ helpless, it hurt me
On the flip side, my little boy is healthy in the nursery
I picked him up, looked in his eyes for the first time and just cried

Ain’t no denyin’ this is the power of God
I said, “I love you, Granny” and looked to the sky
Like even though he just got here, goodbye

This is how the story goes
Powerful day
Powerful day
Most significant day in my life. I mean aside from meetin’ my man Marshall, my son bein’ born and my granny dying on the same day. My grandma didn’t live anywhere near that hospital. I learned a lot this day. I learned that the universe has this way of balancing itself out. For me to lose such a beautiful soul in my granny, and gain such a beautiful soul with my first born son, little Royce, it showed me that God is real. God is real. And you know what they say: God giveth, God taketh away



UR INFINITE #spiritual #conscious #hiphop #ukhiphop #kevthepoet

You’re infinite (poetic Hip-Hop with live violin)


Remember, Remember the 5th of November…

Just sharing some music and trying to find solutions to this economic, political mess we appear to be in… 😉

This is inspired by Russell Brand advocating ‘egalitarian socialist utopia’ during his interview with Jeremy Paxman and the subsequent backlash from members of the Truth Movement and people who have lived through socialist regimes rather than utopias, also inspired by the movie and comic-book ‘V for Vendetta’, the Anonymous movement and the fact that I have two songs on soundcloud which were both also inspired by all of the above (and they’re amazing). The Anonymous movement have apparently anonymously decided to instigate a million mask march on the Houses of Parliament on November the 5th. {Edit: Actually worldwide} That’s tomorrow at the time of posting. What follows is mainly edited from conversations I was having online with like-minded philosophers.

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Communism on paper and communism in practice are two very different things…

Communism on paper is “everybody sharing” but in practice is “government is stealing”. I’d be down with Russell Brand’s Socialist Egalitarian Utopia but they tend to turn in to dictatorship dystopias, which I’m not down with. Communist theory seems fine in theory but in practice it tends to be manipulated by governments to have absolute totalitarian control. There has to be a happy medium between absolute corporate control and absolute governmental control but I have no idea what that is because the powers that be have only let one of the two extremes succeed in the past so we cannot even imagine what other systems might look like, like a truly representational democracy or a society without money etc. I guess I have witnessed other systems on small scales, sustainable communities, Rainbow Gatherings {Rainbow Gatherings are temporary intentional communities like mini festivals with no money-trading allowed on site, food is bought off site and then served in two big ‘food circles’, preceded by singing ‘Rainbow Songs’ usually about being one with nature etc. They’re great.} etc but imagining a completely different political system or even voting system is difficult because we are trained from birth to believe that we are the pinnacle of evolution and therefore our current system is the very best. The ancient Greeks had a more representational system of democracy if I remember correctly (did they invent the system?) and I know very little about the communist systems in South and Central America, but hopefully you get my point.

Brand’s idea was something along the lines of “don’t ask me to come up with a new political system sat here in this hotel room Jeremy” or words to that effect…   But he did also say to tax the corporations heavily however that has been countered by arguments from people who have lived through communist regimes and seen corporations, companies and then even family businesses get basically stolen from them by the government. I think if a political change is gonna work it has to change from the bottom up, with a cap on how much a politician can earn, a cap on how much a corporation can contribute to a party’s election campaign (basically how much a corporation can pay a politician) and it has to be implemented by nicer people than the psychotic sociopathic war mongering posh boys (there is nothing wrong with being posh) who we currently have to choose from. Cue revolution? Hopefully information is spreading fast enough that by the time our kids are voting a sufficient proportion of the population will start living life differently, whatever that looks like, without the need for bloody revolution. I hope I’m somewhere warmer and saner by that time, if or when it comes to that.

Now, let’s not skim over a couple of facts here. V, the main character in V for Vendetta had some good ideas in his fictional world and had some serious villainy to contend with but he was also a homicidal maniac who imprisoned and tortured a woman to teach her a lesson (which she appreciated, but still.) Would it be worse if he had tortured a man? Good question, but off topic. And Guy Fawkes, he was trying to lead a revolution but he was trying to, well, we all know what he was trying to do. What I’m saying is both V and Guy Fawkes were violent. For the record I’m a pacifist (but I’m a human being, pacifism is a policy, not a rule). However the research that I have done in the power of intention (see Lynne McTaggart’s book ‘The Field’ for the very best collection of scientific validations I’ve come across thus far) has given me enough faith in the power of consciousness now that I truly believe that more people meditating for peace will change the world in a more productive way faster and more efficiently than more people rioting. However that does not mean that I advocate doing nothing, people need to know what we perceive as wrong before we can make it right, information has to spread. And those who know that what they do is harming others for profit will have to stop when enough people are aware. But protesting is not rioting. Regarding violence I could say “we’re all one” and David Cameron is just another human being doing what he thinks best etc etc and a bunch of other hippy, Buddhist or even Christian values to counter the ‘Slaughter the bastards’ philosophy but A I don’t think that’s necessary and B I’m not sure which parts I actually believe in these days. Maybe I’m not spiritual after all, maybe I’m just squeamish.

Going off on tangent thoughts of Christians slaughtering millions of people in the names of Christ and thousands of Tibetan buddhists being killed by China’s communist regime. Now there’s alot to think about when put in the context of all of the above. Suffice to say, I am not a fan of violence but I am also bored of letting the bastards get away with it. And as much as people wait too long to iron out the details before they implement change there is no point chaning unless it is for the better, and regardless of hippy waffle and/or spiritual new age business a society that sees the welfare, happiness and well-being of each individual as the end goal- not a spiritual ideal, a practical and a real one – instead of a society built on the notion that the financial profit of each individual in competition with others is preferable to me. And society’s that engage in murder for profit, let alone the neglect of environment and individual happiness, have lasted far too long while starting illegal wars for profit, breaking international human rights conventions and generally being bastards. I know lots of lovely people. But politicians tend to be selfish and greedy. Maybe it’s merely an aspect of reality that power is gained by those who seek power and those tha seek power are selfish and greedy. But maybe as an evolutionary imperative the next generation will yield some born leaders who are not selfish, greedy and psychotic.


Here are some wise words from some wise friends on the subject…

“Jacque Fresco’s idea of a marxist based society that doesn’t have a government, and uses advanced technology that cannot be hacked as the medium to tally what it is humanity wants is an interesting idea…. But then Skynet.” (I laughed out loud.)

“The problem is that a system with representatives will always end up giving those reps actual power and then it will begin to attract people who want power …a system with full self-representation…ends up being dominated by the most articulate, charismatic and well-educated people .. so privilege remains in control.”

“Someone once called communism the greatest idea never to have been tried out in the history of humankind. Sounds bout right”

and finally

“I try not to use words like communism I prefer to use the term ‘work together’ . Coz that is the actual thing we want – communism is the equivalent of religion as opposed to spirituality.”

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Meanwhile, here’s some music I made in the hope that it might change some hearts and minds, available to download for free at least until after November 5th. Remember remember the 5th of November! 😉

FREEDOM is a Dub tune produced by Reuben ‘Delta Dub’ Grant all about how we have more freedom than most in the West so perhaps we should use it to shine our light, show our creativity and inform people about people who have less freedom than we do.

PROBLEM / SOLUTION is a Spoken-Word ambient epic with soulful harmonies beautifully produced by King Slim

and just cos I’m judging myself for being self-obsessed here’s another tune by somebody else. It’s amazing.

T’nah Apex, the female MC in the Pro-Era crew (same crew as Joey Bada$$ and the late great Capital Steez) with a beautiful singing voice, epic rap flows and spiritual lyrics on a genre-defying beat. The song’s called XYXX