U R Infinite (You’re Infinite) Lyrics

[INTRO] The present is infinite potential. The future is – quote – “Infinite Possibilities” – end quote – Brian Visiondanz. And within that you have the bonafide miracle of choice. We are infinite! What shall we co-create? ONE LOVE [VERSE 1] Visualisation and rhyming affirmations with chi gung breathing in combination means I’ll never needContinue reading “U R Infinite (You’re Infinite) Lyrics”

Part 7 – Euro Tour Summer 2015

Part 7 – the philosophical one with the poem at the end… SWITZERLAND DAY 2 Performed in the Absinthe museum today in the little Swiss village that invented the stuff. Performing with Daniel Waples on hang and Flavio Lopez on violin. Still getting over the vibes from Ozora and the appreciation in Budapest. Steiner kindergartenContinue reading “Part 7 – Euro Tour Summer 2015”