Globally Synchronized Meditations

We shall meditate on the concept “inner peace leads to outer peace” with the intention of world peace. Every Sunday at 11:11am, 5pm and 8pm UK (BST time). Every week-day Mon – Fri at 8pm. The research on the power of group intention is extensive, the research on the personal health benefits of meditation isContinue reading “Globally Synchronized Meditations”

TRUE AGE Part 1 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’ #trueage

a meme is growing in the universal consciousness that cannot be co-opted. I am temporarily calling it the TRUE AGE and I came up with an acronym for it but it is a temporary autonomous thought-form and to shackle it with the definitions would limit it’s power for the sake of my ego. There isContinue reading “TRUE AGE Part 1 – neither ‘New Age’ nor ‘Old Science’ #trueage”

The Rock, The Seed and the Rainbow Body

…and when I go I plan to leave behind a circular rainbow with Shiva surfing tsunamis n Kali juggling flamethrowers, 540 squares the circle, being weird won’t hurt you. Find the red and blue n between the two now there’s the purple. Is it attention, affection, or food, clothes and shelter that we need? FromContinue reading “The Rock, The Seed and the Rainbow Body”