#2pac and #Biggie ( #realhiphop )

They’re still trying to be 2pac and Biggie / but oh no, only know All Eyez On Me and Mackaveli. Who me? / I’m still feeling Keep ya Head Up, Brenda’s got a Baby, Dear Momma, and Holla if ya Hear Me, / who me? I’m still trying to be Run DMC meets Chuck D, […]

Easy Mo Bee (Biggies original producer) deserves your love and respect

I’m in a ranting mood so I’m gonna throw some shine and throw some shade in some directions I feel like throwing it. Easy Mo Bee deserves your love and respect. EASY MO BEE produced most of Biggies debut by which I mean made the actual beats, but cos Puffy had the title ‘Executive Producer’ […]