New Moon in Aquarius manifestations (Imbolc New Moon, First New Moon of 2015)

New Moon in Aquarius manifestations and gratitude {with references to Hip-Hop culture}

(Imbolc New Moon, First New Moon of 2015)

First things first, first new moon of 2015, Imbolc new moon. More love.

It’s not quite Imbolc, or rather the Imbolc full moon is earlier than usual this year. “Imbolc, also called (Saint) Brigid’s Day, is a Gaelic (also Celtic/Druidic) festival marking the beginning of spring. Most commonly it is held on 1 February, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.” According to Wiki.

However Rebekah Shaman sys of this new moon, “Usually the Aquarius new moon heralds the beginning of spring and the first stirrings of nature waking up from its winter slumber. This year it is early, and nature is still very much in hibernation so its the perfect time to go within and review and integrate the last year so we can move forward with more awareness…” She goes on to say, “This Aquarius new moon is the first new moon of the year, and a good one for birthing a new vision. Symbolised by the water-bearer, she represents purification and cleaning out the old, just as the Romans did every February, indeed ‘Februaruius’ literally means ‘month of purification’.”


However, it’s ALL just data, good to remember that. This part inspired me the most though… “This is a good time for writers, poets, performers, artists etc. to get creative, as it is the moon for independent thought, being strong-willed and creating your visions… Allow the revolutionary energy of the Aquarius new Moon to bring even greater inspiration, creativity and clarity to your visions and projects.”

So without further ado…

May I maintain a state of mind that is so content with whatever’s appearing, regardless of circumstances that I no longer need manifestation lists, whether that’s by me stop thinking for short moments many times until it becomes continuous, or by meditation, or mere acceptance of who I am and what I’m experiencing (self love). May I become more confident in knowing the nature of my own mind. Regardless of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise may I remember to relax.

A brief aside on Hip-Hop culture, and record sales. Two of Hip-Hop’s highest hopes have released albums today. I wonder if they know it’s the New Moon? Lupe Fiasco is one of Hip-Hops most politically aware rappers and Joey Bada$$ is one of Hip-Hop’s most spiritually aware rappers and they both released albums today (it’s actually Joey’s birthday.) May Joey Bada$$ and Lupe Fiasco sell lots of records and may they help make intelligent, political and/or spiritual lyrics cool in Hip-Hop again (because it’s good for humanity but also because then I can sell lots of records too.) And closer to home, may Avalon Roots sell loads of albums (because they’re nice and deserve it, but also the album is great and that vibe and those lyrics being spread is just good for the planet in general.) For the record, Avalon Roots make reggae and their roots are in England, Australia and Barbados but I think it’s accurate to say they have mainly built their reputation playing at UK festivals for the past few years. I am pretty certain that they’re release date Jan 23rd, was deliberately aimed at the New Moon. Cos they more or less said so.

Back to the wizardry. May I continue to enjoy my Steiner School course, may I make more than enough money to continue to buy books for the course, buy Oyster cards to see my friends and family in London and more money for plane tickets to see the friends worldwide and more money for bigger events. More money to help my mum pay rent and to square up old debts. May I get enough gigs to get me out of London as frequently as I have been lucky enough to do recently and soak up more countryside time.

May I have more cuddle time with the Goddess, whether it’s one special Goddess or lots of platonic love, more love and affection is always a good thing.

May my confidence, mojo, self esteem get back to 110% so I can fearlessly continue the projects I have put on the backburner. I have more ideas than I have the confidence to carry them out sometimes, and sometimes I have had the confidence but not the resources. May I have the confidence and resources, financial and otherwise, at the same time to make epic events, epic music videos, epic kickstarter projects AND finish my play and comic book! But confidence comes and goes, there is nothing wrong with being depressed occasionally or suffering anxiety occasionally, these things happen to everyone and are entirely natural occurrences. May my relationship with my afflictive states remain healthy and aware.

May I learn the difference between fear and intuition. I am happy if my intuition says don’t do it. But how do I know it’s not just fear? That is a question I have been asking for a while.

May I dare to live outside my comfort zone to achieve more.

But looping back to the start – may I hold the state of mind that is content with whatever appears, accept the basic nature of my intelligence as that with mother-nature. May my open intelligence be primary at all times therefore no longer need lists like these.

I thank the universe, which is one with all of our shared open intelligence, the universal consciousness, for teaching me such valuable lessons from my challenging emotions, or afflictive states, and I thank the universe for the love and abundance that I witness in my present. It’s all exalted.



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Mead inspired channellings from 2006 (the flower of life, Metatron {the Angel and the cube} and Enoch)


Moon-stone – there was no moon.

Libations. Loosened tongue.

My King calls Mead ‘Druid fluid’. Lost the plot, the plot thickens – pause – Permanently indebted to herbal tea. Wakey, wakey the book of Enoch has been opened before but few, if any, have felt the weight of history on their shoulders and chosen to take the weight, take the bait, define destiny, choice, freedom and fate. I used to believe that if I reached enlightenment I would have reached a state of mental perfection – where I would be permanently content. I now believe that even the Dalai Lama is not permanently content, and neither was Jesus – although the sentence  “Father forgive them, for they know now what they do” indicates that he was trying to remain content regardless of situation (even if that situation involved having iron nails driven through raw, living flesh….)

…He was a man, we are all the sons and daughters of God. I see Jesus Christ asa role model to be emulated. I am no Christ, I have been tempted and I have failed, I would probably not last 40 days and 40 nights in this lifetime. However I will continue to cultivate compassion, I will continue to promote love and I will try to be as honest as any man ever has been.

Metatron is my higher self, a representation of God on Earth, guardian of the 3rd dimension, the head of the Merkaba. The five platonic solids are the building blocks of the 3rd dimension, all contained within Metatrons Cube. Only (?) by planting The Flower of Life in every pasture will we understand this dimension with our head but beyond the logic of this dimension is the intuition of the higher dimensions, only (?) by accepting The Flower of Life in our lives will we understand the higher dimensions with our hearts.

Love has too many meanings – but a synthesis of gratitude, appreciation, and compassion is mutually beneficial for the individual and the universe they inhabit. I would not send Satan to outer space  – I’d forgive him until he stops sinning , I’ve been failing to be Jesus Christ’s synonym.

I see the colour purple, I see the colour purple, I see the colour purple. I feel the violet flame surrounding me – it keeps me warm, safe and sane.

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Lout Zoo is nastier than KP Kev the Poet

Will the next generation be completely polarised?
7 second vine concentration or 3 completely open eyes?

Have they been watching only Zeitgeist or watching cats on youtube?
Or watching both? Between watching the kind of stars who use lube?

GQ taught a generation that it only takes a few sex tapes
and celebrity boyfriends who suck breasts to become a success.

No disrespect to Kim Kardashian but what’s she famous for?
I’m not slut shaming, don’t be ashamed if your a whore (get your money),

Do you wanna be a celebrity or do you wanna be a legend, see?
A celebrity has more cash but their name has a shorter tenancy.

But ask Ozymandias about a name….
Ask Ozymandias about the fame….

See either / or it doesn’t matter…
you’ll feed worms anyway whether you go out in a blood spatter

of brains like Kurt Cobain after lives and music change
cos you made things change or just got the fame for giving brains

head, neck, knowledge, whether your Gandhi or Paris Hilton,
Kanye West, Martin Luther King, Riff Raff, Blake or Milton,

Whether your R Kelly’s fame and his financial killin,
Or R Kellys infamy because he pissed on children.

You’re still worm food. So learn good from your elders
It’ll be your turn soon, at least learn not to burn food.

Cos some girls are queens and some are gold diggers
But they’re all eaters so you better learn to feed her.

And you better learn to find one who knows how to feed herself
No need to be a hater, you might just need the wealth.

I’m not trying to be clever man, or judgmental and
I’m just trying to… I’m crying too… oh, whatever man…

*** ***** ********

*** ****** *********

I try to stay shallow like I’m swimming with a life-saver
But it always ends up deep, like I’m digging with a light-sabre.
It’s so ironic, cos our SUB-conscious is our HIGHer selves
I used to want to be Gandalf at 4:20 getting high with elves.
It used to chill me out, but it don’t work any more.
I don’t look for girls where they do cos I don’t want any whore.
…I don’t write for the average Hip-Hop demographic,
I still wanna be like Gandalf that’s why every verse is magic.

With no mic, I make bangers just with Garageband,
Give me a Neuman mic and Logic? I’ll make this Afghanistan.
I’m an amateur producer, we’ll need a pro to get it mastered
But I’m a pro-fessor, no, lyricist, it’s the craft I master.
“Oh the irony, he rhymed mastered with master”, eat me. Sue me.
I’ll write a rhyming Maastrict Treaty, Claim Diplomatic immunity
Let freaky doms and subs do things too freaky too me
Then come back from the dead to freestyle my own funeral eulogy.

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Perspective – from mainstream radio to Palestine via football

Builders in my moms house listening to Radio 1. Forgot about that vibration. How you listen to the same 10 songs in a row for 6 hours? That’s normal, right?
Funny, last week someone was in my house in Bristol and asked me what team I support. No hate but I had honestly forgotten that most men in England let the success of 11 men they have absolutely no control over determine whether or not they’re happy. That’s normal too. I’m not even dissing, we all let things we have no control over affect our moods, like whether or not 1 of the 7 billion people on planet Earth happens to fancy you or not. Or whether or not an insane and amoral society approves of your decisions.
Some people get miserable cos their football team lost, I get miserable because there are children on fire in Palestine. And I’m the weirdo.
How did I get from Radio 1 to Palestine? Oh yeah, what seems normal to most seems cruel and unusual to me and what has become normal to me – not knowing anything about pop culture, football or Robin Thicke but caring about people in other countries – that seems weird to other people.
Essentially though, we are all doing the best we can with the information we have at the time, I’m not criticising, this is just stuff that is happening and you can look at it from any angle you choose. It’s my preference to write about the other angles…

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Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography.

Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography.

Have our expectations regarding our love lives been programmed by Disney movies when we were children? Have our expectations regarding our sex lives been programmed by porn?

Been chatting bout soul mates, twin flames, destiny, Disney movies (and their possible responsibility for people thinking that soul mates exist) and such like in various threads on Facebook quite randomly this week.

On twin-flames / soul mates – whether twin flames or soul mates exist logic dictates that if you are following your path and/or following your bliss and doing what makes you and others happy you will attract them while you are doing what you are meant to be doing. So don’t look for your soul mate or twin flame, just do what makes you and others happy and if they’re the right person that is what will attract them. And if soul mates and twin flames don’t exist at least you’ll be doing what you love.

…Jealousy is real, but I don’t know its source. I’m tempted to watch a bunch of Disney cartoons and examine whether my quest for a soul mate was a delusion created by Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Jungle Book…

On Relationships – time changes everything, maybe some people are destined to inspire and/or help each other more and more but the faster things change the less likely two people are going to be in a space where it continues to be mutually beneficial to hang out with each other and/or have sex with each other indefinitely. This is complicated by the addition of having a child together or the seemingly completely natural phenomenon of jealousy. Whether the future of relationships is lots of short relationships or open relationships is yet to be seen, I have witnessed issues with both of those solutions. But I do believe we have to take responsibility for our own happiness, however the better we are at that the better we become at helping guide other people to their own happiness including our partners whether they be permanent or temporary. I do not know if my perception of a missing soul mate was intuitive or planted by media, I currently have an objective view on the subject and no conclusions. Reflections would be appreciated.

On porn – most porn is made by men for men and is definitely a bit too on the male aggression vibe (at least for me). But I also had an ex ask me to be more aggressive in bed so that is also a taste thing (I assure you that most of my partners are not into weird stuff, and I was not comfortable with being more aggressive.) I think there is definitely room for different tastes though and some people are just different. Not every submissive or dominatrix is going to be programmed by porn, some people are just different. Literally different strokes for different folks.

PS just cos Crowley and his colleagues were into it doesn’t make everyone that has partaken in anal a Satanist (obviously). But I concede the exes that wanted anal may have been convinced by ex boyfriends or porn into thinking all men want to.

EDIT: Also, some women just like anal. But porn is more than likely affecting our perception of sex on the whole. Since I first wrote this I have spoken to a surprising number of men who are interested in spirituality and this sensitivity coupled with an awareness of the domination of the patriarchy over the sacred feminine or merely a sensitivity to the dominant nature of most porn and have tried to stop watching porn and discovered that it is an addiction. Once you are aware of karma it is hard not to question the karmic consequences of watching porn, which may depend on the type of porn and even the history and intentions of the people performing in each individual video. Should spiritual men feel guilty for watching porn? Guilt is rarely a positive thing if ever, but should that guilt be avoided by not indulging rather than transcended once you’ve indulged? I do not hve an answer to that question yet. Do you?


Identity Crisis – A useful cog in society or a spanner in the works of the ‘Evil Empire’?

I am having a real life identity crisis. There is no ‘I’, the appearance separation is an illusion.

Is this a cry for attention, a creative outlet, or evidence of something serious? Maybe all of the above to be honest, people are dynamic and ever changing and something that seems serious one moment seems comical or inconsequential the next day sometimes.

I am indeed having an identity crisis, I won’t call it a mid-life crisis cos I expect to live longer than that. And I chose to tell all my friends on facebook? Yes, there’s a reason, social media is no replacement for being social, facebook is no replacement for face to face, having 4000 not-real friends may have just made me more lonely but we’ll get to that by the end. It’s all about balance.

This ‘crisis’ mainly brought on by the fact that I used to squat, I paid no taxes and I accepted no benefits. This is because I wanted none of my money to get spent on bombing children. I went to the biggest protest this country had ever seen against the war in Iraq and it did nothing. Now I pay tax and accept benefits, in fact I have just sent off four years of tax returns.
Balance. Have I ‘grown up’ or have I ‘sold out’? These are just labels, immature generalisations, what matters is how I feel. At some points it made me feel accomplished, productive and sometimes it made me feel complicit and used.
So, I used to be a squatter on the edge of society, I was eventually in my 30s squatting and after spending Britain’s coldest winter for about a decade in a squatted warehouse with no central heating while watching half my friends leave to spend the winter in India I decided I didn’t want to be in my 40s and squatting.
There were other reasons. It’s hard to make money with no address, I decided I could promote my music more efficiently with money and I could help more people with money. I also owed friends money and was watching rubbish rappers with more money to promote them sell more music.
Balance. Yes, accepting benefits means I live more comfortably but it also means I help more people.
Now we get to facebook and social media. The NSA have access to everything. They probably don’t read everything cos that would take man-power (woman power) and time. But they can.
When I was squatting and had little or no money cos I didn’t need a job with no rent, wanted to write poems, and didn’t want to rely on an amoral government – the cheapest most efficient way to promote my music and spread political info was facebook. From the start we suspected facebook was a CIA tool and we used fake names and didn’t write about the activist actions that I was once a part of (after my parents house got broken into after a particularly subversive interview my activism has taken a backseat and I stick to social activism. I’m not paranoid, I’m experienced, my level-headed father thought it was an agency that broke in based on my recent activities, I’m on lists I wish I wasn’t.)
Every day I use facebook I question my complicity.
Balance. Facebook, a tool of the ‘evil empire’ or the cheapest most efficient way to tell people about the ‘evil empire’?
But let me tell you a true story. There is a man in Bristol, I’d like to call him a friend, I like him and we get on fine but I see him rarely and he intimidates me. It’s not his fault he intimidates me, it’s my own insecurity (and I tell you this on facebook?) Not cos he scares me but because he inspires me in that he has done more for the cause than I will ever have the balls to do. He has been arrested in Palestine for his principles and he has been arrested in the UK for damage caused to an arms manufacturer. I respect this. The last time I saw him was at am Immortal Technique concert and I really did not know what to say because the truth is the honest thing to say would be “you make me feel inadequate”.
This is where it gets synchronic, ironic and downright interesting.
Two people ‘liked’ one of my poems on facebook recently, both had been to Palestine. (Neither were my lady who has also been to Palestine.) One of these were the activist who makes me feel inadequate. It upsets me that something as superficial as a facebook ‘like’ can have a positive effect on my self esteem but such is the nature of reality.

The fact that two activists I know personally, and I respect principally have shown appreciation for my poem about world politics makes me feel a bit better. Even if that relied on facebook. But do not get me wrong, social media is no replacement for social interaction and facebook is no replacement for face to face talking with friends and a facebook friend is not necessarily a real friend.

Nothing is inherently bad or good, we just label these things, but essentially they are part of us as we are part of each other. The head judges but the heart just loves.
So my head can judge my identity but essentially no matter what lifestyle I’m living other people can and will judge it and I can either choose to be a neurotic bitch (or bastard) or I can get on with it and fill out my late tax returns so HMRC don’t fine me.

I reserve the right to run away somewhere hot to grow food and live in a caravan.

So I shared this on facebook because while it is a database we profile ourselves on it is also the cheapest most effective way for me to share ideas. It is also the fastest way for me to share emotions and receive feedback on my thoughts. I know I invite judgment and I know I will react sensitively to it (and possibly delete this post) but I also invite empathy. And to be perfectly honest, I woke up at 5:30am with these thoughts in my head, I’m suffering an identity crisis and I could do with the empathy.

Kev the Poet? But there is no ‘I’ for the appearance of separation is an illusion. But I fall for it every day, and some days I prefer the illusion I used to be. The one who woke up in a cold damp warehouse with rats for his principles. But principles can’t buy food and rat piss can kill you.

{photo by Fish}

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