New Moon in Aquarius manifestations (Imbolc New Moon, First New Moon of 2015)

New Moon in Aquarius manifestations and gratitude {with references to Hip-Hop culture} (Imbolc New Moon, First New Moon of 2015) First things first, first new moon of 2015, Imbolc new moon. More love. It’s not quite Imbolc, or rather the Imbolc full moon is earlier than usual this year. “Imbolc, also called (Saint) Brigid’s Day, is […]

Mead inspired channellings from 2006 (the flower of life, Metatron {the Angel and the cube} and Enoch)

Moon-stone – there was no moon. Libations. Loosened tongue. My King calls Mead ‘Druid fluid’. Lost the plot, the plot thickens – pause – Permanently indebted to herbal tea. Wakey, wakey the book of Enoch has been opened before but few, if any, have felt the weight of history on their shoulders and chosen to […]

Lout Zoo is nastier than KP Kev the Poet

Will the next generation be completely polarised? 7 second vine concentration or 3 completely open eyes? Have they been watching only Zeitgeist or watching cats on youtube? Or watching both? Between watching the kind of stars who use lube? GQ taught a generation that it only takes a few sex tapes and celebrity boyfriends who […]

Perspective – from mainstream radio to Palestine via football

Builders in my moms house listening to Radio 1. Forgot about that vibration. How you listen to the same 10 songs in a row for 6 hours? That’s normal, right? Funny, last week someone was in my house in Bristol and asked me what team I support. No hate but I had honestly forgotten that […]

Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography.

Soul mates, twin flames, Disney and pornography. Have our expectations regarding our love lives been programmed by Disney movies when we were children? Have our expectations regarding our sex lives been programmed by porn? Been chatting bout soul mates, twin flames, destiny, Disney movies (and their possible responsibility for people thinking that soul mates exist) and […]

Identity Crisis – A useful cog in society or a spanner in the works of the ‘Evil Empire’?

I am having a real life identity crisis. There is no ‘I’, the appearance separation is an illusion. Is this a cry for attention, a creative outlet, or evidence of something serious? Maybe all of the above to be honest, people are dynamic and ever changing and something that seems serious one moment seems comical […]