Accidental Temporary Polyamoury

Verse 1, the younger woman. She looked so fine to me we had alot in common, including anxiety. I didn’t even flirt at first, we quickly became friends. Would I get with her, well I guess it depends on if she would get with me, I thought she’d think I was too old But she’sContinue reading “Accidental Temporary Polyamoury”

Ice and Lava

Stepping out of the water into the fire Out of reception of the mystical to share and inspire all’s one, water flows, fire burns, love will entice. all is one, liquid fire – lava, solid water – ice. Stepping out of the water into the fire Out of reception of the mystical to share andContinue reading “Ice and Lava”

Black Steel In the Age of An@rchy

Inspired by Chuck D, Public Enemy and current Hip-hop media… I remember when Hip-hop culture was revolutionary / now all these rap websites have ads for the military / house negroes like “hey master, hey massa, hey boss” / while I still bump ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ / like “I got aContinue reading “Black Steel In the Age of An@rchy”

Too many rappers, not enough poets #hiphop #poetry

2Pac wrote poems. Just saying. hmmm… Too many rappers, not enough poets, that’s how I felt about Hip-Hop culture til recently, too much TURN UP, TURN UP and not enough “I sip the Dom P watching Gandhi til I’m charged…” but I’m content without the competition. But in the past two years I dare sayContinue reading “Too many rappers, not enough poets #hiphop #poetry”

Have a free EP! KP Kev the Poet

Have a free EP! I’ve been busy compiling the brand new. I found a new platform (cos I ran out of free space on Soundcloud and their rivals AUDIOMACK provide unlimited space for FREE. I noticed both Styles P and Method Man were using Audiomack and thought, well if it’s good enough for those legendsContinue reading “Have a free EP! KP Kev the Poet”

WISE with WISDOM (the truth is we strive to be wise)

Went from raw food vegan, not even eggs or goats cheese Back to meaty sarnies and Jamaican chicken rotis Went from rolling cheese with baccy from pavement rollies to ganja in the juicer to no buds let alone no stems and no seeds I went from raves with junglist gurners even though I took noContinue reading “WISE with WISDOM (the truth is we strive to be wise)”

Cry Every Day

From now I don’t quite say that I vow but I try to make a decision to cry every day, “why would he say to cry every day”? cos life is just made for feeling, we hide every day instead of revealing, and when we don’t cry every day we lie every day to ourselves.Continue reading “Cry Every Day”

David Cameron and riots on the streets of London…

5 more years of David Cameron and already riots on the streets. And one defaced war memorial. Ironic. The Tories have more in common with the Nazis than the allies. The Nazis didn’t like Human Rights or immigrants either. I don’t know how I feel to be honest. For the record I don’t approve ofContinue reading “David Cameron and riots on the streets of London…”


Casually confidently attacking the microphonics tactically with strategy like a Shogun in a battle, the katana in his hand leading the cavalry… mixed with Adventure Time and Giles from Buffy. Trust me the one-man Samurai battalion. Just ask yourself “how can it be?” Transmute that military vibration with One Love emphatically backtracking, we want WorldContinue reading “Casually”

For My Like-Minded Outsiders

Me and my like-minded outsiders don’t fit in any tribe, We may drift with hippies for a while engulfed in one love vibe. Now we don’t mind being engulfed… in the one love vibration But if it gets judgmental… well we’ll soon run out of patience. Me and my like-minded outsiders don’t fit in anyContinue reading “For My Like-Minded Outsiders”