The Urge – Depression and Anxiety in the Face of Demonic Politics

“The urge to what, to be demonic carbon copies who work for the machine? the urge to be celebrities who hate their lives and get cosmetic surgery to be attractive until gossip mags or tabloids finally get an unflattering photo of them in tracksuits on the way to the supermarket? The urge to earn money and pay taxes to the archonic demons until the day we die? The urge to ejaculate? Which urge are we associating with these interdimensional parasites?”
Things Kev says in conversation to people that get it.

A friend read that and responded with the following questions…

“How do we defeat them? And get out own power back? And to protect ourselves? Are we multi dimensional and if so, how…”

So I responded with the following answer…

“I am a firm believer in us being multidimensional (in fact if I know anything, which I don’t, but if I knew anything I’d know everything is multidimensional including us.)
How do we defeat them? If I knew the answer to that question I’d probably either be a general in a spiritual war or a dead man! But I suspect we defeat them by achieving the most difficualt of balance – being aware of the darkness and evil they perpetuate and not getting depressed about it. When we let them dim our light they win. If we watch too many conspiracy fact documentaries and believe we have no power they win. BUT if we’re completely ignorant of their fuckry and just work and pay taxes to them without caring or knowing they win too. Finding that balance between knowing, caring and loving life anyway is the win for me I think, but it’s not one day on the winners podium, it’s a process of hurting anf healing, short moments of peace during the fuckry to prolong the longer periods of peace between the fuckry, it’s a lifetime of trying not to stay angry at tabloid newspapers and Jeremy Kyle and remembering none of the aboveare stopping you from staring at the flowers of a petal or hugging a loved one and even if they locked you up and threw away the key you still have your heart and mind and you can still meditate and love. It’s knowing your shadows, your insecurities and loving yourself anyway and it’s knowing their evil and pitying them instead of fearing them. While at the same time not giving in.
Hmmm… maybe I am a general in a spiritual war after all. Shhh… don’t tell anybody, I’m just making music and teaching kids, and nobody’s listening to me – which is probably why I’m still alive…”



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