Unfinished self-help therapy poem

19884358_10212001394004620_5975987477023967020_nUnfinished exercise in turning some specific self help principles into a poem…


Even though I sometimes experience anxiety or depression
I fully love and accept myself. And I question
If depression’s a reflection of compassion and empathy
And anxiety of mission Impossible to please everybody. Then you see
Despite the fact that I’m not that rich or famous (yet)I fully love and respect myself. Aim to be shameless, yep,

Shame is fear of being ostracized, kicked out the cave by the tribe, but you’ve got to be yourself to attract peeps on your vibe.
I may not be a megastar but its mission accomplished,
I’ll never know how many I inspired worldwide.
I may not be that famous but I’m respected, seen people cry
at poetry my soul had to write, and didn’t have to try.
Crying at poems that seemed written synchronistically specifically
for that specific moment of inspiring lyrically
A friend told me one of my lyrics changed his life.
“Vulnerability is a strength.” I’m saying this twice.
Vulnerability is a strength and repression or suppression
only leads to depression, so heal it with expression.
Even though I know ego, lust and anger and pride
Tend not to help but only add a bumpy ride,

I still feel and sometimes indulge in negative emotions.
Even though I studied Buddha, Christ and Tao with devotion

I still fully love, appreciate, am grateful for and accept
My negative emotions and maintain self respect. It’s not about over indulging in negativity, just not living in denial or living in shame, let it be.
We can be hard as Pai Mei on ourselves sometimes on our spiritual quests. Remember just like everyone else we’re all trying our best. Remember to stop thinking for a moment, drop your shoulders and rest…


Vulnerability is a strength… If you swim to the deep end better swim the length… I think we need to find positive new jobs for the soldiers. Stop thinking… relax… drop your shoulders.

Vulnerability is a strength… If you swim to the deep end better swim the length…




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