Spider-Man: Homecoming – fanboy critique

I’m a Spider-man fan boy, I’ve been reading Spidey comics for 30 years, so it’s no surprise I love it but I do have some  a minor issues with it (and some nerdy theories and geeky speculations.)

Overall I loved it but I have my criticisms. It lost a point for some of the deviations from canon, because I prefer a traditional big bully Flash Thompson (but he was a funny millennial update) and I want a red headed bombshell MJ (but we are yet to see if Michelle is a replacement or if that was just a trolling reference), AND he didn’t have the proportional speed of a spider, comic book Spidey could run across that golf course in two leaps easy.

But besides all that the story, the comedy, the action, the acting, all top notch. So besides my fan boy issues of canon that movie was perfect. 🕷️

Other thoughts – The Cap post credits scene could have a double meta meaning. “How many more of these do I have to do?” How many more PSAs does Cap have in the movie OR how many more movies is Chris Evans doing as Cap?
Was I the only one who was kinda on The Vulture’s side by the end of Homecoming? I mean I didn’t want him to kill Spiderman but I felt like he deserved to get away with robbing Tony Stark cos he got screwed over at the start by Stark and Damage Control and all he wanted was to feed his daughter. Just like Ant Man incidentally… I know he was up for murdering a kid so he’s a bad guy for sure, but I felt like Stark suffered no consequences but Pete and the Vulture both had to clean up his mess. It’s always Stark’s mess! 🤦


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