Completely Unique (just like everyone else) #poetry #spokenword

Relentless optimism, optimum on the rhythm. Ice-T,
“that’s how I’m livin”. Listenin’ to ragga drinkin sippin chagga chai tea.
Bring em all like the track by Devlin and Wiley, big up Bristol’s
Mike Wiley! I’m a paradox, confident with anxiety, depressed and smiley.
Oh really? Ya feel me? If ya see me reveal the heart’s desire, 
be real with me, honesty and love is healing me.
I’m completely unique. Just like everyone else.
You won’t see me or hear a squeak in Ninja mode – stealth.
Phytoplankton, chlorella, tumeric, chi gung, meditation – health.
Investing in blessings, manifesting wealth.
You ain’t seen nothing like me, cross between a druid bard
and a rapper from the nineties – That’s hard.
Been front line with activists, set up the squat party,
Legitmately on stage at festivals with no wristband,
Been in the posh hotel, street corner cypher flows well.
I built my house on foundations of love – no quick-sand.
I spit raps for Druids after ceremonies on the solstice,
Sang a song for a Tibetan Buddhist lama in his Barcelona office.
Interviewed an ex-MI5 agent, got a degree, knowledge of self,
I’m completely unique. Just like everyone else.


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