Quan Yin whispers and Ganesh shouts (at an insomniac at 2 in the morning)


Can’t sleep? Keep thinking about Quan Yin and Ganesh? Ill? Find yourself reading about Quan Yins origin story and thinking about the Ganesh wall hanging you’ve been sleeping on? Still can’t sleep at 1am cos you’re anxious about dentists, and presidential elections, and rent, and the health of loved ones? Still can’t sleep by 2am? Try writing a poem.

Quan Yin of compassion but the word translates
More accurately to empathy – the vibe my tribe relates.

Activists with empathy for tribes n the environment,
empires entered indigenous lands with genocidal men

leaving anthropologists to write up where the tribes all went.
Did the tribes all go rainbow and incarnate as children of the whitest men?

Suburban caucasions, blacks and asians beat African drums and chests
And travel India to reconnect with Jai Ganesh!

Gratitude to Quan Yin, to you I humbly bow,
Aware you’re part of all I’m part of, in the eternal now.

Gratitude for infinite compassion and empathy,
and the dreamtime inspiration in the nights you sent to me.

Gratitude to Ganesh for removing obstacles to prosperity,
removing my inner demons, self sabotage and lessening my self pity.

Gratitude for smashing obstacles, shining light on my shadow,
clearing the way to this abundance on my path – infinite but narrow.

Gratitude for Christ Consciousness, love beyond religion.
Actually beyond duality, good or bad, is or isn’t.

Gratitude for Christ Consciousness, love BEYOND religion.
Actually beyond duality, good or bad, is or isn’t.


Oh, okay, maybe I can sleep now universe, is that okay?
(ps exalted gratitude for the inspirations and ideas etc, thanks for picking an evening when I’m not working tomorrow due to illness. I nearly moaned about the hour but I got some good lyrics this afternoon too and I can’t be ungrateful for inspiration at any hour.)

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