Love on the 7th of the 11th 2016 (reflecting on the morning of the 8th)

Both of us ill. Both of us chill. Somehow a perfect day.

Perfect day.

Cute, funny cartoons.

Deep, philosophical wisdom from spiritual teachers.

Funny and philosophical movie.

Cuddles with the goddess. Empress. Queen.

Enlightened beings discussing their awakenings. Steven Universe helping the Crystal Gems. Doctor Snuggles rescuing the Treacle Tree from outer space. Mooji resisting wisdom before his awakening. Eckhart Tolle suffering depression before his awakening. Adyashanti almost giving up and giving in to death before his awakening. Humility of truth. Truth of humility. Paradoxical power in not fearing to show your weakness. Power.

When my heart cries I live for you. I live to make you happy and to see the things you’ll do. I love myself. I live for me too. But I also live to make you happy and to keep on loving you.

May we enjoy the cute, the funny, the deep, the philosophical, the wisdom, the spiritual forever in the apparent illusion of time. Let’s enjoy the now that is eternal. May we help each other through the swings and roundabouts, illness or financial troubles may be trancended with loving support and co-visualisation. May the lows be barely noticeable and may the highs be truly highs. I know mountain peaks now that I have not known before, and your love was my guide. I trust my self-love will be the light that guides me through the valleys, but I hope your love will be there to amplify.

On this journey of self knowledge, self discovery, and awakening I can confidently hold your hand and walk towards our purple sunset regardless of whether or not I know what lies beyond the horizon.

We can do anything. We can be anything. What shall we do, what shall we be? There is no pressure to answer, perhaps we shall have a different answer every day. I offer you open ended infinite potential, to be the support or the space that you need to be the best you can be, I offer you the space or support you need to be open ended infinite potential. That is the freedom and the love that I offer you (at 4am while you sleep by my side). x


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