Open Heart Relation

Sometimes I feel like my soul is in a strange dimension it doesn’t understand, like Dungeons and Dragons…

…electric blue illumination of clouds, wondering aloud, …and standing proud,

honest communication leads to open heart relation, …empathy over retaliation.

Competition’s not better than collaboration,

more beneficial than nationalism’s seeing just one nation

love expressed through the subtlest of gestures,

open-ended benefit, I’m existing for her pleasure.

open-ended benefit, open hearted,

open minded, not hard to find its always there,

it’s not something we find but something we remember,

remembering to remember with a tribe that’s tender as it’s fierce,

yin energy receives but yang pierces,

weird it’s unfamiliar but at the same time home,

between each breath’s where the spirit guides roam… stop…. Pause. (16)


believe in yourself, admit your fears,

now your braver than you were, see what a love warrior shares

is not the spoils of killing but stories of will and willing

to love and learn, and build bridges we once chose to burn.

Like the saying, “anger is sadness’ bodyguard”.

Let go of the anger, let down your guard.

Don’t try and be soft just be…

Just be… don’t try and be hard.

(Hear the song here.)







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