Who Am I? Who are You? What are We?

Ask me good questions… we are all individual incarnations of the universe seeing the all from the perspective of the one. We have been given a linear perception of time so we can make sense of our experience but science says that perception is an illusion. We are mother nature; we are Neo, the agents, the oracle and the matrix itself. We are the creators of the prison and the prisoners but we don’t know if what is outside the bars is better or worse until we slip off the mortal coil (probably better.) We are one with the universe with a limited perspective of it all. AND we are just comparitively tiny growths on a blue rock in space, all the lives we touch and art we make creates universes in other people’s minds yet our entire lives are just a blink in a fraction of a moment. We can change one person’s entire life, but to our galaxy we could be little more than a brief parasite on Earth nobody would notice one of 7 billion at a time. We are all of this. I probably spent a little too much time seeing myself from the perspective of a galaxy that might not notice a human being among the billions of lifeforms over billions of years, life is better when I see myself from the perspective of the lives I’ve changed. But “Who Am I” is a choice among limitless choices, all of them correct.


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