Unity Consciousness subsumes Duality, Optimism subsumes Pessimism

There are an infinite number of ways to approach life. Two common and seemingly opposite ways are optimism and pessimism. The optimist may say “always look on the bright side”, or “look for the silver lining”, or “try to see the positive side.” The seemingly opposite side of this coin is the pessimistic advice such as “don’t get your hopes up and you won’t be disappointed”. However one could presumably go through life not getting their hopes up but being grateful and appreciating what they have. This may still stifle ambition though if one isn’t getting their hopes up for the future.
There is a perception that may clarify both sides of this coin more though. If everything is perception and every seemingly negative act could be seen as positive from a point of view that transcends time (which science says is an illusion anyway), and from another perspective every seemingly positive event could be seen as negative then with the right perspective everything could be seen as positive (with a caveat that it is at the very least extremely uncomfortable for any moral person to even try to imagine a scenario in which any form of pain could be positive it is not philosophically impossible to imagine the lessons in healing others one may learn.)
Another perspective is that everything changes, if it’s negative now it will be positive later. This is an equally optimistic and pessimistic statement, or equally cheerful and depressing depending on ones relationship with change.
However it does not help if when things are negative we wallow in the depression of what is and when things are positive we dwell on the fact that things are destined to change. Perhaps it makes way more sense to celebrate when things are positive and dwell on the fact that all things change when we are sad? It seems obvious but how many of us do that?
Perhaps it is best to stop thinking for a moment altogether, and cultivate gratitude and content regardless of appearances.
Which leads me to a similar conclusion Paradox expresses in his poem Attitude Kings, it is neither success nor failure that determines whether we’re happy, sad or content, it is our attitude to those circumstances or events.
Relax and let go, I’ll meet you where all the rivers flow.

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