Ravin all the way to the grave…

[Work in progress]

Back in the day , I might have still been a teen
I was writing interviews for Undercover magazine

I saw him on Channel U, did an interview with Akala
Back when mans were raving at Bagglys n Scala.

Back then to me? UK Hip-Hop lived at Camden Underworld
a night called Kung Fu, open mic cyphers and fun with girls,

Deal Real Records, Mr Bongos. What you know about?
Take it back, Mudfam in Mudlumz at Powerhouse.

Another interview I found out MO Ngo used to smash poetry nights,
Itchy London town, the glamour hides needles and pipes.

Back then I was smoking green crops, never brown, never rocks,
I myself switched to poetry after watching Chris Paradox.

In Project 142, 491 Gallery, London’s progressive squats
In nights called ‘Gods and Goddesses’ teaching us to be Gods.

He was teaching the basics of the illusion and Matrix
and details of Mayan calendars, easily my favourite.

That was before he lost a leg… and wow…
Would you believe he’s even more inspiring now.

Back in the days… before I bounced to Bristol.
Back in the days… before I ate a crystal.

Back in the days before I left crowds astounded…
(But desperately needed to get grounded.)

Bristol raves skanking shaking dreds,
before Happy Daze, raving at Bambi Legs,

Before Bambi Legs, Dissident, DMT, Jungletek
Before people died it looked like they had fun with ket.

Bristol raves. I was a judgemental hippy.
High on superfoods, but ravers didn’t need my pity.

And self righteousness didn’t make me immune to stressin.
But if I stayed on the cacao I might have dodged depression.

These days I might go to less raves but that’s not the lesson.
We’ll all end up in the grave, and that’s no curse, it’s a blessin.


To be fair I’m not suggesting that you eat unhealthy. In fact regardless of the inevitabilty of death I wouldn’t rush to it, and I’d appreciate what you have when you have it. But there’s no point denying denying the truth or being riddled with guilt or self loathing if you fail to stick to your diet / gym routine / sleep routine. I guess you can take this any way you want but when I read this I think “don’t take it all so seriously”, I don’t think “stop trying.”


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