Tap dancing on a sinking ship #unitedwestand

My attitude changed alot in the past couple of weeks… From borderline depression to optimistic “tap dancing on the deck of a sinking ship.”
Well the two things upsetting me were a combination of essay stress and the state of the world with increased racism on both sides of the Atlantic. And feeling like I was too stretched thin to do anything about either and wanting to do more than I could.
Then I got an extension on my essay and I spent a weekend with a friend going through way more heavy, emotional stuff than me. And we healed each other, made each other laugh, supported each other’s views and emotions and reflected on each other’s experiences.
But also I looked back on journals and stuff I’d been writing for the past year or two and realised there’s always a boogie-man and there’s always a new demon about to take office and on one level absolutely nothing has changed while on the surface it looks like everything has changed. I’ll always be on the same mission whether it’s Theresa May or David Cameron. I’ll probably be on the same mission when Corbyn’s in power, I’ll just be upset with another dictator somewhere else.
A friend’s recent status about the embodied practice of being still in uncertainty encapsulates it well actually.
Things SEEM more uncertain after Brexit. But uncertainty is always the case. Any one of us could get hit by a meteor any moment. We just spread the love til our moment comes.
Also I can’t compete with the reach of lying newspapers and politicians YET (allow the blame game), but I can co-create culture, spread love, and shed light on the next generation.
We’re all gonna die. So laugh while you can.
“It’s all just jokes man” said Craig Reynolds. Damn right.
Also “everything’s already accomplished” Candace via Craig. It’s true, everything’s already accomplished cos time is an illusion, that’s science that is.
Respect due to Dar Pardon, Heather Renee and Madeleine Aguirre for the inspiration.
(it probably only looks like the ship is sinking cos the sea levels are rising)

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