Why are people racist? And how can we stop it? #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #

Why are people racist?
(Warning. I may mention my penis.)

I don’t understand racism. It just seems silly to me. I probably never will.

Why are people racist?
Maybe some people have the opposite of unity consciousness? Some people see it like football teams. “If you’re not on my team you’re an opponent.” But that is not just a white thing. I have heard plenty of pro-black rhetoric that claims all white people are evil devils who want to kill the black man. It’s easy for me to think that’s ridiculous cos most of my friends are white. But how many of them would have a problem with me dating their daughter? How may black people would have a problem with me dating a white woman?

Why are people racist?

Is it just insecurity?
Rumours of big penises that they then blame for being single and lonely? Well I’m pretty average sized, at least when I’m not excited. I dare say it’s majestic at full-mast, but it’s not scary. Nothing to be threatened about, ask anybody at Lost Horizons (it’s a sauna, not a brothel), when flaccid it’s pretty average.

Why are people racist?

Is it because they were brought up by racist parents?
An unfortunate hand-me-down they never thought about, like religion for so many others? That’s what I used to think and I suspect that’s still the main reason, an ideology they’ve been handed down but if that’s the case there should be less racism as each generation is more well informed than the last.

Why are people racist?

Is it divide an conquer?
Are we socially engineered to hate each other by the media so that the elite 1% can profit from the fear and confusion? The conspiracy theorist in me intuitively wants to believe this but I can’t logically see how that profits anyone. I can see on a broad scale how racism is used to justify war and I see how that is profitable. But racism in general, particularly domestic racism, just doesn’t seem to make sense. Maybe it is global though, racism justified the invasion of various lands full of “savages” in the past and was used to justify war recently too. For example they claimed that Al Quaeda from Afghanistan committed 9/11 (I’m not getting into that in detail now, false flags is another class.) Then they used that to justify attacking Iraq. Thousands of miles from Afghanistan. The only similarity was skin tone. It made no sense whatsoever but they linked them all through a fictional, and racist “axis of evil”.

Why are people racist?

Is it because people fear what they don’t know? Therefore segregation breeds fear and discontent? In the 80s I remember racism, NF (National Front) carved into school desks. By the 90s, at least in North London, Indian, Pakistani and Caribbean kids were so well integrated racism was clearly wrong because we all liked the same music, spoke the same, fancied the same celebrities. People are people. In my view racism has grown again since due to segregated communities. It would be a violation of human rights to tell people they can’t settle in their communities though so I have no solution for that.

Why are the police racist? (No, not all of them, but…)

Twice the British police have admitted institutionalised racism (google it, {I know you won’t you lazy bastards}.) What does that even mean? I guess it must mean you’re more either more likely to get hired if you’re racist or more likely to get promoted. Either way, the fact that they can even say “institutionalised racism” with a straight face in mainstream media is terrifying and sad? I wonder how black and Asian police officers feel about that? I wonder how many of them know. They probably won’t google either.

I don’t understand racism. It just seems silly to me. I hope I never will.

Why are people racist? Perhaps if we can answer that, and get to the root of it we can answer the more important question… How can we end racism? Peacefully?



{in case you don’t google} – https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jun/05/met-chief-admits-institutional-racism-claims-have-some-justification





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